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200 Gallons a Minute

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Kevin Costener: Centri Fugal Technology LEADER

Centri Fugal does it and Kevin Costner backs the smarts;
The technology apparently rings true & BP has taken it to heart.

Kevin Costener’s machine can clean 200 gallons of oil tainted water a minute.
So what has been the hold up on BP researching it, patronizing it and befriending it?

Oh…I know what it was, they were so in control and educationally refined
that they were sure they could resolve the plume issues with BP’s brightest minds.

…they were wrong
The plume continues to spew strong.

The top hat didn’t fit and the junk shot missed the rim
Without a little Hollywood insight the BP scene was looking dim

They refused James Cameron’s idea – it didn’t have enough whip & stir —
But the Centri fugal Seperation Technology, have them listening to K. Costner.

The oil giant has ordered 32 machines and as soon as the first dollar for such is received
Production will start; oil & water will part — yielding our oceans a little BP relief.


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Yes — I’ve been watching the news again;
Doing a channel scan of most affiiliate stations and CNN.

Natalee Holloway‘s name has resurfaced in the news
regarding Joran Van der Sloot & a new murder in PERU.

21 year old Stephany Flores is the young lady many will never know
because of Aruba’s decision (5 yrs ago) to let Van der Sloot go.

BP is still a messspending major money on advertising; in an attemp to “pump up” their good,
But I don’t think consumers are buying it – we’re concerned about the oil laiden Gulf Coast hood.

I’m also tripping on BP’s TOP BILLING search engine status–
In an effort to fool us more they’re palm greasing ‘the online apparatus’.

Helen Thomas has lost her job, or rather politically resigned,
for raw comments made about Isreal vs Palestine.
Helen spoke unbridled at the tender age of 89

I didn’t know that saying “Isreal should leave” was a free speech crime,
or that “American free speech” had a designated TOPIC place, or time…
Helen has retired from her White House JOURNALISTIC grind.

President Obama has put a moratorium on deep oil drilling for the time being,
Until BP get’s a handle on the spill -that’s a ‘boo boo of the drill’ in New Orleans.

History is being made and future damages have yet to be seen…
There’s also a rising number of oiled up marine life – that needs to be cleaned.

Yes I’ve been watching the news again – ever so often, I like to keep up,
I’m Qui
Perusing the GLOBAL News & the News looks rough.

Let us all continue to rise above
like the oil in the Gulf,
and NOT SUPPORT BP!!!!! Surely they’ve made enough…

The Eve before Monday Morning

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It’s Sunday night already and just like the previous days before
for every “shot” I took – I REEL‘y scored!

Something like those in the NBA: I’m “game appreciative” – I am no hater.
Tonights NBA WIN went to Phoenix – given up by the Lakers.

I peeped the weekend news in between my shoots
and was hardly shocked to find – there was nothing new.

Except for more literal confusion looming from a “red states” outlook;
I’m embarrassed that unqualified Texans are altering history books.
I’m not surprised though — I’m an observative –a born and raised Texas kid;
I’ve spent a life time looking upside the ill-rationed reasoning of a conservatives wig.

BP is going on 34 days strong – shooting flagrantly foul;
still polluting Earths waters for ungodly miles.
For marine life, fisherman, and seafood prices – it’s nothing @ which to smile.

Sarah Palin popped up with G.W. Bush in mind during media conversations
and “accidentally” blamed the Obama Administration for cozy BP oil relations
[I kid you – she “meant to” say that.] 🙂

Victoria Rowell has written a new book
She’s part of the reason that I’m “Y&R hooked”:
Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva“.

Me? I’m sure to support it – though I’m hardly curious about the fore titled lifestyle,
I’m Qui
an avid soap watcher whose been peeping Drewcilla and Erica Cane’s wilds for a while.
Oooo Child. lol.

Mid-Week Check Point

In Griot, Music, News, Sports on May 19, 2010 at 8:44 pm

Gosh this week is just flying by,
Good production (on a daily) has got me high.

I’m taking it easy on the writes but heavy on the films.
I’ve been keeping “you” in mind during my reflections of reel.

I’m filming in the DFW, but have the West Coast all in my lens’ view.
I even have a few – repping their camera due – bearing East coast roots.

I’m networking hard and meeting new people everyday;
I’m enjoying the journey at hand & all of the talent being thrown my way.

Hm…What else do I have to say? Well, “world news” is still being made–
But I’ve been uninterested during these BP oil drilling & spilling days.

Slick hearings are going on & wars are still in progress;
Marine life is going down without a BP oil solution vest.

Music from local hip hop producers have been dominating my cd rotational play
So let me give a real quick hit of Ag-Towns “Perry Jackson aka PJ“.

He’s not a philosopher like Common or KRS-One
But if you’re in “the party mood” – PJ amps up the fun.

I’ve also been doing social media businessJoe G was recently in town,
and if you know the KSU Coach like we do – he brings good business around. 🙂

He spoke at a golfing event for the KSU Alumni & duly hyped up the score
regarding the Chicago Bears 5th Round Draft Pick – The Wildcat: Joshua Moore.

The rest of my week calls for editing work and taking up any opportunities ‘to shoot’,
I’m Qui

Checking in with you since we’re mid-way through – because communicating is what I do.
So what’s going on with you?


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News Peruse

Perusing the News as our new week surely dawns
Peeping coverage about the Times Square SUV bomb.

Then KABOOM –a description of the driving culprit surfaces to light
The “person of interest” was alleged 40/male and white. (by way of ally camera sight)

Get out of town! What in the world is really going on?
Was this some kind of domestic terroristic firecracker quack job gone wrong?

Of course the NYPD will be sure to leave no surveillance cameras unreviewed…
So to whom ever it may concern: it’s you that will soon be screwed.

Following close suit, a DFW homeowner was right to be suspect,
Police found an explosive device inside of her parcel marked Fed EX.

Is the recession almost over? Are you past WALL ST [Goldman Sachs] & doing fine?
What do you think about the bull corn & crooked horns of Lloyd Blankfein?

Other news involves Earths ecology and us
Headlining BP’s massive oil spill all over the Gulf.

The “Change Candidate” wasn’t backed by the oil; thus loosing clout w/them is no bust;
President O has made it known: ‘the tab is on BP’not us:

The box office weekend had an old ’80’s spin —
The razor clawed Freddy Krueger was at it again.
$32 mil in a couple of days always WINS!!!
Let ‘the old boiler room horror’ begin again.

As for AZ’s new immigration law — I’m not bias nor sour,
but Mexican Drug Wars have claimed 24 lives in 24 hours.

This weekend was deadly – but not all was from gunning,
We also lost 11 people from Tennessee flooding.

God Bless the soul that’s not among us on today,
I’m Qui
Perusing the News
and rendering my Griot say.

Love The Day!