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Little Angels – Precious Cargo

In Griot, News on June 14, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Starflower Okay I have a ‘motherly love’ for all children. Whose heart doesn’t go out when you see the little pint sized humans in need? My heart is always in ‘help mode’ and my spirit stays ‘prayer ready‘. It’s not an option – I pray…and HARD.

So new neighbors moved into the home across the street from me
The home has a pool but has never known “a family”.

The former neighbor who built the home has moved on to another state;
The woman that bought it from him mounted cameras all over the place.

Because this is her 3rd or so home – she stacks assets for fun & stuff.
She recently had a baby and resides in both: Chicago & Florida.

She actually bought the house (across from me) that’s known as “the bachelor pad” on my street,
When Barack Obama was a just a Senator running for the U.S. Presidential seat.

Just two weeks ago she cleared out her model home of “prop” splinters
And allowed it to be occupied by a single mom w/ kids — “the renters”.

Yesterday afternoon and not a minute too soon – My kid met one of her kids – and all was neighborly cool,
Shortly after my kid declined to to take a swim w/them…one of the new kids [nearly] drowned in the pool.

[as of late yesterday – the 4 year old was still un conscious /per a text from one of her kids to mine].

Me? I was hysterical. Me? I fell on my knees and began to pray
911 showed up in full force and carried his limp body away.

That happened around 3pm on Sunday & I’ve not heard anything since.
I was up at 3 o’clock a.m. – In undisturbed PRAYER is how my time was spent.

The new neighbors who’s name I’ve yet to learn or see again in sight
Are genuinely beloved by me – My neighbors are white.

Color is no barrier on my street and Racisim absolutely has no place
Precious Cargo is community property – thus today I’ll continue to PRAY.

Little Angels should always grow up to be BIG blessings,
I’m Qui

I stay on my knees because PRAYING beats stressing.

My neighbors have yet to return home…