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Betting Genius: Billy Walters

In Networking, News, Science, Sports on July 27, 2011 at 8:16 pm

Do you know him? I only heard of him recently via a 60 MINUTES broadcast on my iPhone 4 (

To say I was impressed with his story is an understatement. Click the video picture above and check it out for yourself.

I’m not a betting gal’ – I prefer charting the facts.
Everyone can’t be a Billy. He’s just “got it” like that.

He’s got a winning system and in Vegas he has his way.
He also stands to lose millions of dollars on any given betting day.

He wasn’t born rich – but early on he learned “to game”,
and because he’s so good at it – even I know his name.

Peep the story of Billy Walters and I BET you will dig it too,
I’m Qui
barely balancing my deficit – wishing I could do like Billy do.
Ooo! lol! 🙂