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Friends For Sale – please read the fine print

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics on January 27, 2014 at 7:00 am

what does it all meanIf only I had someone to pull for me; someone on my side, fighting for me from the inside. How much would it cost to have representation at the table?

I’d certainly love for my project to move to the front of the line on funding with no red tape. I wonder who could make that happen for me?

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‘Round about that time, extended thoughts come into play
And one begins to contemplate how to ‘charm the day.’

Their plan is to mingle in the circles of the decision makers
with a bag full of gifts for the prominent political taker.

The givers are slow to say no and quick to provide,
then they sit back and watch their agenda take flight.


Pimping ain’t no illusion and pimping ain’t never died;
Bribery was shot dead, but the practice still survives.

Lobbyist seek to influence law within the rules that classify
how many gifts they can give before Sam starts asking why.

There’s no free lunch – we all have to pay the piper and the rent,
I’m Qui
There’ll always be Friends For Salebut please read the fine print.