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Caution to the wind

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Not even November (my dog) would do that. In fact, the whole time Novie & I went for a ride, not once did he throw caution to the wind & jump out. lol!

I’m the most cautious girl – I can’t do anything w/o research,
Especially if there’s the slightest chance that anyone could get hurt.

I’m so very cautious that I sleep with one eye open.
I’ve got ears like the bionic man – just what my mumbling teen was hopin’.

As cautious as I am – everyday I enthusiastically hit the streets
In the name of CitySquares to film small businesses FOR FREE.

What I found early was that lots of folks are just like me,
And build high walls of CAUTION when someone says: FREE.

A tiny road block for me, so I run down the quick facts
That includes “no businesses shall give me any cash,
or financial information. I want none if your banking truths.
CitySquares picks up the tab for me to come out & shoot you.

A quick hop online (via the iPhone) shows them all that they need to know,
And just like that — “Caution is to the wind” and I am good to go.

So if you see me on the strip filming a small business owners proprietary grin,
Keep this true thought – to you it’s no cost & throw Caution to the wind.

Pass me your card & brief me on what it is that you do,
and we’ll schedule a time to do your free commercial shoot.

The project is global – so don’t miss out on a great deal,
Im Qui
That filmmaker she – who’s ready to shoot you – for marketing reel.


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Well it is done – we’re officially on relocate.
My guy is exiting the UNEMPLOYMENT line by moving to another state.
Going without me, wasn’t a topic that was up for debate. lol! 🙂
So we’re packing to move from the lone star state.

Though this means nothing to you if follow me online.
There’ll be no relocating of my griot grinding mind.
Here on QE – we will continue to intertwine
and come up together via technologies vine.


Six weeks ago my girlfriend found a breast lump
Friday night she had a mastectomy – a dual dump.

They removed both breast and gave her a tight tummy tuck
then took the fat from her belly and reconstructed her lady humps.
…and all of this during breast cancer month.

Thank God she’s got good insurance – American Airlines fits her health needs well.
That is why universal healthcare is needed, so that more victims have THIS STORY to tell.


I’ve shot scores of small business commercials for CitySquares since June’s begin;
However good tis too short lived (in my hood), as my residential status comes to an end.

You wouldn’t believe how many good people I’ve met in such short time.
Connections made will be kept, wisdom says cherish a good mind.
I’ve found many.
Good News and Entrepreneurs have proved to be plenty.


I think I’ve found a renter to occupy my home & continue its appeal.
Which is fantastic because I didn’t want the additional mortgage bill.
Whew, Thank God and For real.

And here we are facing another new week,
I’m Qui
Bidding you good
in all that you do and in what you speak.

Make GOOD NEWS happen. It’s literally up to you and me.