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The people cried foul; they knew the tally was not right. They prayed before voting, then poll-voiced their plight. But their votes went unprotected like valuables outside at night. The elect didn’t originate from Vegas, but there were hands of sleight.

On November 3, 2016 the world knew that a new resident was slated to move-in. More news after electoral views stated “the new rez’s wouldn’t be  the Clinton’s.”

The voting public had a clue but then electoral tallies were shy. The faith that Hillary had in the popular vote tab – on that night, it died.

Honesty and civility were missing; it had been tightly tucked away.

No one has explained why, yet. Perhaps for signed NDA’s?

Might there be a lure at play? Folks march lock-in-step when they are paid.

Pockets-lined rule the day; pockets lined stay fat.

Could it be “the moola/money?” Someone may be looking into that.

Factually, I do not know a thing, but little else makes sense. Who destroys their reputation for anything less than the rent?

Americans usually do not sell-out. Power invokes integrity-sour and humans break character for clout.

It isn’t ever worth it to be evicted or to go to court — when you could just be “a resident-complying sport.”

I am so glad that President 44 left the house — with head upright; no whiney mouse.

I’m so glad that President 43 did it, too. — ‘Tis a trend also held by President 42.

American civility held a world-class record; others aspired to beholden — as a city shining on a hill. The implication was “democracy golden.”

Those were the days and those days were back when… just moments before  the 2016 election was stolen.

Do you remember that? Who’d have thought — that the American election could be stolen or bought?

Not many ever thought it or fathomed, until the year 2016 when it all happened.

Few will soon forget that an election was stolen just 4-years ago,

I’m Qui

in the name of civility, the one with the least votes should go.

And then it happened!

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thought-addictYou know that moment when you are certain IT is going to happen. You’re a little anxious, being that you have waited a whole year to get it. My goodness, that was me. Heart palpitating, eyes glazed, lips pouting, even a little lip biting – I ran the gamut of soap opera suspense poses And then it happened! 2016 kissed me, hugged me, looked me in the eyes and said, “Let’s do it.” I think confetti dropped and balloons ascended – I definitely saw fireworks. My goodness. Please don’t ever ‘not’ kiss me.

I liked the way it felt this morning at midnight. Mmm. Magic. I can’t quite put my finger on that feeling, but my intuition is feuling it and I’m excited about it.


It was around 11:59pm on December 31st, 2015
that I fully embraced, “I’m ‘gone do my thing.”

Then 2016 came in and kissed me,
like a long lost love that had missed me.

Oh my and my goodness, I am so sure that we have JUST met.
In the mid of the night, ’twas my delight to place my bet.

I bet on me, I bet on the good of the upcoming scene
I bet on unity, prosperity and peace reigning in this 2016.

It’s exactly what I need. It’s exactly what I want.
I yearn a more awesome scene to embrace my fitter flaunt.

Mmm and yum. I’m happy about the feel.
High. I’m high as a bird in the sky
about the prospect of producing new reel.
*Prospects include independent and collab appeal.
Your girl Qui is open to making residuals and deals.

I am merely speaking into existence what it is I want to come.
I’m Qui
And then it happened to me! That blurred line between my work and my fun!

Live well, laugh hard)))hug((( and always love!

Awesome Christmas

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Most establishments closed for Christmas where I live.
The employers were obviously feeling ‘the give’
and gave most of their employees the Christmas day off.
Now that’s corporate consideration – if properly taught.

I really can’t recall a recent Christmas of the past
where giving most folk the day off was ‘the going fad.’

I hope this year was more than a fad and more of an aced test.
Yes! Spending Christmas Day at home with your fam – will always be legacy best.

The family may get on your nerves, but you don’t have to take it.
Unlike working on Christmas, being unappreciated and having to fake it.

This Christmas was an Awesome Christmas my Texas fam came out to find
that the weather in Arizona is A-OK and boasted of clear skies and sunshine.

Ahhh. I do love this state of mine, but dare I act in remiss
about my love for the Lone Star state. Ol’ Texas – yes. I do miss.

However, today I call Chandler home. Today, (to me) is a gift.
Tri-15 has done its thing, in yielding an Awesome Christmas.

My end of the year wish is that all are well and charting to do better next year.
Just know I’ll always be here and lo, for your good strides I’ll always be happy & cheer!

Today is the first day of the last week of this year – whatever will you do with it?
I’m Qui
Post an Awesome Christmas and Oui! I think 2016 is going to be a #REEL hit!

Qui Kisses
I’ll see you in a bit…