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As the new week begins I can’t help but Griot spin current media views
that I came up on – by way of various outlets, but mainly CNN News::

Obama’s “compassionate score” will no doubt be much higher
post his recent Eulogy for the late & hardworking VA Miners.

Hundreds protest Arizonas new immigration law – because they care.
Are the Governors safety concerns for the citizens unbias & fair?

Everyone isn’t buying the ‘non-discriminating police ‘ hype.
In fact, Rev. Al Sharpton is jitted up and vowing To FIGHT!

That last media note –
was provided by The New York Post

Hell didn’t freeze over and no political party was damned
when President Obama ‘bowed in prayer’ with Billy Graham.

The NFL Draft came to pass and alas has closed its televised rounds.
Peep SI’s documentation of each teams picks and their statistic breakdown.

Living-on-the-run — is what one whistleblower is pledgin’
after linking Critics death to Top Chechens.

Put an egg in the peoples face already! I mean really…what the hell?
Goldman Sachs cites in messages that they thrived when the economy fell.

The last two posted media grinds
duly came from The GLOBAL New York Times.

Let’s talk movies for a minute – so many reel pickers and chosers…
Idris Elba is fine -he bored my behind – I slept real good in “LOSERS“.

This weekends big box office winner – exhibited contents that contained
Something or another (a PG mother) about ‘a Dragon being Trained’?
it was an animated ‘thang.

I could go on and on and on about which headlines made the wired NEWS,
but I’m Qui
and the hour is late in the eve — thus I’m concluding my current PERUSE.
Discard the unrelatable & keep what you can use.


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Where is David Alan Grier with “CHOCOLATE NEWS” when you need him? CNN’s Don Lemon surely could have used his help this weekend when he single handedly took on interviewing a few Confederate Month advocates. One black re-inactee in particular [H.K. Edgerton] ‘lost his damn mind’ all over the air waves as he implied, being a slave wasn’t so bad.?.


HK Edgerton is a piece of work. Google him. And while we seek to highlight “the good”, the silver lining in all perspectives, Mr. Edgerton is hard to suffice in category. When Don Lemon asked him if he could understand that some people (in particularly African Americans) would find “Confederate Celebration” offensive – Mr. Edgerton went into a soliloquy of sorts, as to how slave lifestyle was a misconception in American History. I was soooo disenchanted – as was Don Lemon. I had hoped by the end of the shows segment that Mr. Edgerton would have made his points of pro-Confederate Celebrations clear — but no such thing happened. The other two guests who were being interviewed on the show were white. Their positions on “Confederate Celebrations” were far more empathic on the position of “slavery”, (a hot topic that was brought to the forefront after the Gov. of VA recently omitted slavery acknowledgement in his Confederate Celebration speech. He has since added slavery acknowlegment into his proclamation speech and insists that his Confederate Celebration is about “celebrating the unions brotherhood” and not to glorify the ignorance of the slavery era).

I live in the South. Born and raised in Texas. Educated in the south. A decendant of slaves. I’m thrilled and overjoyed that our country no longer supports, slavery advocates, or tolerates slavery in any fashion. Slavery was ugly when the Israelites were in captivity; it was ugly when the Natzi’s enslaved the Jews; it was ugly when Africans sold thier own to the Europeans as slave hands –for profit; it was ugly as portrayed in ROOTS and the history of it (to date) is still painful. So where was Mr. HK Edgerton coming from with his support of Confederate Celebration when “part of” the very basis of the confederates fight was over “the emancipation proclamation” and the “freeing slaves”? Mr. Edgerton is a black man, dark in pigmentation and an obvious decendant of slaves. Not only was I uncomfortable watching him trying to explain why he was PRO-Confederate Celebration, but I was offended that he implied that it’s a positive part of our Southern History. Nothing could be further from the truth.

HK Edgerton has ‘lost his damn mind’ & David Alan Grier would have been the perfect co-host on CNN this weekend (with Don Lemon) to deliver that line. Instead, Don was forced to cut Mr. Edgerton off often and refer to the other guests on the show, who did their best to put a positive spin on an era that was so hurtful. Not to mention if the CIVIL WAR had been won by the South (…ie the confederates) slavery could very well STILL be in play today. Did you ever think of that?

It’s so easy and unintelligent to ‘not to think’,
but to CELEBRATE blatant ignorance – just stinks!

I’m Qui
Perusing views of Chocolate News by every sense of the word.
Thanking God for Freedom – a by product of the CIVIL WAR verb.