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Summers Singe brings in…

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Just call me Sizzlina because I’m in Phoenix and temps are on the rise.
Last Summer was a hot fool, this Summer I have a pool and a swimsuit of a smaller size.

However small my frame the size of my residence grew.
I am a mother of daughters – I birthed 3, alive are 2.

Both are grown and have progressed on – now ages: 25 and 18.
The youngest moved into college last year and I reclaimed my scene.

Diddle Dee – Diddle Dough
It’s just me and my high school beau.

Avos-LR-June2016I literally reclaimed my life, boxed up the old and got a new crib.
I also lost 40 pounds to increase the quality of “my live,” 😀

It was Fall of 2015, all was well and I knew that Summer would come soon.
My two-story home had lots of space to roam and 2 available guest rooms

then in came the BoOM! and life said, “BAM!”
there are 4 folk residing in the house now.

Laugh out loud, cackle —  do whatever you do to cope.
I’m not going to lie, I love it – their company is dope.

I’m literally addicted to the energy that I default bid,
for back in the home are my 18-year old my 25-year old’s kid.

Those 2 guest rooms are unavailable now though my life is filled with hugs.
I’ve heard folks regret their kids coming home, but me… I think I’m in love.

Quo-Pey-RenFest2016The 18-year old’s never a bore, a Cancer at her core, whose appearance stays on shine.
She’s the most awesome social butterfly; the chique , an aristocratic-kind.

My 25-year old is a loner, a woman of her own and is off conquering the world.
I’m the supportive key who said, “Yippee!!!” When she asked me to keep the baby girl.

That was last Winter — we’re in the early throws of “Summers Singe,” now.
I don’t mind the temps rise in my new size and my family girth is this cat’s meow.
Ow! BoOM, BAM and PoW! 😀

So help me God, I’m having a blast.
The toddler has me in the pool thus I’m up off my ass.

I cried when the 18-year old initially left for college – now I’m glad that she’s back.
She always has a story to tell and her ‘fashion game’ has no seam for lack.
You gotta love that!

I’m  “style biting,” looking at her life and griot writing.
I’d be lying if I told you, I was in a pickle — this life is exciting.

I’m up at 4:36 am in the morning hammering out this relative sum
because I know when the 3-year old wakes up at 7, so does the households FUN.

Mmhm and yum-yum! The Summers 120 degree Singe has brought some fire into my life,
I’m Qui
and it feels quite breezy to me. I imagine NOT being in this position would be comparable to ice.

I love this season!


Love yours.

Let’s go out to the movies…

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2 Cats at the moviesIt’s the weekend my friends – so let’s get it in!
Denzel gives THE EQUALIZER a reel ‘come again,’

At EQ’s first box office weekend it ranked 1st, the second week it was 2nd.
I’ve been trying to see it since day one – for a free moment, I’m beckonin’.

This weekends box office opening will include Boris Kudjoe in ADDICTED .
Which film do I see first? Good gracious, I am conflicted.

I think I will see them both. Two fine guys in one weekend? What a thriller.
I pray to see them both at one place, for Addicted opens in limited theaters.

Let’s go out to the movies. That’s where we’ll see all of the stars!
Another incentive to go the movies is the high caloric concession bar.

My kid and I went to the dollar movies, just the other day
Admission was just $3 bucks, but for the snacks, you will pay.

The kid was impressed with ticket prices. She thought the theater was dandy,
but she forfeited buying any popcorn, drinks, pretzels or even candy.

The cheapest snack on deck, was tallied at $4 dollars.
My 17-year old who’s newly employed, broke into a ‘laugh-hollar.’

Saying, “OMG! Are you kidding me? Those prices really hurt.
Had I known ahead of time, I’d have put candy in my purse.”

Oh isn’t she adorable? The concession prices were none the more loopy
than going to a regular priced theater and paying out the booty for a movie.
Ooo Wee. 🙂

I explained to her how it goes, the theater is just a hosting widget.
They have to hike the concession price – they get “little” off the ticket.

And once we were clear, we had a fantastic time together at the movies,
I’m Qui
Looking forward to Denzel and Kudjoe while dining on water and tutti frutti‘s.

Thankfully Weak

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Yes. I have a thing for expressing THANKS out loud and in public, so Thank you very much. There! I said it again. (-: I rather like saying it. You should see the faces of those who I say it to after they’ve shared with me an “automatic random acts of kindness”, like holding the door, being courteous in traffic, picking up something that I dropped, etc. I’m never expecting others to help me out, so the first thought & words out of my mouth are “THANK YOU so very much”, followed by a fun & warm smile. Some people respond with a smile in kind, some simply say “you’re welcome”, and others look at me in surprise. As if my response was unwarranted or ingenious. I smile anyway, and I’ll wave at ya’ – if you keep looking. Life is good I take nothing for granted.

Thank you so much for dropping by our site
and partaking in my Shakespearian [like] Griot writes.

It takes a special kind of mind to comprehend this groove.
Thus I’m appreciative of you every time that you roll through.

I’m writing in bars & quoting the news,
Sharing the facts – as well as my views,
and encouraging you to do the same too.
You have no idea how much I dig hearing from you.

Ooo child I am thankful to have this moment in time –
(producing this write from my iPhone) – while on my grind.

A thankful heart and a good mind is what I have in tow.
A witty way to communicate is the seed I’m trying to sew.
I think It’s growing – yo.

Happy Thanksgiving to you – may the week be rich in spirit.
And if something great pops off, come post it – I’d love to hear it.

Be guilty of doing a good deed & reap the rewards of a ‘thanks’.
Its quite the feeling & spirit healing – better than cash in the bank.

Say ‘thank you’ when someone does something nice,
And if they stare in disbelief – go ‘head and say it twice. lol!

I’m addicted to it – yo! I like giving it and receiving,
I’m Qui
Enjoying this moment with you. Thankfully Weak is my reasoning.

What are you thankful for?