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News Lube

In Griot, News, Politics on June 23, 2010 at 1:03 pm

News Lube

Yes– I said NEWS LUBE instead of NEWS PERUSE.


Because things are getting grimier and grimier everyday. I keep reminding my 12 year old daughter that AMERICAN HISTORY is soooo being made during her adolescent life. First we elect the United States first black president, then a Gulf Oil Rig explodes and one of our wars generals has loose staff lips that could sink ships. Can you imagine how this is going to read 20-30 years from now in history books….that is assuming TEXAS doesn’t attempt to rewrite all of our countrys History.

That’s right — History rewrites by folks with no literal insight is also in progress in the state of Texas with hopes to influence other ISD school books around the world. California has already declined on utilizing any such re-written versions. I hope their decision is catchy.

Health Care issues are also taking shape through reform
The President addressed most concerns [6-22] — w/o alarm.

General Stanley McChrystal has been dressed down and sent home.
History will recall him as the man who bad mouthed “the leaders” zone.
(shaking my head) Mm-Mm-Mm…what went wrong?

BP and TRANS OCEAN are surely not happy today
about the black dude who’s been interviewing about their “safety astray”.

When the ‘fail safe’ first blew, it took 11 with
Then today we lost 2 more — God forbid.

They were trying to help – it’s definitely shifty and risky work —
In an effort to keep off shore drilling alive – many more are bound to get hurt.

It’s a greasy situation. Todays NEWS is untimely, grimey and bold.
In an effort to exhibit a silver lining — what’s up on the production of clean coal? 🙂