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Can’t Forget About You

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You stay on our minds:

These are just a few incidents via natural disaster, infrastructure failure, and the reason that we have spent the last twenty years in Afghanistan; 9/11. Legacy reveals that we have many more calendar dates that deserve memorial love,  but if we listed every single one, most days on our calendar would be a holiday. As a leading society that wouldn’t be productively feasible, so it is up to each of us to remember. Remember the lives, the heart, the soul, and the sacrifices of lives lost and be proactive;  show a little love or at least a little civil camaraderie. 

Mindful living is the epitome of charity giving… 

All that we need of each other is to be mindful in thought —
and remember that life is precious and that living without compassion costs.

No compassion yields to your own heartache and pains;
whereas, mindful thinking doesn’t cost you a thang.’

Don’t forget about yesterday or how today has been born.
Don’t forget about the newness of life after loved ones are shorn. 

It’s a cycle that I cannot forget, I pay respect to the fallen that expand our calendar sum,
I’m Qui
I’ve got my mind on thee, live light, full of compassion and have fun. 

No man knows the eternal setting of his own sun.
Remember compassion. Today – yield some. 

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News Peruse in June

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The term BIG BROTHER did not originate at the CBS reality show. Big Brother is the government. The reality show is a privacy infringing spin-off.

He doesn’t play sports, but his comedy balls;
Kevin Hart towers over NBA star whose 6’11” tall.

Arizona is known as “the healing place” – folks are always looking to the heavens.
It’s either Jesus Christ himself, or the Phoenix UFO’s from 1997.

I’m as shocked as you are – this was new news to me.
Stephenville, TX isn’t alone – peep the Phx documentary.

I guess I’m only bringing it up
because I’m out here in this Phoenix cut. 🙂

So how’s your mid-week so far? What good is new?
Did you happen to catch todays episode of THE VIEW?


The show was good and their HOT TOPICS were on point.
Co-hosting with ladies was Ana Quincoces from a reality show joint.

John Stamos was on the show. He’s quite the sexy flirt,
but somehow every time I see him, I crave greek yogurt.

The NSA has been in the news, because security is in question.
If the government wants to hear you – he has the Patriot Act connection.

After Ed Snowden told Americans that thier phone calls were being spied on
Most phone compainies denied any such, except la honest Verizon.

After 9/11 in 2001, congress voted to give phone-tapping power to the White House.
But when Obama took the reigns in 2008,  the Patriot Act became a louse.

Personally, I don’t appreciate anyone dropping in on my phone calls,
but then no one asked me to weigh-in my vote on the Patriot Act,  at all.

I suppose congress voted it into law, because the terror threat is real.
And with every terrorist act thwarted – it’s an action I can feel.

I am not sacrificing liberty for safety – but I do want to be safe.
I’m Qui
And this is a dialogue needing to be had all over the USA.

What are your thoughts?
How much does security cost?