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In Griot, Networking, Travel on June 2, 2010 at 8:48 am

My Jamaican Affair

Last night found me in my own bed – in my own home -on US territory.
I took my digital filming camera to Jamaica with me & returned with “their stories”.

I was only gone a week, but it seemed like a month
Every sunrise caught me with the natives – having fun.

Negril was fun and the Baston Style JERK CHICKEN was great —
Collectively our ‘taste buds did say – Negril’s food is better than MoBay
Hey! lol!

Their “accented lingo” was captivating and most enthralling
Their 5-STAR Hospitality – made a sister think she was balling. lol!

But no phone calling for me — my cell phone was out of “affordable” service.
Wi-Fi was scarce – only available @ beach dining — what’s the purpose?

Their purpose was (for the guest) NOT TO do too much WORK during your stay
They respect “the business world” – but duly prescribed us: play.


This morning my phone promptly rang at an early 8:30
it was the business man from the beach: FRANCESO (sounding flirty).

He just called to make sure we all made it back to the US “okay”.
and was wondering if I’d be able to work on ‘his production’ today… 🙂

Good relations are what I always treasure
I’m Qui
and the beach was fun but production is my pleasure.

STAY TUNED for a ‘inside view’
I’ll be sure to divvy it out through ol’ YOUTUBE.