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3 of 11 Ways to Feel Beautiful [Part 3]

In Self Improvement on March 30, 2010 at 8:38 pm

Back to The O Magazine and how they do,
We’ve got 3 more ways to enhance a more Beautiful you!

We’ve shared the other 8 out of 11 ways that were magazine listed:
Click Part 1 & Part 2 for prior encouragement – if you missed it.

9. Give Yourself A Reality Check
Unless you live off the grid (and if you’re reading this, you probably don’t), you’re bombarded with media images of willowy poreless women. It’s human nature to compare yourself with these images–but if you’re not a supermodel, you’ll come up short. Until sush pictures are stamped with warning labels (an idea British and French lawmakers have proposed), when you catch yourself in the act of comparing remember that these pictures are incredibly unrealistic– engineered by teams of litghting experts, makeup artists, and a tricky little computer application called Photoshop. Thye’re created to make you feel insecure and encourage you to open your wallet. “Studies of teens have shown negativity about appearance”, says Kerry O’Brien, PhD, a psychology lecturer at the University of Manchester.

10. Choose Your Friends Wisely
Recent research shows that our social networks have a profound effect on our behaviors and attitudes– including how we percieve our appearance. “It’s hard to feel good about your looks if you’re surrounded by people who criticize their own”, says Etcoff. “Spend time around people who are confident in their bodies, and you’ll find yourself following suit.” And if you don’t already have a few gay men in your circle of friends, you might want to add some: A study published last year in the journal Body Image found that friendships with gay men can elevate women’s body esteem.

11. View Yourself In A Flattering Light
We mean that literally, as in change your lightbulbs. White coated incandescent bulbs cast a wash of soft pretty light, says lightening expert Dan Blitzer persidnet of Practical Lighting Workshop. The Phillips Natural and GE Reveal brands also filter out yellow tones for a clean white light that goes easy on all skin tones. Consider the placement of your light fixtures as well: “When light reaches your face from all directions, it minimizes lines and shadows”, says Blitzer. In your bathroom, replace overhead lighting with fixtures on either side of your mirror.

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