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Goodness In Route

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Good morning beloved, Fall is aging and Winter is crowning. Corona is doing karaoke and the world is frowning. Corona is no Roberta Flack and its cadence isn’t one of soft strums. I’m usually chill on a Monday morn, tho today I’m a little high-strung.

I’m excited because there’s word that a vaccine is in route. The ill stand to get well and slow down the death count. Monday has the potential to amount to greatness and the sun isn’t even up. Good morning to you! I wish you peace and love. 

There’s a new film out that I’d like to see, MA RAINEY’S BLACK BOTTOM starring Viola D. It’s debuting in movie theaters and as well as Netflix’s stream. Chadwick Boseman is in this film too, I miss the Black Panther King. Viola Davis births life into August Wilson’s piece. Please be sure to  support this film; it’s on two distributor feeds:

Goodness is in route, whether scripted or otherwise. How do I know? I see it in your eyes; you want and deserve more good. Pfizer and others are coming to your hood. In the meantime, keep your mask on and keep your hands to your vest. Help is on the way, please remain safe, dear Goodness.

The day is early and the news will be plenty. — I’m ISO “good heralds.” Hast thou any? Physical storefronts are still empty inside. Digital storefronts remain open for I.T., exhibits, and write. Tis a bit of good news for my monologue-life. I am a composer; a seller of writes. What skill do you wield; how doth thou keep-on the lights?

Good morning beloved; good is what it’s all about,

I’m Qui

Waking up to thee, I’m a lover of Goodness in Route.

Merry Christmas – from The Maxons

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Broadway Opening Night Celebration For

Merry Christmas baby, under all pretenses!
Last night the fam and I went out to see FENCES.

This morning I awoke, washed my face and put on clean clothes.
I confess I wear a sophisticated dress; I want to avoid being Rose.

The beloved playwright of last night never received high ratings from Neilson,
but you can bet your bottom dollars, I am all tuned in to Mr. Wilson.


Frederick August Kittel is AUGUST WILSON

AUGUST WILSON wrote the play and it’s been on Broadway many, many times.
Fences if about patching and mendin’ – I knew seeing the film would produce a rhyme.

The director’s vision was on time.
Yesterdays BLACK LIFE – looks like mine.

I’m thinking why and how? – in my mind, because the years have surely passed…
still the feel of the scene (it being a black thing) has survived; outlast.

How could this be? When the film started up in 1946 or so?
It’s the last days of 2016 and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Yo!

If you change the low housing to middle class suburbs —
You’d have been in my backyard or on my neighbors perch.’

Ouch! That hurts: Same economical issues and relationship whoa’s.
All of that stuff we thought over that TIME we had learned from and let go.

Rose’s life said ‘NO. We aren’t passed too much. ‘
August Wilson is that play write of whom I’ve got mad love,

but damn bruh! That was relatively ‘the joint.’
When we exited the theater, I heard a 60’s-something white womans point,

She said, “That was Horrible!!!” when another person asked her for her film review.
I wasn’t sure about her feelings o’ demure – because that’s the world she lived through.

She was surely approaching 70’s door, she lived through Rose’s era; day and time.
The theater was filled with senior citizens looking to re-live ‘some kind of sentimental shine.’

I think they thought, (because of the setting of the play write)
that this was a film would remind them of ‘yesterdays light.’

Mmph. Imagine the somber faces that exited the theater with me.
After ‘Nigger this and Nigger that,’ was expelled by Mr. Washington, D.

fences-lyrical-posterDenzel was phenomenal in the film. Who would think as much,
that he in one script could make me consider recoiling from him – my love. 😀

He was quite convincing as Troy Maxson, he was bogged down with the mundanes of life.
And I, will not be Rose; Viola Davis exceptionally played Troys wife.

Have you seen the film version of the historic and relevant play FENCES?
Don’t go with a faint heart, the weight of yesterday and today may break your winces.

In the end it was a good for everyone to see how it was and realize what’s going on now.
The last thing we need is another fence. For no reason. For no vow.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow can be whatever you like.
Merry Christmas baby, I fancy #Griot on the mic.

I fancy retelling tales to you in rhyme,
“the going-on’s of the day” — line for line.

And so today is the Sabbath and the last one of this year,
I’m Qui
Merry Christmas to thee! For the annual sum, I bid you prosperity and cheer!