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If you like it – Put a DATE on it

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put a date on itBeyonce once said to all of the SINGLE LADIES that if a man likes you enough – he should put a ring on it, well recently Denzel Washington said something similar in an impromptu speech he gave to budding thespians after reviewing their craft. His advice is strong, it’s direct, and it’s the ‘game changer‘ ingredient:

Life is tricky, still you can have whatever you want.
God gave you vision through dreams, and it’s okay to flaunt
that you have passion inside. Sometimes you want to shout it!
But the vision is just a dream, if you do nothing about it.

Everything in life is attainable. Open your heart so that you can receive it.
Think you need additional mental support? I suggest you read THE SECRET.

Life. She can be tricky but once Denzel W. hits the stage,
even the universe pays attention and moves right out of the way.

It’s not just a skill Mr. Washington has – he’s encouraging you to hone it,
I’m Qui
and Dreams really do cone true, but first, you have to Put a DATE on it!


Perceptual Film Audition Banner

Perceptual Audition Ad - June2014Ready for your close-up? Email: to request more information or click HERE to connect via their website.

DO IT For You

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Weekend Bugger Vol. 1

click the page to enlarge it

You need this and you need that…
Be your own blessing – have your own back:

Weekend Bugger Vol. 1 - pg2

Getting down to the REEL skinny,
Heres an AUDITION for Teen Talent, if you know of any: Weekend Bugger Vol 1 pg3 FLYER

click the page to enlarge it

Visit or EBay
for audition information

DO IT For You. You deserve it.
The ACA is for you – so work it.

A Blessing on the way – please be a blessing to others.
And beyond hugging and loving your kids, call your dad and mother.

It’s GOOD FRIDAY, dear kinsmen, and it’s so good to be alive.
I’m Qui
And the ACA has just announced it’s half a million up – from 7.5.

THIS BLESSING is not in disguise.

Getting Back To It

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  Spring Break is over now, and the fun is just beginning,
I’ve got a teen film troupe to groom & the crew members are winning.

We’ve got Ita Udo-Ema and Dedric Charlz on our filmmaking staff,
as well as a pretty cool teen film producer with experienced talent on tap.

Perceptual Teen Film Troupe is Arizona’s very own.
3Quis is the non-profit organization that birthed it in ‘the zone.’

I am the director and producer, I head up the party.
COMING SOON: our first film production, written and produced by the shorties.

The script is shaping up nicely, I see successful filmmakers emergin’
Pretty much like the Teen Sci-Fi Franchise winner DIVERGENT.

I love this gig of reel that I duly call a career.
If you love your gig too, put your hands up and cheer!

Spring Break is over, sure, but there’s so much more in store to do,
I’m Qui
Celebrating Spring in Chandler, until old Summer breaks through. Wooo!

What are you up to?


Cameron Diaz in Blk Swimsuit

Of course, your mate will CHEAT ON YOU

Duh! Surely you’ve heard what Cameron Diaz told Oprah, while maintaining her cool, blonde roots and athletic butt.

Life is good for the bachelorette. She’s a star in her work and her play, and when it comes to cheating, peep what Cameron had to say:

In Cameron Diaz’s latest comedy, “The Other Woman,” the 41-year-old plays a woman seeking revenge against her boyfriend after discovering he has a wife and a girlfriend. Tsk, tsk. In real life, Diaz says, infidelity unfortunately strikes us all. “Everybody has been cheated on, everyone will be cheated on,” she told Britain’s OK! magazine (via the New York Daily News). “I can’t fix that, I don’t know how, I don’t have any judgment on anybody, I don’t know how to fix the problem.”

I don’t know how to fix it either. Who can get a handle on that stem?
If anyone could have defied the facts, my bf — would have been him.

At least that’s what I thought when I was 18-years wise.
And that’s precisely when mom yanked the folly out of my eyes,

via conversation that she thought I’d benefit:
“If you can’t stand a cheat then don’t get into it.”

“IT” was marriage and my father cheated on her,
but it was so long ago, said mom, that the ‘common cut’ is now a blur.

The tendency to do so is animalistic, and we all are just that.
Of course your mate will cheat on you, though it’s not an absolute fact.

I had to really think about it, and that was before Carmen Diaz spoke,
I’m Qui
and she ain’t lying — unfortunately ‘the animal in us all,’ is no joke.



Cover Your Ass by FatAssClubAs in there are only 5 days left to sign up for the Affordable Care Act’s healthcare exchange; the deadline is March 31st.  5 million people have signed up so far, but the goal was 6 million. There’s still time to get in.

CYA. You know what that means right? It means Cover-Your-Aunt and everyone else that is slacking and lacking as it pertains to  medical insurance.

And so it is, the time is here
to cut back on the petty cash for candy and beer.

For to your health, you should adhere.
A sick day, in the future? The future is near.

Please do not get caught in the ER with no ACA.
I pray that they won’t turn you away,

and the bills that you are sure to incur later
will make you feel like a broke and busted hater.

See ya later alligator!“, says your friends on the cruise.
You can not go – you’re still paying on that bruise.

Don’t be left on shore because you chose not to sign up,
I’m Qui
Make your life what you want it to be, find the good and line up!

It’s far better to be healthy when alive
Do yourself a favor and take 5

Goto: ACA and get covered today!

One of The Coolest Teens

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from – She’s added film production to the palatable menu…


There’s more that goes into film production than sugar, spice and everything nice – so when put into the universe that they wanted their  order for [Season 1] PERCEPTUAL TEEN FILM TROUPE be sweet in script, wise in wit, positive in production ingredients and creatively hot in editing — they called me::

CupCakeChique - The ProducerRing! Ring! 

CupCake Chique: Hello.

3Quis: Hi, we’re in search of outgoing teenagers in the Phoenix metroplex with outstanding academic grades, a positive attitude and highly energetic with an unmatched interest in film production. We received your information from an advisory council member. Would you be able to deliver on such a tall order?

PTFT January Calendar

CupCake Chique: You’ve absolutely called the right teenager. Not only am I available to fill the order, but I think I might know a few others that would like to JOIN me…

What’s my role? I’m a Film PRODUCER.

Let’s Get REEL!!!

cupcake border

You know I had to reblog Ms. Cupcake Chique
She’s one of the coolest teens this side of the East.

Her academics are scholarly and her film interests are pure,
so when she asked me if she should go for Film Producing – I said “Sure!”

She’s heading up PERCEPTUAL TEEN FILMING TROUPE located in the A-Z.
A unique crew of teens journeying the reel scene – like me.

I am jubilant to see adolescents fill their time with positive productions.
I pray that their future film works will yield crazy film buzz eruptions.

As she mentioned in her reflagged piece – this is Perceptual’s Season 1,
So if you know a talented kid who digs film – direct them to the AUDITION fun!

It’s something about The Arts that invokes me to support a good show,
I’m Qui
And The Cupcake Chique is one of One of The Coolest Teens I know.