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Coming around to Billy…

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Billy Miner vs Tom David

L-R: Billy Miner and Tom David, ie… the beloved Billy Abbott

Billy Abbott that is. Have you been watching Tom David refill his shoes that Billy Miner relinquished last year? I really hated to see Mr. Miner go. He shaped the Billy Abbott role into something sexy. He brought swag to the persona. I am so sure he has exited Y&R for bigger dramatic roles. No, I have no inside information to share at this time, but you know you can tell when the depth of a character resides solely with the actor by how he comprehends and relays the writers template. Billy Minor single handledly gave Billy Abbott a huge fundamental facelift.

Tom David was the first Billy Abbott ever casted in Y&R back in the 80’s, and a couple (or few) have come and gone since, all were interchangeable and stuck to the script, but when Billy Miner wore the shoes, the writer was forced to add swag to the characters scripted choreography and to their credit, they did it seamlessly. Billy Abbott went from being Jill Abbott’s annoying, rich and aimless son to someone a house wife could and would break from mopping to study. Bravo writers! I saw it all happen and it was beautiful, then Billy Miner exited the cast last year to faites de meilleures choses

Tom David puts his baptized shoes back on and assumes his role-right.  At first it was a funky fit. He was walking funny, (in character), as if to say, ‘Now, whose shoes are these? I’m married to who?’ It was a struggle to watch Tom get back into the swing of things, but then today… today I tune into Y&R and see Billy Abbott moving forward in niching out his new view. It seems the writers have literally killed the old Billy (crafted by Billy Miner) and have started anew with a lighter, more social kind of Billy Abbott in script. Today I found myself not struggling, but Coming around to Billy. I can’t say it was anything in particular he said, but was definitely in how he handled himself in what he did. I do remember a scene he had with Chelsea Newman today, where he stopped by at a rather odd hour and unannounced, I thought I was about to be annoyed but Billy handled his role with a unique and interesting set of likable, quick-debating skills that won him entrance into Chelsea’s domain and into the favorable column in my loyal viewers mind.

Whew! That was a mouthful! That’s the work of the writing cast on Y&R. I’m full of praise because I know first hand how rough it is to keep the long-term interest of the peering public. ALL MY CHILDREN knows it. GENERAL HOSPITAL knows it and RYAN’S HOPE died shortly after it’s birth. Surely you remember? Well knock-on-wood, because that is not the story of Y&R. And I am content still, even though Billy and Victoria Newman-Abbott are filing for divorce. I am convinced that there may be a be a good life in the script coming down the pipeline for ol’ Billy – of course a lot of that will hinge on what Tom David can do in his shoes. I’m ready to see him dance. How about you? Yo DJ!! Pump that Y&R joint!


Yes! I’m Coming around to Billy, and I’m really glad about it.
I thought he’d be annoying and considered the role and ‘out-it.’

I felt like Billy Miner’s talents did the role a favor and that the story line would unfortunately show
that the scripted character took a shot-to-the-eye when they let Billy Miner go.

Yes, the switch started out slow and whenever Tom David would enter the set, I’d go and get water.
There was no interest in my mid-day routine for Jill’s son, ‘the annoying, the rich and the guarded.’

Though today the tides seems to be changing and rolling someone new up onto the beach.
I’m Qui
and Y&R’s Tom David is the one who seems to be up to dance. I’m looking forward to his role-right beat.

He has my attentions.
Enough to warrant this mention.

PS — Did you see that kiss Billy planted on Chelsea today? Wooo Hooo!

I’m Young and I’m Restless and Delia is dead

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Someone please – say it ain’t so!
Delia was hit by a car and crossed over – Yo!

Billy is a wreck and Chloe is quickly falling apart.
I teared up at the reflection of their broken hearts.

What a way for the FALL Y&R to start.
The talented Sophie Pollono always played her part.
(So precise and on the mark).

I am sad to see her go, but lets get back to the storyline:
Connor’s eye sight is failing and his Dad has committed a crime.

Connor is the infant that Chelsea and Adam Newman share
Dylan is the guy who was fooled into care.

Chelsea pretended Dylan was the father
because she didn’t want Adam Newman to bother
her about paternity – so she gave him no rights
until doctors discovered Connors degenerative eye sight.

Adam has a degenerative eye disease too
So when he heard the news about Connor — he got a paternal clue.

Dylan was heart broken and is laying low for a while,
whilst writers of the show peg him as Nikki’s lost child.
(The script writers are wild).

Dylan lost both [adoptive] parents and he’s also an Iraq war vet;
He’s all over the storyline, but has no grounding yet.

He’s not aware, that he was adopted and is indeed Nikki’s kid.
His birth records were sealed. The truth… properly hid.

While Nikki sits at Victoria & Billy’s place – baby sitting little Johnny,
the scene at the hospital where Delia is – is anything but sunny or funny.

So how did this happen? How did Delia die?
She was hit by Adam’s car in the dark of the night.

Billy left her in the car, while he darted into the store,
He returned to an empty car and a wide opened passenger door.

He looked out to the road – the night fall was quite black,
but he noticed in the middle of the road, Delia’s witch costume hat.

So he ran over to pick it up and as he bended his knees
He saw Delia lying amongst bushes and curbside leaves.

He called 911 – it took them 5 minutes to arrive,
her heart beat was faint… Delia was barely alive.

Baby Connor needs new retina and he’s on the donors list,
looks like he’ll get Delia’s retina — (the writers quick twist).

But that’s in the works – no one has said Delia was a donor.
Yet, I’d be surprised if they didn’t give it to Connor.

I’m Young and I’m Restless and Delia is dead,
I’m Qui

Peeping the creativity of those Y&R heads.

They consistently write
on a level of: EXCITE!