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Because it’s Wednesday

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Humping what's available

Okay, I haven’t been talking much because I didn’t want to be pulled in-
to the RADIATION coming out of Japan or Ghadafi’s defiant binge.

I haven’t made a NEWS PERUSE as of late, because I’m not digging the news.
I’m not down with Glen Beck & Sean Hannity or their “Obama Bashing” views.

And now you know,
I’ve been enjoying MSNBC’s : The ED Show.

Ahhhh shoot,
Last nights “political bracket mock scene” was a hoot.

Did you see it?
When the vid or transcript surfaces…I’ll feed it.

Americans are concerned about radiation residue lingering on Japanese products.
Concerned about which exotic foods from ‘the country’ may potentially contaminate us.

What do you think?
Though in an effort to not have the busine$$ dollar shrink –

I predict our markets will continue to patronize Japan & stay on task.
Shipments will be received in the U.S., shelf stocked, and sold for: YOUR CASH.

When it comes to corporations receiving their dollar – your safety is comparable to curb trash.
Corporations don’t get cancer from radiation – it’s for the consumers unknowing sash.

Also, I had been talking to a friend about the new days dawn having (of recent) been late,
& he told me, the ‘SPRING TIME FORWARD’ ritual moved up a week or two in date.

I’m not sure why – though he mumbled through something he’d heard on the radio.
I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one questioning WHY dawn’s been rising slow.
…you know?

But I did want to talk about the back lash of Charlie Sheen & Chris Browns personal LOWS:
Chris is still being called a “Rhianna Restraining Order” thug, while Charlie is held a “rebel hero”.

How is this so?
Is there a double standard of acceptable bad boy behavior in our moral flow?

As a result of Robin digging in Chris’ past, instead of interviewing his upcoming future –
GMA has a broken window, from Chris’ rage – that ‘window replacers’ will have to suture.

Oooo Child
Chris is talented and double standards are wild!

Another note of dated loss has duly been made:
Today ELIZABETH TAYLOR has exited LIFEs stage.

Because it’s Wednesday I felt that I’ve been quiet for long enough,
I’m Qui
Humping the mid week headlines – refusing to reside in the sandy rough.