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Feels Like…

In Griot, Self Improvement on December 3, 2022 at 3:15 am

Quite a bit feels different today…
Yesterday’s tide has rolled away.

It’s the nature of things; the order of Earth.
24-hours ago is “yester,” so, today bears new birth.

A new baby, a new situation, a brand new dance
Remember to pray and risk nothing on chance.

Alas, it’s the month of December, where Sagittarius‘ do neigh.
They storm the barn with love, no harm – and it’s an honor to participate.

They are my good-time Fire Sign fam.
And no one enjoy a good barn charm, more than those Rams.

The Capricorn‘s horns stand next in line.
In a few short days it will be their time.

Winter is a welcomed breeze and I feel like we ought to pray,
that a ram be in the bush for world peace as we approach Christmas holiday.

We could all use it.
If better is available, we should all pursue it.

What do you say?
Feels Like the answer is in our day.

Whatever are we going to do with it?
Locate peace… locate love and get with it.

I’m already “getting-it.” I woke up “on it” before 3.
Waking from a deep slumber, my desire for good lumber
‘located good love and I found peace.
quite the sweet release. 🙂

Meditate on it, if you like. Just be sure to rise and go get it.
Feels like intimacy is dormant in the sheets? Release it and get with it.

Saturdays always feel like love to me, as do Sunday through Friday,
I’m Qui
into the newness of “Oui.” Let’s make today an intimate high day.

In the most intimate of truths, I certainly hope that you do.

Nobody ever said it would easy, Breezy

In News on April 29, 2019 at 5:35 pm


Moving the bar forward in creativity,” are words that John lived by, so it’s hard to say goodbye. He was quick to conceptualize, pre-visualize, and appreciate the beauty of authenticity — for just what it is, all that it encompasses and the dimensions of what it has to offer. He was quoted as saying, “When you try to make it [films] homogenized, when you try to make it appeal to everybody, then you don’t have anything that’s special,” and I agree with him – his knowledge was breezy. Though for all of the wisdom and talent that he put in – nobody ever said that it would be easy 

and it wasn’t.
He was a son, a father and [ex] husband

long before he ever made his degreed path good
by producing Ice Cube ‘nem in BOYZ N THE HOOD.

An intellectual – he stood and I noticed.
Women flocked his presence hoping to score a kiss,

a stint on the scripted screen…
but John largely seemed to be doing his thing:

laying low key and producing much screen drama.
He was a bonafide job creator and even hired his Moma.

Yep. He did that.
JS was a pretty chill cat.

His sign: Capricorn
and I’m sure that he rammed against the norms
from the day that he was born.
You know ‘dem Caps got horns

and gall.
Without such buck reel change would have stalled.

I’m going to miss Sir Singleton —
and will guardian his purpose that it not be undone.

I, too, agree with John’s vision that we must tell our own tales,
and I’ll be sure not homogenize my scripts to hell.


Thanks for that advice big bro.
I appreciated your arrival and am effected by your go.

Who knew the sun would yellow so soon.
I look at your work and it still looks like noon.

I hope you know ‘you had that thing.

That thing that makes movie cash registers ring!
I’m Qui
God bless your kids – may residuals continue to sing.

It wasn’t easy. Nobody ever said that it would be.
We won’t forget you too soon – you made reel look breezy.


January 6, 1968    –   April 29, 2019

When your truth is too true

In Communication, Griot, Movies, Networking, News, Self Improvement, Video on September 12, 2018 at 4:11 am


FACT: The title of this piece was provided by a person who was self-evaluating. And no, the person was not me.

Brutally honest folks who mean well should consider the following information before each honest delivery:

“Truth and honesty without compassion is brutality.”


I suppose I should know,
I’m an honesty-wielding Leo.

Yessir, and yes ma’am, -I’m confessing to you kinfolk:
with retrospection and honesty, I can impale another’s throat.

I often preface  though, “the following won’t be pretty, but it is honest reality…”
Often times the receiver is their best amen choir & believer – and may get mad at me.

Everybody wants honesty but not as it pertains to what they (themselves) do.
I cannot nourish your plight and recommend A FEW GOOD MEN for movie night –
because “you can’t handle the truth.”

I dig ol’ Bader Ginsburg, Ruth and McKinnon, Kate of SNL.
When it comes to lasting impersonations, Kate brings the judicial hail.

Still, I’ve always known that my most honest deliveries could use a little more tact.
I thank my mom for my compassionate heart and my dad for holding nothing back.

I am indeed Redd’s daughter; I am honest and I preface – please do not take offense.
I’m Qui
‘loving the honest quote that I heard on TV. I’m working on me and the quote makes good sense.

What show was I watching? Well, now that’s a good question.
This show is the best yo, it’s called MARRIED TO MEDICINE.

The truth and honesty quote is stronger than an espresso brew.
If you’re not a sugar-coater of truth, does this quote at all apply to you?