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Another Halloween is Upon Us

In Networking, Politics, Self Improvement on October 31, 2016 at 9:33 am

halloweenGather ’round sweet children, I have a tale
about a world in a hand basket going to hell…

Okay – I’m kidding, that’s not our story at all,
lest we choose the wrong President and our progress falls.

But that won’t be our tale , we’re a nation of progressive minds and good intel.
Today’s Halloween events should be sweet and not reminiscent of hell.

No scary clown costumes! Distributors pulled them from their shelves.
Because scary clown gear is basically Trump wear and is scaring folks to hell. 😀

There I go again, bringing up old Republican fables
though it seems the Dems “party-hardy” has had a switch in tables.

In my best SNL-mock Bernie Sanders voice, What’s with the damn emails?
The FBI are back on “the analyze” – and Mrs. Clinton is the targets impale.

batman__batgirlSounds like “more hell,” but we won’t accept it; for today we will just #LOVE.
I’m really trying to change the astigmatism with Another Halloween Upon Us.

Me? I’m going to costume as BAT GIRL, I’m a ‘ride or die chic’ and a fan
of the LUKE CAGE’ish fella who calls me his bella – he’ll be costumed as BATMAN.

I call him LUKE CAGE’ish because he’s black, though he’s working out to obtain “that physique.” 😀
Again, I’m the ‘ride or die chic’ riding sidecar, looking cute and passing out treats.
I’m looking to make the eve really #Sweet.

As soon as I pull my costume together, I’ll add a pic or two for your review,
I’m Qui
On the Move this Monday Morning with no slow mo’ or yawning, we’ve got FUN to get to!
Let’s DO!
after all

Another Halloween is Upon Us.

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I saw not 1 kid… WT?

The hours passed and the moon was not hid,
I, in costume with candy saw not one kid.

I cued up the haunted house tunes but never pressed play
Because the condo I moved into have fewer kids in their sway.

There are consequences to living in nice quiet spaces
My consequence is very few cute  little faces.

Oh well, for a spell I was in my adolescent mind
and purchased 400 pieces of candy – a Costco find.

Yay! They’re all mine…
What about my workout? Maintaining FINE?

Did you make it out, did you find your booty in the streets?
If somehow you fell short and are in the Phoenix port  – break and come see me!


In Griot, Sports on August 8, 2010 at 8:29 pm

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Sounds like something you’d enjoy at Genghis Grill, but today it was actually The Cowboys vs. The Bengals in Canton, Ohio @ The Hall Of Fame Bowl. Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith were among a few other greats that were inducted into The Hall Of Fame so the network highlighted their careers in interviews during the game.

So far we’re at halftime and The Cowboys lead in score
Anytime Terrell Owens is on the field, the show is anything but a bore.

I miss ‘the old popcorn invoker’; he’s now calling himself Batman while show stoppin’.
Even Ocho Cinco likes the game of T.O. thus his new nick name is Robin.

Together they plan to be “ball robbin”, but The Cowboys came to play too,
I’m Qui
watching the game @ The Hall Of Fame — waiting for a BIG PLAY to come thru! Oooo!

I am one chic that has duly missed football,
I’ll be back post some scoring – with the conclusion for y’all…
[SCORE @ Current: DAL 9 – CIN 0]

When it was all said and done,
Rookies trying to make the team had the most fun.