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Is your favorite show on the chopping block

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Fall TV Preview tag

Even though I’m always on the go
I do make time for those prime time shows.

Speaking of ‘on the go’ – none are permanent in broadcast stay,
thus it’s time we put on shine, whose @home and who must stray.

Eonline put in the footwork – but are you watching television at all?
Kristen Dos Santos is the chica relaying the winners and the stalls:

FALL TV PREV.We are six-plus weeks into the new fall season and now have our first official cancellation (Lucky 7). So who is next on the chopping block? And which shows are worth actually getting attached?
Here’s our take on the biggest winners and losers so far. Plus, a complete rundown of our “Save It or Sink It” megapoll, where thousands of people who watched each show weighed in with whether they wanted to marry it or kill it.

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Sleepy Hollow. Already renewed! Despite the show’s bat-poop-crazy premise (Ichabod Crane is time-traveling? Say what now?), this early ratings winner has held its ground, becoming the first official pick up of the season.

The Blacklist. Sure, those ratings from Monday night lead-in The Voice have helped, but the ratings have held strong in week two, dropping only 5 percent in the core 18-49 demo to 12.1 million viewers. Plus, have you seen James Spader’s hats? Win. Win. Win. We are in!

The Crazy Ones. CBS’ Thursday night is cleaning house, thanks in part to the ridiculous ratings this season for Big Bang (20 million!? Maybe they should start tallying who isn’t watching?). Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar are luring in plenty of viewers, even in week two. (Confession: We are just tuning in hoping to see James Wolk sing about sex and buns and ketchup again.)

Agents of SHIELD. A winner for now, but the next episode could make or break it. Joss Whedon’s Marvel-inspired new ABC series started off with record-breaking audience, but dipped an alarming 34 percent for week two, despite a cameo by Samuel L. Jackson. We also found it sort of a snooze. Bring it back around, Joss!

Super Fun Night. Again, a winner for right now. The premiere ratings were big, but we have yet to see if anyone will come back for week two. Our prediction? No. In our “Save It or Sink It” Poll, this Rebel Wilson starrer got a cringe-worthy 49% approval rating.

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  1. Lucky 7. Canceled! The first casualty of the fall. But thanks for playing.
  2. Ironside. The drama—a remake of a ’60s-’70s show—premiered Wednesday night as NBC’s lowest drama premiere. Stroke of genius: Move Blair Underwood to Blacklist.
  3. Dads. The Seth MacFarlane laugh-track comedy (just…why?) has dipped in the ratings to 3.7 million up against NCIS and The Voice.
  4. NBC’s Thursday night. Sean Saves the WorldMichael J. Fox and Welcome to the Family simply haven’t pulled in the ratings NBC was hoping for on Thursday nights.
  5. Hostages. Dipped to 6 million viewers, making it the night’s least watched show on the big four networks, despite critical support and a 73% approval rating in our poll.

SPOILER CHAT: Exclusive TV scoop!

Fall TV IMG1 Fall TV IMG2

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Okay, I’m a little sad, I rather like Betrayal on ABC,
but it seems it’s in the lower half & could be cancelled on me.

I’m digging Mom, Hostages and Brooklyn-Nine-Nine.
I’m a comedy and thrill seeker – and so far, the view seemed fine.

TV line-up-space is tight – no room for eves or slighted-slot wedges,
still I can’t believe Dylan McD & crew aren’t a shoe-in with Hostages.

Hostages is indeed a tricky one. It has it’s sudden twists and sharp turns.
But if Hostages tanks, is Dylans role on American Horror Story still firm?

American Horror Story is doing well. I don’t watch it, but the numbers prove
this show is in-it to win it; thier numbers show rising grooves.

I guess Scandals life line wasn’t in question – because it didn’t make the list.
But who can get enough of the rigamarole-stuff that exists under President Fitz?

I am indeed a fan
of those roller coaster rides on Shonda Land.

Is your favorite show on the chopping block? You’d better tune in quick,
It doesn’t matter your personal likes – only the digital numbers stick.

Have a happy weekend Word Press kin – it’s Friday already,
I’m Qui
and it’s raining in AZ, still I remain sunny and steady.

A diverse RANT

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Boy oh! Boy oh! Herman Cain is riding the polls
#Occupy protestors keep “the streets” on swoll,
and hyping up Rick Perry has alas run cold.

Politics is fun and so I’m keeping up,
BoFA still wants 5 – and I ain’t got enough.
Cain’s 999 plan is sketchy, raw & rough,
and Dylan McDermott looks good in the buff.

You haven’t seen FX‘s American Horror Story?
The old PRACTICE legal – sports his birthday glory.
Glued to the tube I pretend he’s doing it just for me. lol.:)

The Young & The Restless is constantly new
Sophia’s bun in the oven is finally due
The daddy’s are pending – a choice between two.

She slept with two brothers, (what a scandalous appeal).
The father is either Malcolm Winters or his big brother Neil.
A classic remake of Lily’s scripted life — fiction real.
I love those soaps with the gritty LAVA feel.

Nothing is as dirty or filthy as how Wall Street plays it
We need a soap opera to parallel how they lay it.
I’d like to work on the writing team that will script the “say it”.

I’d be open and honest – holding no punches with me.
I’d be more blunt that NJ’s Chris Christie,
and more addictive than those donuts made by Kreme Krispy.

Boy oh! Boy oh!
I’m enjoying the surge in ‘the price of gold’,
because I’ve got jewelry to sell – truth be told,
and mortgage rates are pleasantly on the low.

I feel good about it yo! I feel good about the day!
I’m Qui
On a diverse rant – A Griotted Soap Box “SAY”.