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Girls just want to have…

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funWell I don’t know if they even know that they want it, but those of us who posses it, know full well that they need it. The thing is, how do we get them to not only desire CLASS, but hone it?

I am pleased to say that most young women (that we  see reflected in the public eye on television) seem to possess the most awesome curves via natural DNA and then there are the mass of them that have enhanced their physiques via working out, cosmetic surgery and implants. Either way, the lot of them look fantastic. I kind of think of fitness and enhancements as art work. Fitness is the longterm solution and I think that commercial society is doing its part in pushing fitness centers, nutritional centers and even fit reality shows to reinforce how important fitness is. Perhaps it’s my immediate surroundings, (my college-age kid and her friends), but the youth are embodying and making FITNESS and LOOKING GOOD their own. I love it. I support it. However, beyond watching calories and understanding your metabolic burn how are you branding all of that physical awesomeness?

A classy look is one thing, but once the mouth opens, will the class still stand? You gotta think about it. What is your conversation about?


Please have something of value and substance to talk about. I know this is easier said than done. Great conversation could never be taught, but you can get in the habit of building it by conditioning your mind to not waste time when communicating. Say what you mean and by all means MEAN WHAT YOU SAY.

No conversation is for nought. Life is full of time that is not refundable, You can use it wisely or waste it frivolously. The line of those that love to waste time is long – please don’t add your two cents to to it.

Education is sexy. Invest in yourself and self educate, if  you must. Education is paramount in communication. Resist trying to BS folks in conversation or trying to wing it. Those of us that converse with the best of them will sniff you out the minute you start. Please keep in mind:

If you don’t have “the words” in the end you won’t be heard,
instead he’ll be thinking this:


Remember branding and marketing starts with mastering YOURSELF; building a stellar reputation of good character. Watch what’s on your mind and what comes out of your mouth. It all matters and ultimately leads to shaping who you are. Conversation rules the nation. Get some and don’t forget distinct originality.

Gaining and exuding class is attainable to us all; however, it’s not a one day course. It’s a lifestyle. Anything worth having YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK AT. Class is worth it. Nothing looks better on you, your journey and ultimately your legacy.


So when you do get his attentions, Dear Divas — here is the secret
be armed with GREAT CONVERSATION if you intend to keep it.

Men have short attention spans and new things can quickly snap their neck.
You’ve got to be the most interesting, rely on mystique and respect.

Oh yeah! We’re sure to talk about that next. Never say everything at once,
I’m Qui
A Classy Mentoring, she – saying “Don’t forego class just to have fun.”

Why settle for one without the other?


You can have both:

More on CLASS being QUI:

Making The Woman

Making the woman…

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on December 29, 2015 at 8:44 am

woman-class-choicesAt the beginning of this year I demanded change of myself. I’d been overweight my entire parental life (since having kids) and now that my youngest is a freshman college, I decided to get back to me. I was in the process of Making the woman that I always wanted to be when my first womb-mate arrived. I put my personal goals on hold for 2 decades though I must say this year I got a firm grip on “getting back to me.”

Beyond dropping 30[+] pounds and holding — I am polishing up all areas concerning my self improvement and/or embetterment. Yes, I said embetterment. It’s a term that we don’t use anymore in American English. I think it was replaced by the word improvement. Meh. I like ’em both. We ought to always seek to self improve. Especially women. I know, because I am one. The most important self improvement that a woman can make early in her youth is to learn and utilize


I’m having a blast over here! This was the perfect time in my life to make such a drastic lifestyle change. What lifestyle change? Well, since I’m no gym rat, my most significant change this year was my diet. I stopped eating out. I stopped eating fast food and largely cut back on finer dining as well because by default the best steaks are usually cooked in some type of oil. I lost 30 pounds by forgoing cooking with oil and butter. Eating from my own kitchen has been paramount in my success. I’m in search of my own apron now. Something to reflect the domestic culinary artist that I’ve become. I’m looking for the right apron, perhaps it will be smart, practical, cute and sexy – all in one. That would reflect my style; the woman that I am.

When Making the woman that I am, I drew from many sources in my youth. I pulled style from Lena Horne, Oprah Winfrey, Diana Ross, Christie Love (a fictional character; a sort of tv series version of FOXY BROWN), Thelma (from Good Times), Stephanie Mills and Patti Labelle to name a few. All of them embodied something that I liked and ultimately utilized in shaping Qui. I think it’s okay to admire and adopt. All women should. If you weren’t born with it, LEARN IT.


Class is something that can easily be learned. Learn the ins and outs of proper conduct and utilize it in your walk, your talk, your business conversation, your everyday and everything. It’s not a part time gig. You should wear class like it’s your favorite outfit. In fact, make sure your outfit has class.

Don’t forget that every time you step out of the door you are selling a brand. The brand is YOU. To those that don’t know you, and have never met you before, what would your outfit say as a first impression? You gotta think about it. It represents YOU and what YOU mean. It’s never a question of IF anyone will see you out in public today – the question should always be WHO will see you out in public today? Always dress the part. Everyone loves statement pieces these days. You are the statement, now what pieces will you adorn yourself in. Remember, everyone (especially those that live to hate on you) will be watching. Give haters no factual gasoline by resisting to wear less than what you mean. If you mean, “step to me with respect,” you might forgo the daisy dukes and crop top. That outfit says ‘fun at the bbq with folks that already know me,’ not ‘step to me with respect at the grocery store.’ It’s super important to dress the part my ‘classy up & coming divas,’ and be on the look out for sisters like me to go out of our way to approach you and high five your level of class. Classy women support classy up & comings. Someone has to pass along this social necessary and we are so glad that it’s YOU


And so in Making the Woman, please don’t forget the class.
We love how God made ya, but don’t show everyone your ass.

You may have a body that folks would pay to keep,
but no one will value it if you’re showing it ALL for free.

Up the ante and go CLASSY. Learn the way. You deserve it.
And when tacky steps to you, put CLASS on your response and curve it.

Don’t discourage those that hate, but continue to step in an ‘upper level stride.’
Class is something you hone internally therefore it will always show on the outside.


Pull a Beyonce if you must. Embrace your light and dark feminine stance.
Sasha Fierce is her alter ego, but Jay Z cherishes Lady Beyonce’s hand.


Every guy wants a dual feminine queen by his side.
But CLASS has to reign – if you intend to truly ride.

If there’s no class whatever will set you a part?
If you’re just showing your body – who’ll want your heart?

Let’s be honest ladies, we have got to exude class.
I’m over here working out, tightening up my abs.

I’m over here being resized by a tailor, the new size is hot.
I’m revamping the wardrobe to show off and yet cover my bod.

No slouch gear or going hodge podge – that can’t be our slogan.
I implore you to not forget class when you’re Making the woman.

Me? I’m all over it. Me? It’s my default stance,
I’m Qui
all about CLASS. It’s the foundation of my made-woman.

How do you stand and whatever do you stand for?
Keep it locked right here – on this topic – there’s bound to be MORE…



Girls Just Want To Have…