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360 degrees of Cooper in Egypt

In Griot, Networking, News, Politics on February 2, 2011 at 12:46 pm

Anderson C. receiving beads in 'The E'

Yep! 10 blows to the head
is what’s being said
has happened on the streets
to Anderson C. in ‘The E‘.

Who doesn’t love Andersons bravery! I dig him the most.
You can get the skinny on ‘how it went down’ on Huffington Post.

So I know what you’re thinking, “Who hit Cooper up side his nog?”
It was none other than the ol’ Pro-Mubarak Mob.
Goal figure. lol! 🙂

Don’t say what you would have done had it happened to you
Until you see the scores of mob angry dudes in the video view:

Anderson Cooper beaten up in Egypt Feb 2011 during Protest

God bless AC and the unity of the people in The E’,
I’m Qui
Glad to be in the USA
where there’s good ol’ democracy. [*wink]


In News, Politics on September 17, 2010 at 9:50 am

Tea Party Republican Christine O’Donnell raking in nearly a million dollars in donations in just 24 hours and being advised by Sarah Palin to only talk to “friendly news outlets” [Fox News]. Something like Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer who won’t talk about “beheadings in the desert” anymore… Too tough of a subject or simply too false to clarify? How about Nevada’s Sharon Angle (for Senate) who walks out and sometimes runs away from unwanted questions? Christine O’Donnell parallels the aforementioned when confronted with FACTS.

Her interview with a Republican radio host: Dan Gaffney proved to be telling. Did you read the transcribe?

Host: When you were speaking at an out of state group recently and you told them that you won two out of three counties in Delaware, what did you mean?

O’Donnell: I don’t think I ever said I won two…

Host: Well lets listen to the audio. Hold on one second because I have the audio right here.

AUDIO TAPE Transcription

O‘Donnell: I was the 2008 endorsed candidate against Joe Biden and I won in two counties. We didn’t have the support of our liberal republicans then.

Host: You said you won in two counties.

O’Donnell: Alright, you know what that probably was, you’re on the campaign trail a lot, I meant tied.

Host: Well you didn’t tie…

O’Donnell: Um, yeah, they’ve got a tracker following you, waiting for you to trip up…

Host: Yeah but you didn’t…

O’Donnell: So, you know,

Host: Christine. Christine, I’m just saying why, you didn’t tie him either.

O’Donnell: Look at the results. Look at the results.

Host: I did. He beat you. It was close.

O’Donnell: And what did they say? 49-49? I call that a tie.

Host: No Christine, he won in votes. You know that.

[Source: Dan Gaffney Morning Show WGMD]

Anderson 360 asks the question, “Why shouldn’t those who want to lead us be able to answer tough questions?” Even Karl Rove has pointed out there are plenty of questions to ask O’Donnell about how she’s been handling campaign money, though yesterday he kind of walked it back a bit and said he was just “dishing out STRAIGHT TALK” as a Fox News Analyst, pointing out that he actually did endorse her and that he “is for the Republican in each and every race”, but he also repeated the original criticism.

In a recent FOX interview, Karl said (about Christine’s recent dishonest record), “Then she needs to also be able to answer these questions about her personal background. Explain how she got behind in her taxes, her mortgage, why she didn’t take care of that college bill, and do so in a way that’s frank and honest. Look everybody in their life, sometimes has difficulties and honesty and candor is going to be the best remedy here. She can’t get away with by simply saying, ‘My answer is on my website’ or ‘It’s puzzling to me why the IRS would file a lean for me when I didn’t pay my taxes in 2005’… I mean, she’s got to be more honest than that, and if she does — she’s got a shot to win. But it’s got to be passionate, factual, and hard hitting”.

Gary Tuckman [CNN Correspondent] further explained how O’Donnell has spent some of the money from her 2008 campaign donations and how she may have violated election laws. She spent a lot of money on personal affects. Gary points out an immediate double standard from the mouth of Christine in DE yesterday, when she said to supporters, “America can not spend its way to recovery“, but that’s exactly what she’s doing. Christine has recently written checks from her campaign donations checking account for such petty items like $457.20 for Mileage Reimbursement 3 months after the campaign, (and didn’t own a car at time), $157 for a personal Verizon phone bill, $28 for gas in the town where she lives, $600 for her utility bill, $19.00 at Pipe Lanes (that’s pays for about 8 Games of Bowling), and $6.00 for a meal at Rudy Tuesdays Restaurant and on and on and on. The truth is Christine has no steady income of her own, ( job), but that’s no reason to spend campaign money to pay your personal debts…especially your house note, (which she also did).

Christine can not spend her way to recovery. Perhaps gainful employment will help, but should she be employed in the Senate if this is how she handles money? Isn’t LESS government spending one of her biggest selling points?

In Keeping Them Honest Anderson Cooper tackles the nuts and bolts of political dollars and SENSE. Are you paying attention? Elections are in November.

I dig good information – it’s insightfully right for my head,
I’m Qui
Digging what Anderson, Gary Tucker and even Karl Rove said.