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Did you HEAR?

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Well, well, well. It has happened once again
To the tube like glue were American citizens.

No pretentious or malicious intent went into yesterday’s January 6 Committee’s display
of the thirty thousand foot view of what went into “the last” documented insurrection day.

I say “the last” because insurrections are not new; they are an American status quo.
Rachel Maddow’s podcast reveals that one erupted in the US in 1940 and then 1944.

The insurrection of 1807 was not an anomaly,
but more commonly like, “Americans and exactly who we be.”

Let us be wise about our history
and not accept anything as “a mystery.”

We must not.
Lest we be the kid with the bubble snot.

Nobody holds hands with or digs that kid.
Let wisdom show that you know. Let wisdom not be hid.

Yes, it happened again. The 1/6 Committee reminds us,
that no phone call is private and in God we all should trust.

You may call him Allah, Yahweh, or perhaps The Most High.
However you refer to Him, He shows up when you need help; nigh.

America needs help.
Our country prides itself on having “JUST LAW” wealth.

Yesterday revealed that it was the last 1/6 Committee Hearing that we will see for a while.
Every installment was rich; the tune-in numbers were a hit and they bore a “prime time”style.

Ooo child. I was watching and seriously discerning…
Likely, every subject under scrutiny has a stomach burning.

Please believe —
every subject under investigation feels like an unsecured weave.

There’s a real gut feeling that this thang’ is going to fall off.
So which of the collective players (under scrutiny) will pay the ultimate cost?

I suggest praying to God before all is lost. Our collective problem has no quick fix.
The investigation’s focus is about what dark deeds groped us and continues beyond 1/6.

I am grateful to learn as much. It renews my belief in the good of our judicial system.
I am quick to look beyond, forgive and to bond, because hate is a self-imprison.

You gotta’ know that.
Hate for what? Like dust – blow that.

I heard and saw a lot of teamwork, research, an honesty in every hearing installment, on TV.
I’m Qui
and I appreciate every member of Congress that is going-to-bat for Democracy.

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7th Hearing at Month 7

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Photo by Frankie Lopez on Unsplash

To hit three sevens in a row is considered to be lucky. However, two sevens, as presented to us on yesterday, does not scream jackpot at all.

Tuesday’s January 6 Investigation was an amazing production chock-full of how organized organizations worked together to move the will of one man with the bodies of thousands of American citizens. 

The entire broadcast was a tell tale
We saw a the devil in the details… 

The hand basket was manufactured in hell
and Congress members who knew in advance must be under a spell.

Stephen Ayers showed up and told us that he was no 1/6 leader 
but remembers being inflamed to ‘do the dang thang via spurred social media.

He is a family man… he had a managerial job.
He lost his career and home when he was identified in “the mob.”

He didn’t steal anything, and committed to brake no glass.
DOJ came for him and is in pursuit of much more ass. 

Another fella’ that testified In front of the committee yesterday
was a militia media guy – who has since gone on his way.

The desperation to “take all” started in mid December
when the last admin came to realize, understand, and remember 

voting determines the sway of the United States.
Then, someone moved to overrule Constitutional Law and seize the day…
Thank God that it didn’t work out that way.

And here we are, post January 6th 
and the 1/6 Committee is all for deciphering the mix.

The next hearing is going down on Thursday. The hearings are transparent.
I’m Qui
Kicking it in concert with thee. The broadcast’s popularity is historical & apparent.

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JUSTICE Can SEE. | Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Yesterday’s 1/6 Hearing broadcast was pretty strong.
If we thought that 1/6/21 was a spontaneous erupt — that is wrong.

So many people knew beforehand what was going to happen and how it would go down.
How shameful must some Congressional seats feel today? Exposed as clowns.

I love my country and I hope the love is mutual.
We cannot allow offenses to go untried. That would be futile.

The public servicewoman who testified at the Hearing’s yesterday
will be examined in the history books as an example of ‘free and the brave.

On Monday when the 1/6 Committee announced that on Tuesday we’d start back up
word on the wire was “speculation fire,” perhaps news of a ‘new cut-up.

Yesterday’s testimony was no new story.
What was new were the details of who knew what and when from the floorboards to glory.

Got it. ‘Just getting clarity in my position.
I want to understand the thick of the plan for future Horror film composition.

The 1/6 Hearings production is a hot Summer Blockbuster.
Every broadcast in our recent past has been insightful, full of impact and luster.

The Hearing’s are rolling out like a movie; a hit.
The tea is piping hot and it is lawfully being spilt
I’m Qui
that the deeds done have such a dramatic REEL FEEL
to the point that it looks a lot like a 1950’s series; surreal.