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Moving Forward

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Forward progress is a feat best used to reclaim your time, your purpose, your year. 
In 2-days — tidings will be more exciting and filled with familiar cheer.

What’s that in your cup? Is it eggnog or beer?
I’ll take a French75, please sit it right here:

on the side table. I’ll sip while I’m wrapping gifts.
Santa is not on his way over here, so I am doing the lift. 

I don’t think Santa has ever visited anyone; he’s a myth, he’s a fable.
It’s always been your parents and fam who are gift-giving able.

But you knew that.
Lying about Santa for decades was a united pact.

Our bad. I think the “Santa rumor” was supposed to be fad,
but maybe it went a little long and chafed a lot of lads.

That day is busted and long gone.
“Fam appreciation” is hailing strong.

And not everyone who will gift you will be a DNA family member.
Some of us are moved by your deeds; so easy to remember.

I’m a mass gift giver; I love to shop with you in mind.
For all the good that you produce I am particular with gift finds…
I love to see your adolescence shine.

So shine, dear beloved. This is the last familial celebration of the year.
For all that’s gone-on under moon & sun, intently move forward in cheer.

Love is the biggest gift to give. It requires no purchase or wrap.
So if you’re not feeling up for crowds and such just barrel over that.

Give love. It never get’s old… neither does your smile.
I do love the Christmas season. Let’s stay here a while.

Moving Forward be mindful and more loving to your inner child.

Remember them?
Sometimes you have to sit back and “adult-hem.”

Get there, if you aren’t already in your unguarded kid-space.
I’m Qui
Merry to be kicking it at the tree with a giddy look on my face.

When it comes to creating happy vibes, I’m all about the chase.


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With everything that’s going on in the world, I am still happy about the sum.
Life is good, there’s civilization beyond the woods —
relax and allow the holidays to yield us some fun.

Last night I slept hard and this morning I arose early — then dozed off again.
I’m really enjoying this Christmas Break. I pray this vibe to be slow to end.

Today is Friday, a calendar high-day, my friend
I’ll be inside, but my thoughts will reside in the wind.

My mind is in a Christmas bin. I’ve got a wee bit more of wrapping to do.
Though, before I arise to do any of that – I wanted to check in with you.

What have you got going on, Boo? Are you on a long weekend that will roll you into the year 2019?
Or are you closing shop today, fully expecting to work at some point over the next two weeks?

I pray it’s the former of the two that I speak,
In any case, I bid thee, “a Happy Holiday and Prosperous 2019.”

I’m done with the shopping and am free to kick it with you
though I must admit I haven’t created my Christmas menu.
Have you?

whip-cream-strawberry-chocolate-cupcake.jpgI am feeling a little more frisky than usual in the kitchen,
last night’s grocery list did include whip cream in its mentions.

Yes, I bought it.
Wish me well to utilize; naught it.

Are you up for it? Are you down?
You can still get it when the family is around.

Just find a private place and don’t make a sound.
The feeling is autonomous when the holidays are bound.
Ain’t nothing wrong with 6,9 or the downward dog pound.

Still, grown people often miss it.
If there’s an opportunity under the mistletoe – I want to kiss it.

Kiss me back.
Dear Christmas: Be a meal and not a snack.
Fill me full and let the calories lack.

Intellectual Kinsman: I’m sure that you can feel that.
Dear Santa: Come with a new jib in your bag.

elf-n-wife.jpgI could certainly use that.
When I’m not creating scripts, I’m a hands-on filming cat.

Couple that with my propensity to prosper with gadgety things,
and you’ll have insight into what makes my bell ring.

Alas, the weekend is ours to give and the weekend is ours to take.
I really hope that you relax this weekend for your own sake.

Rest shouldn’t be reserved for Christmas Day.
Getitin this weekend and don’t forget your play.

After such is done I hope to retreat to the kitchen and craft a view
that looks something like a traditional Christmas Day menu.

Are you down to be up? Are you up to be down?
I’m Qui
Still into thee and challenging you to do the downward dog pound.

Because you’re far less stressed when naked yoga abounds.

What have you been up to

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And so I’ve been taking it easy
the holidays were sunny, warm and breezy

Thanksgiving was great’full  and Christmas was fun.
While some states gave snow – Arizona blazed sun.
Mmmm yum!

Oral Sum!

And so I’ve been taking it easy – the last 12 months deserve to be cheered,
for yielding wisdom to the Wilson children. I’m looking fwd to the 2013th year.

God has shown up & showed out during the last 365 days.
Leaving me beholden, free and feeling golden – to sing His unbelievable praise.

Indeed! Indeed – Let the roof be raised!
The pastures were plenty. We prosperity grazed.

All the year long we were blessed with good health;
the prosperity of life – far supersedes wealth.

So we’ve all been rich – some gave or lacked giving thanks.
Because the wealth I reference – doesn’t show up in the bank.

Well, think of it this way – money or not, if you’ve got your life: YOU SURELY WIN.
What’s the use of gaining the most dough to spend, if you die young (or alone) -in the end?

So I’ve been taken it easy. Kicking back and enjoying life by the miles.
I’ve been hugging, texting and kissing on my kids more – to invoke smiles.

Thanking God for the memories past, and certainly up for making some of new!
I’m Qui
Glad to be making this moment with thee. Tell me, What have you been up to?

Listen to me say it: