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On our OWN Soon…

In Griot, Networking, Self Improvement, TV Shows on December 17, 2010 at 4:25 pm

Supporting Our OWN

So we’re 15 days away from Oprah closing her ABC hosted show for good and opening up a world of her OWN. Will you be watching?

I’m simply here to parallel the inform:
O is leaving ABC – but sound no alarm.

She’s not being fired – not taking an absence of leave;
Not quitting the show because she’s run out of weave. lol!

Oprah’s got it all including the steady Stedman and the bffl Gayle;
In her interview with Barbara Walters – GAY RUMORS were dispelled.

With only a few days to go in the year 2010
The Oprah Show’s close will be the OWNs new begin.
So…WE all WIN!

It’s the weekend baby and I thought you should know
Even as the clock winds down – You’ll always have your “O”.

Ho’ohhhhhhh like Cuz’n O is known for saying,
I’m Qui
MERRY CHRISTMAS to thee – ’tis my preference of wish labeling.