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Post that round trip flight…

In Communication, Self Improvement, Travel on January 25, 2017 at 7:35 am

life-is-a-box-crayonsIt’s good to be back! I’ve had fun – I have.
I flew out to Dallas and had a Fam blast!

I did fly coach but it felt like first class.
Solo: I handled my business and I busted my ass.

Once I got to the DFW my car rental and hotel were ready.
I with my laptop, a mop and creative energy was steady.

So much happened that all of my tools and skills were on deck.
I was pretty deep off in the woods though strong was my connect.

CLo came through – Mr. Logistics doesn’t play.
CLo is Carlos Ramierez of Choice Valet.

Stephanie came through and then the two of us #CameUp.
She’s my HS alumni living in the Dalworthington cut.

Joe G turned out and brought CJ with him.
CJ is that unbiased beacon when things get dim.

Joe G is my rock, my baby brother, my go-to guy.
The love in the DF-Dub always gets me high.

I’m elevated, I’m happy and it’s good to be home.
I learned so much in Dallas – increased the size of my dome.

From Arizona to Cali, to Dallas and New York:
I have a thing going on between my arrive and depart.

I was in town because Healthcare Workers could not deny
That my dads health is in the last stages (prostate cancer) & he may die.

I was encouraged and didn’t cry but took a flight out
I showed up in person to see what the “hoopla” was about.

Dads homestead was a wreck – there’s no room for any border.
My dear old dad’s square footaged pad was decorated by a hoarder.

Me? Besides a little OCD, I think cleaning is quite therapeutic.
So when I saw the periodical fuss and tinsels of dust – to clean up? I couldn’t refuse it.

It was a HGTV scene to be seen – how I transformed that place.
I hired a young male team, strong and lean – then we put a smile on Dads face.

I restored that place.

Suddenly dad sat up, smiled, and started thanking me a bit.
Then he reverted to his usual self and started talking cash -ish. 😀

It was good to have his spirit back. Helping him did a lot for me,
I’m Qui
That blush invoking she, that flight to Dallas did a world of good for me.
Ooo Wee.

Post that round trip flight…
Fam: I’m feeling alright.


In Communication, Griot, News, Politics, Sports on December 5, 2011 at 9:47 am

FAMILY News can be a CIRCUS

IRANIAN officials shot down a U.S. drone?
Weren’t we forbidden to fly in their zone?
Dear Mr. Air Force… what has gone wrong?
They’ve got a drone in their clutches —
Is it one of our own?

Moving on –> it is noted that Herman Cain is throwing in the towel
After “the blow up” in his face about being “mistress buck wild“.
Ooo child – he thought it was cute and leaked the story himself:
that he approached and conquered pussy by flashing restaurant wealth.
Common game – but not stealth.

Oh well — we live and we learn.
Newt G is the latest UP for a burn.

A leader is all that the GOP yearns,
though 2012 isn’t looking like their comeback turn.

Mitt is fighting Newt; and Newt is in the shade.
His poll numbers are up and seemingly out of a rut,
so he’s drinking his own kool aid.

The election is definitely a sport and the Cowboys lost yesterday.
Though I’m here in The Zone,
where the Cardinals roam

I wore my Cowboy gear anyway.

It’s a new week already and I’m truly feeling good
I hooked up with my 20-year-old daughter this weekend in my hood.

She brought with her a girlfriend in tow,
They’re pretty constant in dating – “an item” you know?

And so we had a blast! My ex boyfriend from TX also stopped by
as if Arizona was around the corner — I appreciate him coming nigh.

We had breakfast at THE GOOD EGG and I picked up the tab.
The service was quirky, the utensils were dirty and the food was bland & drab.

It’s all good, I need to cut my fast food calories in half anyway.
I’m Qui
All IN the FAMILY‘S business & bidding you a PROSPERITY FAT day.