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Perusing The News

In Griot, News, Sports, TV Shows on June 17, 2010 at 6:12 pm

News Peruse

I do it all of the time…
Most of the time through a GRIOT rhyme.
I prefer reflections of a POSITIVE shine
But I can’t control the World News vine…

Up to bat is Tony Hayward, on trial for BP
He thought he’d “play” congress & they turned up the heat.

He was checking his watch just 45 minutes into the preceedings,
He wants his life back — unlike the 11 who are no longer breathing.

I can’t say what will happen from here…
But I am pulling positive that an end to “the pollution” is near.

In a few moments, a wardon will give the head nod
for a UTAH death row inmate to die by firing squad.

On a lighter note, the week started out rough but is charted for a positive spin
My 4yr old neighbor who nearly drowned Sunday, just woke up — so We all WIN!

If you’ve ever seen someone ‘hard concerned’ behind something that had nothing to do with them
You’d be describing me and my praying fam – when the chips are down – we pray on a whim.
Therefore karma rarely approaches us dim.

The 4yr old’s swelling has considerably gone down in his head
His Mom said he’s awake from his coma & was up eating NACHOS in bed. 🙂

There’s something to be said about “the resilience of children”
Again, when the chips are down – and I’m aroundI will pray on a whim.
…because it works!

That was a neighborly situation, but global news never stops
Tonight USHER will be on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, because his moves are hot!
…must DVR because I like him alot.

Game 7 will be on tonight and I’m sure my 56″ will be stuck on that,
I’m Qui
and I’m Happy on this THURSDAY eve! God is so goodI can’t even be mad!