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Once upon a time, and every decade or so
there’s a huge artistic shift and the revolutions are like whoa.

The movements are born out of a need to be heard, for civility and change.
Passion paints the chains that bulges ‘the mans’ veins and leaves a legacy chalk  full of names.

Unfortunately (for most) the artist is usually “just another guy”
struggling to get noticed until the day that he dies.

Post mortem, once blind curators selfishly take up the cause
to market his limited work in high priced gallery halls.

With wine and cheese the auctions are for those who ball.
God bless the artist and the reason for his [mortality] fall.
Aren’t his successes for his DNA tresses?’ — No, no. It’s all for y’all.

The patience required for the artists to endure could physically hurt,
but when  you’re living out your purpose, it’s a pleasure and no day at work.

The reality of rent, utilities and food often suggests creativity stay at bay and at home.
Still family is key to the artists survival. Family and friends are the artists patron.

The artists road is at all not easy, it is full of turmoil and uphill treading.
The needle sews beautifully when in motion, but is a beast at it’s the threading.

Anything worth having, may pain you just a little bit.
No doubt artists blow up and burn fast, but then some are a long time hit.

Longevity is key and Andy Warhol is still banging.
For a fella who died in 1987, his relativity is still hanging.

It’s a good thang that our history has embraced his artistic take.
It’s also pretty cool info that Warhol, mentored Brathwaite.

A living legend, Fab 5 Freddy was pretty wet behind the ears in the ’80’s
still he hails a history for introducing rap to global homeboys and ladies.

MTV was the horse that he rode in on with the his hip hop news
and that subway train is a historical dimension of his artistic view.

Yes! Before Fab5 baptized and delivered YO! MTV Raps
He was known as a graffiti artists, yielding the city ‘art dap.’

He spray painted a subway car, cement walls, and has gone on to tag many historical  scenes.
His taste in art and business smarts is how he’s maintained his legendary status at  our hip hop seams.

The artist always has big dreams. He paints his dreams with a certain tool.
Dantrel Boone is drawing life…  reflecting detail — with or without school.

His talents are a natural birth right, his wisdom is deep and has been taught.
The productions that he produces are telling and surely art collector sought.

D1 D2 D3
–click on the picture to enlarge it–

Lucky you, his work can be bought; caveat, he is merely dawning his stride.
The stories he draws gives personal pause and reason to Thank God for eyesight.

Wether he’s penciling a likeness of you, someone you love or that thing you hold dear.
You know heaven is real when a drawing invokes you to dimensionally hear.

Dantrel paints history, moments in movements and the unspoken sublime.
Dantrel communicates with one drawing after another, changing hearts and minds.

It’s his purpose and he’s living it out like the previous legends.
I pray he stay focused , gift submerged and reaps a long endin.’

Perhaps he’ll go on to make a lot of money that will surely need spendin’.
I don’t know, but Dantrel’s talent is swell and he has all the makings of a future legend.

Me? I’m all about the words; I like to write, direct, film, and shoot.
I’m Qui
Loving life; to produce is my right and doing so is a daily hoot!

I love what I do and I’m appreciative for you.
I, too, am the artist. Thanks for rolling through.
I’m most productive when I’m vibing you.



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Art and The ArtistOnce upon a time in a land not so far, far away,
everyone had his job, while The Artists waited for day.

Sun up and sun down. Cloth on and cloth off.
He worked incessantly with vision that couldn’t be stopped.

The Artist produced ART! One works after another.
The Artist loved his work. His canvas – his lover.

Art and The Artist became synonymous with fine taste.
Though he would not be paralleled to it – until 6 feet in his grave.

VanGogh, Kandinsky, and all of the likes.
Worked feverishly for little. Working day and night.

I’m a VanGogh fan. Kandinsky is quite the mind to unfold.
Artists are truly a pleasure and their life spans –  behold.

Not just the painters, but the Langston Hughes writers alike.
Had it not been for him and Paul Lawrence Dunbar – I could have missed the write.

Art and The Artist: They are instrumental in our societal run.
However, if no one jots or paints a picture — we thwart the historical sum.

Therefore, in this day and age, let me do my duty
and point out The ARTISTS who are molding todays beauty:

Just Reed 2014

Talk about raw art — he’s not signed with anyone,
and his passion makes commissioning him,  all the more fun!

I’ve got my eye on him – with paint, I’d like him to parallel my soul.
He must have read my mind and produced in kind the woman with the afro.

From one artist to the other, I like this brothers bleed.
So without further adu, from me to you, ye introductions of Just Reed.

Drop in on his website feed:

I’m an artist myself. With Griot words I wisdom dabble.
I’m an artist with acrylic & canvas — my beloved scribble scrabble.

I’m an artist to my heart, and I know you know that.
I was raised on food, water, love and the birth of HIP HOP/Rap.

In saying that, another Artist comes to mind.
He’s young in age but good talent isn’t hard to find.

Straight from the motherland of Africa – Johanesburg,
I introduce 15-year old Oarabile — his Art is to be heard.

Method Zavala Fall 2014

Oarabile is a rapper and his father, Rueben Zavala is a poet.
I met his dad in 2004 on QE — I’ve poetic proof to show it.

We’re great friends – for a decade now; from online to real life,
And Oarabile is his poetic son, who adding beats to his writes:

I’m an artist to my heart – via griot, canvas,  camera and laptop.
I’m Qui
Exposing Artists. I’m addicted to it and I won’t stop.

Do you know of an artist that needs more exposure towards his grind?
Drop me some 411 – we love helping the artist shine.