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Photo by Kier… in Sight on Unsplash

Live a life of purpose and abundance will abound.
Worry not about when your win will come around.

It’s what God intended for us.
I believe the most important task is to L O V E.

Everything that you need is here on Earth for you.
It is masked by mundanity, stay focused on the truth.

Go back and thumb through the pages of the Good Book
and ask God if your walk is still ‘a good look…

Where are you going? Seek first God’s truth
and everything that you need will be added to you.

What’s done in Heaven should always be reflected on Earth.
We ought to be mindful about our wayward girth…

especially since the plan is “to seek the kingdom of God first.”
Without such, our world is suffering a Humanity & Love thirst.

Any chance that you caught the Grammy Awards Show last night?
The wins were great and Beyonce did alright.

She has earned 32 Grammy’s and listeners call her “the Queen.”
Mrs. Carter’s walk reveals more songs than talks; thus her purposeful sheen.

She is living and producing in her field.
32 Grammy’s was already in God’s will.

Way to go Bey! Walk in purpose and be big.
Her love for God, she has not ever hid.

Me either. I won’t take a break and I don’t need a breather.
If you’re not walking and talking with God you’re living a teaser.

Sizzle trailers are quick relators but they do fade fast.
Strengthen your relationship with God and all will last.

Go on and wake up, read up on scripture, and live in abundance
and whatever it is that you desire from God, He will show up and fund it.

I am guilty of loving and not lying to you.
I live in abundance because my walk is true.

Here in abundance, everyday is new and every face is fresh.
I insist on a walk with God because He is the best…

not to mention He shows up for me at every single life test.
You should lean on Him, too and give stress a rest.

An abundant life is yours for the taking, too.
Just start your day with a prayer to God and watch Him come through.

Good morning Monday. What are your truths?
I’m Qui
and I expect goodness today; a Heavenly root.

Be Encouraged to Stay Strong


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JUICY FLOWER | Credit: Justus Menke on Unsplash

What about Bob, What about the baby, and alas What about sex?
What about a natural way at the end of the day to indulge in & de-vex?

When was the last time you made out or ‘necked’? Well, that’s too long.
Cardio burning is what you’re yearning. May your stamina be strong.

Our country’s economic state, should not weigh heavy past the mind.
Let not the state of the economy snatch the sex out of your daily grind.

I know this is an issue. I saw an insightful news segment on CBS today
that said people all over the country are saying “their libido has gone away.”

I would hope wild sex would always keep a’ calling —
Long past the phase of corporate security & big face balling.

I hope.
For good sex (to me) is like the best dope.

Job security is a short and limp subject.
Let your sex life be hot. Embrace it and love it.

What about Bob, what about the baby and alas: What about you?
I’m Qui
Not waiting on the economy to be like Stella and bust a groove.
lol! Oooo!

Make Love not Discort.

All Black People Know Each Other

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No, we don’t, but I do like the fact that no matter where in the world we are, when we see another that looks like us, we speak and often times indulge in random conversation with no formal introduction, knowing full well, we may never see that person again. I guess it’s a social/cultural thing.

Personally, I speak to everyone I encounter in passing. I smile and wave at strangers. Some are caught off guard by the gesture and wave back, while wondering if they know me, some grow stoic and just stare (like a deer in headlights), and some mean-mug me in response. However, 9 out of 10 times when I speak to a black person in passing – without pause, they speak back in kind. I love that about my culture. I do. It’s so warming. I also love it when random folk of any race are cool enough to smile and wave back at me without reservation. It’s the coolest.

I have an awesome black male friend of 23-years who is married to a fantastic white woman for about 21 years. Their interracial union is beautiful and quite productive, though he once told me that early on in their relationship he and his wife had a slight falling out because they had gone to the grocery store and as they entered the doors, a white couple exited the store. They made eye contact with the white couple. My male friend acknowledged their presence with a nod and a smile, the couple saw my friends and continued to walk their way. Once inside of the store my friends see a black guy nearing the exit, my male friend acknowledged his presence with a head nod and a smile and the black guy responded with a head nod a smile and said, “What’s up?”  Then while they shopped, he encountered a couple of other social speaking black people and he even struck up a brief conversation with a brother about an NBA game that was going to broadcast later on that evening. Once they were done shopping and had returned to their car, his wife stared at him curiously as he began to start the car. He asked her what the look was for and she said,

Wife: How do you know all of those black people and why didn’t you introduce me?

Husband: What black people?

Wife: In the store.

Husband: I don’t know any of those people.

Wife: Then why were you talking to them? I didn’t see you talking to any random white guys.

He hadn’t noticed the fact, but after yielding brief thought, he realized that he nodded and smiled at everyone that encountered him making eye contact and that many responded in kind, but only the black people responded vocally. He kissed his loving wife on the forehead and welcomed her to his culture. This was year one in their marriage. Culture is real and curiosity is cute. But… 

All Black People DON’T Know Each Other – we’re just expressive in our social lovin’.  — I’m of slave descent like Oprah, sure – but we’re not really cousins.

 All cultures have uniquenesses as to what makes them hot. — Among rhythm and athleticism, Black folks talk a lot. 🙂

All Black People Know is that when they see each other in the streets — if one should speak kind to another – it’s common courtesy to return the speak.

Now that does not mean that All Black People do it.  — I love smiling and speaking – So to social boundaries? Ahhh – screw it!

I speak to everyone I see. — Especially those who act like they don’t see me. 

I wave at strangers I pass on the street — and known to hug a good soul at an introductory meet.

Life is short and hugs are sweet. — I smile and speak to most folk on the street.

Mean mugs don’t rest on my face. — You’ll find no frown line or ill will trace.


Yes, I’m an extrovert. I’ve heard and I am aware.

I’m Qui

Taking the time to speak to thee, because I humanly care.

Are you a random speaker?

 And would you ever dare?