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Hello Monday – How are ya

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Politics, Self Improvement on July 8, 2013 at 1:10 am
First thing's first...

First thing’s first…

Hello Monday! How are ya? My goodness – my glutes sore.
I did a lot of running around and playing on July the 4th.

The weekend found me popping wisdom instead of popping firecrackers
and invoked me to effectively detour all routes of vampire energy snatchers.

I had a good time. Positive energy is mine and I really don’t ever mind sharing.
I met some of the most incredible folk who couldn’t help but be giving and caring.

Knowledge showed up on the scene – I like a challenge, so I didn’t hesitate or pant –
in realizing  it’s time I extend my philanthropy services into building a grant.

I’m also still in film mode – I’ve got that 2014 film festival piece to put together.
I’m pretty excited about it – even though we’re shooting outside in Phoenix’s weather.

Phoenix has no beach front property. There’s no water to cool things off.
Last Saturday we experienced 119 degrees. And I thought Dallas was hot! 

Dallas doesn’t know 119. Dallas knows lower triple digits and lots of unnecessary steam.
I can’t complain, though I do miss the rain – still I’m embracing Phoenix’s sear seam.

So much happened over the weekend, there was a plane crash – a boeing whip;
there was also big news of an interim president reigning over the chaos in Egypt.

Trayvon Martins memory is currently being relived in the courts of justice today;
George Zimmerman’s life is still on the line thus I will continue to pray…

Anytime (to me) is a good time to take a few moments to pray.
Have you a need for divine intervene to grace your journey way?

Hello Monday! How are ya? It is indeed good to see you again.
I’m Qui
Enjoying the freshness of thee and am encouraged to continue to WIN! 

Let’s do it together.
Let us SPRING forward – regardless of the weather.