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Xin Nian Kuai Le, 新年快乐

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It means HAPPY NEW YEAR IN CHINESEMandarin – to be exact.
I’m dimensional in my wishes. I like to get down like that.

HAPPY NEW YEAR BABY – May you grow prosperous and well,
I’m Qui
Thanking God, Glad to be here & Wishing you a WINNING 2012

Hug me back…

Here it comes

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Tick Tock – Tick Tock
The minutes pass but time never stops.

The moment at hand is a moment of good cheer.
Jeers start to heal at the beginning of a new year.

But it is not come yet and we are in the New Years Eve.
The future holds good for all men that still breathe,
when 2012 rolls in with a prosperous breeze;
Job openings and Universal Healthcare will be yielded with ease.
This I pray —PLEASE.

I believe 2012 houses something good and so I’ll post up and dock.
Happy am I to have made it thus far – to watch midnight strike the clock.

Living Life in the Positive ROCKS!!!!
Don’t stop.

And so….Here it comes – the year 2012.
Republicans scramble but the incumbent is stealth.

The pendulum swings for the common man and not corporation wealth.
Time is ‘a ticking’ … and only time will tell.

Are you ready to swell in prosperity and come up onto something new?
I’m Qui
Hooking up with thee in the 2012 sweet. Until then — I bid you adu.

10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1….


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About 96% of Americans absolutely can not ignore
the down grade currently in play upon their credit scores.

While the rich gathered around Prince William @ the Polo Match
The rest of us were at home trying to “stretch the sauce of lack“.

The lack of finances, foods, medical necessities and the likes.
While Congress played dumb ball with the debt ceiling plight.

No deal. No deal. Bi partisanship? Absolutely no deal.
Playing games with 4.7T in cuts to end up with only 2.1Tril.
What the dang deal?
Our global reception? — A journey up hill.

Congressional Games have finally lured
us into a bad light per Standard & Poors.

I don’t need to know the details in the slight percentage of difference
but if prices go up any higher, the percentage may as well be a million.

Bad Credit is the reality of many. Be it by neglect or economics de’ funky.
However it is never a good look for such a rich-in-potential country.
Our cool is looking lumpy.

There are realistic disputes
against Standard & Poors tally compute.

The debt deal was reached, however ugly and public
our character was being judged … and not everybody loved it.

Rising above it – it’s time to move forward, think smarter and gain ground
Everybody’s aware that there are caveats regarding 2012 going around.

Technology is not as sound as we would all like to think.
Terrorist are planning on us stapling our demand &
perhaps cause our electronic foundations to crash & sink.

In the event that such a thing would happen, the banks would immediately stall.
I haven’t had money to save for a few years & some days
so I wouldn’t be effected at all. 🙂

Just like the recent dip @ DOW didn’t phase me. I cashed in my stocks years ago.
So when last Friday failed to be a high day – my finances saw no new low.

Fortunately “low finances” are nothing new to me, neither is a bad credit scoring,
but what is new, is how political shrews sign contracts to bind party whoring.

Signing a pledge of no new taxes and then refusing to give up the entitlement tax…
See that’s why countries around the globe are looking at us like that.

Folks are hesitant to invest in our country; seems the good ol’ days have gone away,
when AMERICA stood by the people for the people and carried out what ‘the people’ would say.

Oh yes! Respect, had it’s true day though today is vastly different,
I’m Qui
Saying Oui! To living in America & always read the fine print.

The countrys BAD CREDIT will trickle down and effect you. Bad credit is surely a louse.
Bad Credit is the main reason for deferred seasons, keeping you from getting a car or a house.