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To Heaven and Back

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Heaven and Back2
Not too many die and live to tell about it but on Anderson Cooper 360’s special: To Heaven and Back, Randi Kaye talks to a few more witnesses who recall the journey to the other side, similar to Mary Neal’s experience.

We’re introduced to another woman with another amazing story::

Hi. My name is Anita Moorjani and I died on February 2, 2006. When I was real young, I feel that my life was pretty magical.   We lived in a condominium in Hong Kong – I lived with my parents and my brother. I went t a British school where the kids spoke in English and then of course at home with my parents we would speak in our native language, we call it Sindhi, but it’s an Indian dialect.

Randi: Walk me through what it was like for you in that childhood with so many different cultures stewing around.

Anita: I got bullied very, very badly at school.  Because I was pretty much the only Indian child in my year. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to color my hair to make it lighter.  I would use bleach on my skin – I really wanted to fit in.  At the same time when I met Indian people, when my parents tried to arrange a marriage for me and I was meeting other Sindhi men I didn’t feel like I fit with them either.  I kept feeling like I had to apologize for being me.

Randi: Let’s talk about your friend Sonny.

Anita: Sonny was my best friend. We really knew each others lives inside out. One day she was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t see her get better and that really impacted me. It’s like just being told you have cancer is a death sentence. So I went on the internet and I started researching her type of cancer and it showed that the statistics were not good. And once you start looking on the internet it’s a mine-field; the more you read about it – the more it was scaring me. I started to become really paranoid.

Randi: Did you start to believe that you could get it?

Anita: Yes. She was so vibrant and strong, so I felt immediately  WOW – if she can get it so can I.

Randi: Tell me about April 6, 2002.

Anita: I felt a lump right here on the left side at the base of my neck , just where it meets my collar bone.  And when I first went to the doctor – the doctor said it’s a swollen lymph node gland. Maybe you’re fighting off an infection. So she put me on antibiotics and she said, let’s see if it clears up in a week. When it didn’t clear up in a week, she sent me to another doctor – a specialist for a biopsy, and the results were supposed to come back two days later.  The very next day, though, the doctor phoned me and he said, “I’d like you to come into my office,” and of course my heart lept.

Randi:  Tell me what the doctor told you.

Anita: He said you have Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is a form of cancer. But I didn’t hear any of his words beyond after him saying the word ‘cancer.’

Randi: So what was going through your mind at that point?

Anita:  At that point I was only thinking of what I had saw Sonny go through. I watched my friend die and she died a horrible, slow and painful death. And I just thought, ‘Oh my God. That’s what I can expect.‘ That’s whats waiting for me.  I started to deteriorate as well, the cancer started to spread, I was like a skeleton with skin – that was it – because I weighed about 80-85 pounds. And I had these big open skin lesions – one here, on my neck and one under my arm. I had tumors, some of them the size of lemons throughout my lymphatic system. And if I lied down I would choke on my own fluid because my lungs were filled with fluid. I was in pretty bad shape. I was in a lot of pain, but I was fighting – I was just fighting to stay alive.

Randi:  So do you remember one of your worst days – I mean physically – and what that felt like?

Anita:  Oh towards the end, my worst days, I couldn’t walk anymore. My muscles, like in my legs, had completely deteriorated but one day, it was actually February 1, 2006 and I was just so tired of fighting to stay alive. I remember consciously thinking ‘It’s just not worth it anymore. Even death can be worst than this.’ So I just let go. My husband tells me the following morning I didn’t wake up.  He was trying to wake me up and he started to panic, and he called the doctor.

Randi:  So you were rushed to the hospital – what do you remember?

Anita: I was in a coma. My organs had now, shutdown. The oncologist said that I probably wouldn’t make through the next 24-36 hours.  I would wake up every morning just obsessed that I had cancer. Every morning I wished that it was a bad dream and that I would wake up from. I was just so tired of fighting to stay alive, so I just LET GO. I actually surrendered to whatever was waiting for me. The doctors were trying to put these needles into my veins and they couldn’t find the veins. The veins had all retracted. And then they were saying this is normal for somebody who is dying.  I was in a coma and I didn’t realize I could hear them. They weren’t even in the same room but I heard the oncologist say that I probably wouldn’t make it through the next 24-36 hours.

Randi: In a way it sounds like, you were almost straddling two worlds?

Anita: It felt like I was in a bigger world which encompasses this world. It was vibrant, there was music – it was just incredible but it’s like it’s beyond our spectrum, our ability to perceive, beyond 5-senses and it was like for the first time in my entire life did I feel that I was loved and accepted unconditionally for who I am. It was a peace I had never experienced and the fear was gone. The fear of illness, displeasing other people, the fear of being flawed – it’s gone. I was aware of my father who had passed away, my best friend Sonny.  It was actually, the most amazing feeling because I had always felt that I wasn’t the kind of daughter that he had hoped I would be but when I encountered him in that realm all I felt from him and for  him was pure unconditional love.anita-moorjani-quote

Randi: But you could still see your husband and how was he reacting to the fact that you were in this coma and he thought he was loosing you?

Anita: He was very distraught. He was there by my bedside, he was holding my hand and I could feel he was willing me to come back.

Randi: And you had a choice to make.

Anita: I had a choice as to whether to come back or not. At first I absolutely did not want to come back because why would I want to come back into this sick and dying body? But then it was though in the next moment I understood why I had the cancer. All the years of beating myself up, feeling flawed, had turned my own energy against me and manifested as cancer.

Randi: Fear in a way poisoned your body?

Anita:  Yes it did. And I understood that now that I knew this, my body would heal.

Randi: You had this huge revelation and Sonny and your father both affirmed what needed to be done.

Anita: Both of them said to me, ‘Go back and live your life fearlessly,’ and it was around that time that I started to come back.

Randi: So how long were you in the coma?

Anita: About 30 hours. I was in the intensive care unit, but within 4 days they were able to take off the oxygen, they were able to take out the food tube and the tumors shrunk by 70% .

Randi: And the doctors kept testing you right? They kept looking for  cancer, they kept treating you?

Anita: They were saying there is no way that cancer disappears like that. My oncologist actually said to me, I had no idea what to even write on your medical records anymore. 

Randi: [holding documents] These are the results of an MRI scan from your neck and thorax, and if you’ll look on there –  tell me what’s on there?

Anita:  [looking @ document] Throughout my body, it’s showing large masses from my neck, lower lungs, all over.

Randi: So that report is from February 2, 2006. This one is 25 days later, read to me what the doctors finding was.

Anita: The doctors finding is that in summary, no definite evidence of residual lymphoma is seen.

Randi: How did the doctors explain it?

Anita: I have had at least 5 oncologist look at my records and all of them have said, they’ve never seen anything like it.

Randi: Are you still, at all fearful.

Anita: No. Hardly at all. I don’t live in that constant feeling of fear at all. I’m not scared of death. Whenever that day comes, I feel that I would have accomplished whatever it is that I came here to do.

Randi: Which is what?

Anita: You know I believe that all of us have only come here to realize who we are and to be true to who we are.

Randi: Most people, myself included, fear death. What do you say to them?

Anita: When you lose your fear of death, you actually lose your fear of life as well.

Randi: And to this day you are cancer free?

Anita: Yes. I am cancer free.


LIVE YOUR LIFE FEARLESSLY – stay positively healthy in your mind.
For what the mind accepts, into the body we find in kind.

What the mouth speaketh truly goes into the universe
to only boomerang you for all that its worth.

Be it good or bad – it is coming back to you.
Henceforth, be about those positive truths.

You determine a great deal of you.
You definitely get out of – what you’ve put into.

Good morning to you – it’s a new weeks begin,
I’m Qui
Encouraging thee to smile and get out there and win!

Medical Mysteries and Paul Walker is history

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Click here to see last picture just moments before the fatal accident...

Click here to see last picture just moments before the fatal accident…

Paul Walker of Fast and Furious has unfortunately expired
hailing passenger fun – a Porsche run– then a wreck and combust fire.

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I’m doleful to hear about Paul. I’m a fan of his baby blue eyes.
His passion was cars, he was cool with most stars;
He pledged Fast and Furious until he died.

There is no medical mystery that could have saved him, (well none that we know of yet).
Besides Paul crossed over doing what he loved. He was Fast and Furious until his death.

Tire Mark_thin divider

Medical Mysteries

Sunday morning I woke up to CNN and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. You know he had all kinds of good things to say, but I found this particular story interesting, so I transcribed it. Science is powering medicine to our beneficial good, however this story is more mystery than science, technology or medicine. Sanjay tells the tale…

SANJAY: Today I want to share with you one young mans story that took a very unusual and unexpected turn. Suzanne McCarrol, our Denver affiliate KCNC has the story…

Concussion Creates Musical Gift

His high school [band] ensemble is really impressive. But the story of the pianist is truly amazing. Photo’s show Lachlan Connors first passion is sports: football and la cross, “And I thought I might be a professional la cross player,” says, Lachlan, but a series of hits put an end to that dream, “I fell backwards and hit the back of my head on the ground and I really didn’t understand that something bad had happened.”

Two back-to-back concussions left Laughlin in the hospitals for weeks; seizures would follow. “He started to hallucinate – lachlan connorhave these “mini” hallucinations,” says Elsie Hamilton, (Lachlan’s mother).

Before the concussions, the young Lachlan had tried to play the piano, “He really had no talent and I would say, ‘Can you hear what’s next?’, you know, something like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” says Elsie, and Lachlan’s response was, “Mom I can’t. So I would have her draw little numbers on the keys.”

When Lachlan got out of the hospital, doctors said he shouldn’t play contact sports anymore, but he suddenly could play music almost effortlessly. Lachlan can now play about 10-13 musical instruments, including the guitar, the bagpipes (both Scottish and Irish), the mandolin, the accordion, and the marimba.

SANJAY: No matter how you look at that – it’s pretty remarkable stuff. And you’re probably wondering how a medical mystery like this is even possible? I can tell you as a neurosurgeon, we don’t know exactly what happened in the brain in this sort of situation. Lachlan said he hit the back of his head – now that may be the part of the brain that’s responsible for his coordination known as the cerebellum or a couple inches up higher (is responsible) for his vision known as the occipital lobe – maybe that played a role. In Lachlan’s case, it’s also entirely possible that his unknown musical talents were already there but he just had more time to focus on them when he stopped playing sports. But again, no matter how it happened Lachlan said this is gift that he hopes will stay with him for his entire life.

And the day is new again. If you’re blessed with life, get busy living it,
I’m Qui
I don’t make the news, the highs or blues – I’m just the ‘griot she‘ whose giving it.

This Birthday Weekend

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Omg! Omg!
Whose The Birthday Girl? — I am she!

So the weekend is fast approaching
and the triple digit temps have been encroaching.

But that won’t stop me from birthday celebrating;
Gathering with friends, breaking ends and relating.

There’ll be some red wine, good conversation;
Chopping up future plans about game elevation.

There will be lots of good head in the house – because I cannot resist.
There will be GRIOT rhymes on a fly and on a dime – for I’m the GRIOT Ms.

This Birthday Weekend will find me flawless and fly.
Breaking ends with stylish friends, will surely get me by.

I’m sure to hit the MAC Counter and divvy funds to paint a prettier she.
I’m sure to stock up on shades of matte, because the lips are important to me.

I plan on cutting the rug – oh yes I do like to express through dance.
I plan on hitting as many scenes as I can, for celebrating is my entrance chance.

I’m a workaholic. I really don’t go out too much.
So this weekend will be spent, reaching out and keeping in touch.

I won’t be spending it on Twitter or by watching CNN.
I’m the birthday sheOoo Oui! Ooo Oui!
I will spend it on friends.

Not to be compared to Jennifer Aniston and that ivory casted show.
Because most of my friends have deep melanin skin & can conjur up an afro. 🙂

Not to exclude any of my white friends and fam, for they too are good to go.
They don’t deep tan, but in my heart they stand – and we’re working on their afro’s.
I just have more brown friends than whites – YO!

This Birthday Weekend will find me partying at home, at the mall, and letting loose at the pub,
I’m Qui
Approaching four decades of birthday celebrates — and looking forward to this one with love.

is a
please believe.
xxxx –KISSES– xxxx

H A P P Y with LIFE

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H A P P Y with LIFE! I am just so.
What provoked this feeling?
–I really don’t know.

It’s not the state of the economy or congress at all.
Still LIFE and I are having a ball.

I feel like a teenager at the mall
with my daddy’s black card in tow.
I feel like DaDa on front street — I’m putting on a show.
Making shiny 10’s look like 20’s.
lol! You know? 🙂

I’m so H A P P Y with LIFE — and CNN does not fit into the picture this time.
In fact one could say (in an honest way) that “the lack of” is behind my shine.

I gave up on the news. I’ve given up on the political pundit sayers.
I’ve given up on bureaucracy and all of it’s colorful players.

I’ve freed my hair of any oily and slimy residue
regarding “the country’s bail out that almost didn’t go through“.

I let it go. I didn’t need another woah and life is only what you make it.
I’ll have no man rearrange my plan – then I step up and take it
with a melancholy smile – trying to bear and fake it.

Instead, I awake daily to make tiny additions to my big picture dream,
Authoring each move that I make and always clear in what I mean.

It’s working y’all.
I’m having a ball.

I’m happy, I’m happy. I’m dancing a jig.
Kind of like the one that COOL JOE once did.
I’m dancing a jig.

The weekend is here – I’m absolutely in full swing
and I’m definitely on a HIGH… if you know what I mean.

I’m happy. I’m happy y’all. I’m H A P P Y with LIFE,
I’m Qui
Life is short
and there’s little time for strife.

Dance with me. Let us be happy together.
Let’s celebrate LIFE and forget this hell’ish weather. lol!
It’s 36 days of triple digit heat in Texas right now.
I’m happy! I’m happy! I’m going to dance it out anyhow.
Kisses and Ciao!

Being a THANKFUL Being

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Yep! I’ve never shied away from saying THANKS. I am by far the most THANK YOU saying person, most folk that I know have ever met. In fact, I’ve heard that my repeated THANK YOU responses coupled with my bubbly, happy-go-lucky attitude has killed many a professional colleague on many occasions. I never mean to be a nuisance, but to not be happy and to not say thank you would be totally out of my character and well…it would make me feel uncomfortable.

Sure I know some folks that grimace at the thought of having to do
Something as simple and inexpensive as saying “THANK YOU”.

I’ve never understood why they wouldn’t – I don’t put much thought in it;
But to render it when it is due is a great investment – do spend it.

Say THANK YOU as much as you can; whenever a kind gesture moves you to say so,
And you will find folks will return it in kind – as you go about your to and fro.

Trust me I know – I’m ramping up even more as Thanksgiving draws near.
I’m grateful for my life, health, and strength, as well as those who I hold dear.

I’m thankful THE COWBOYS WON today. I’m thankful they finally WON at home.
I’m thankful that I could watch it in Ag-town, residing so close to each end zone.

I’m thankful DON LEMON got so much face time this weekend & FREDRICKA WHITFIELD too,
I’m grateful CNN continues to reflect positive faces that look alot like me and you.

I’m really happy you stopped by to read me – I’m definitely A Monday Lover off the cuff.
Other races call black folks “A Monday”; and I — just can’t get enough.

I’m looking forward to THANKSGIVINGregardless of the 5-course fancy meal,
I’m Qui
THANKFUL for the opportunity to get literal with you & film reality on the reel.

Thank You, thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH


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Soledad conducted an awesome 2-hour special: “ALMIGHTY DEBT” – Black In America” and Anderson Cooper tackled an even tougher topic: “BLACK OR WHITE” – Kids On Race”. Amazing stuff. Did you see them?

Lets start with BLACK OR WHITE: Kids on Race
This pretty girl hates the brown skin on her face:

So not much has changed in our childhood perceptions since the fifties
Though skin pride in the white community is admirable and positively nifty.

You can’t be mad at a race of people who love themselves: outwardly and within.
Thus it’s our duty to teach our kids to internally shine & POSITIVELY love their black skin.

When I was younger, my parents never discussed race
I remember the day I learned I had black on my face.
My sister told me — I was without a clue, unoblivious, and unaware.
I was drawn into what I saw through the televisions glare.

I really didn’t know I was “black” before that solitary day
and my dreams of being “Blondie” went brunett’ing away…

Who doesn’t want to be
“the positive person” they see on TV?
Who doesn’t want to be
negatively stereotyped like me?

Black people must early develop a resilient and thick skin.
Perhaps acknowledging origin and history is where our conversations should begin…

I sure hate that hate is so deep seeded over something so trivial as color.
I suppose the surface reveals that we relate to a color before we call ‘equal brother’.

Then there was Soledad O’brien covering a topic many haven’t mastered yet,
and that’s the overcoming of Blacks in America: ALMIGHTY DEBT.

There was a kid trying to get into college and scholarship winnings were rough
He managed to get a few federal granted funds, but obviously not enough.
Post his first year of college, he’ll be in a whopping $16K worth of debt
The price of his American Dream is just getting started — bet!

There was a married couple, who clawed their way to success on hard work & commissions
Whose accomplishments: cars and real estate loans are up for foreclosure mention.
They’re high school daughter seems to be unaware of current recession days.
She does $400 worth of shopping a month on a credit card her big brother pays.
Whilst Her parents unpaid mortgage phase is running out of time delayed…

The other couple in study was headed by a man – a former insurance co. CEO
who has found the last 2 unemployed years to be a test of his faith… like Job.
And so, the pastor of his church intervened (as he’s done for many others many times before),
and arranged a business networking thang’ to help the unemployed brother score.

The same pastor [Rev. Soaries] watches over the freshman and the commissioned workers as well,
He’s teaching his congregation to be debt free and shooting ‘the notion of drowning in it‘ – to hell.

It’s a logical sale: DON’T SPEND MORE THAN YOU MAKE.
God knows “WE” as a culture love a little “bling-bling” on our plate
Or in our grills
Ask Kanye & Paul Wall- for real. 🙂

Me? I pay my tithes. Me? I love my skin
Me? I’m Black in America and these forums are a great continuance of thier begin.
I’m Qui

Recent topics look alot like me and my kin.


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Tea Party Republican Christine O’Donnell raking in nearly a million dollars in donations in just 24 hours and being advised by Sarah Palin to only talk to “friendly news outlets” [Fox News]. Something like Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer who won’t talk about “beheadings in the desert” anymore… Too tough of a subject or simply too false to clarify? How about Nevada’s Sharon Angle (for Senate) who walks out and sometimes runs away from unwanted questions? Christine O’Donnell parallels the aforementioned when confronted with FACTS.

Her interview with a Republican radio host: Dan Gaffney proved to be telling. Did you read the transcribe?

Host: When you were speaking at an out of state group recently and you told them that you won two out of three counties in Delaware, what did you mean?

O’Donnell: I don’t think I ever said I won two…

Host: Well lets listen to the audio. Hold on one second because I have the audio right here.

AUDIO TAPE Transcription

O‘Donnell: I was the 2008 endorsed candidate against Joe Biden and I won in two counties. We didn’t have the support of our liberal republicans then.

Host: You said you won in two counties.

O’Donnell: Alright, you know what that probably was, you’re on the campaign trail a lot, I meant tied.

Host: Well you didn’t tie…

O’Donnell: Um, yeah, they’ve got a tracker following you, waiting for you to trip up…

Host: Yeah but you didn’t…

O’Donnell: So, you know,

Host: Christine. Christine, I’m just saying why, you didn’t tie him either.

O’Donnell: Look at the results. Look at the results.

Host: I did. He beat you. It was close.

O’Donnell: And what did they say? 49-49? I call that a tie.

Host: No Christine, he won in votes. You know that.

[Source: Dan Gaffney Morning Show WGMD]

Anderson 360 asks the question, “Why shouldn’t those who want to lead us be able to answer tough questions?” Even Karl Rove has pointed out there are plenty of questions to ask O’Donnell about how she’s been handling campaign money, though yesterday he kind of walked it back a bit and said he was just “dishing out STRAIGHT TALK” as a Fox News Analyst, pointing out that he actually did endorse her and that he “is for the Republican in each and every race”, but he also repeated the original criticism.

In a recent FOX interview, Karl said (about Christine’s recent dishonest record), “Then she needs to also be able to answer these questions about her personal background. Explain how she got behind in her taxes, her mortgage, why she didn’t take care of that college bill, and do so in a way that’s frank and honest. Look everybody in their life, sometimes has difficulties and honesty and candor is going to be the best remedy here. She can’t get away with by simply saying, ‘My answer is on my website’ or ‘It’s puzzling to me why the IRS would file a lean for me when I didn’t pay my taxes in 2005’… I mean, she’s got to be more honest than that, and if she does — she’s got a shot to win. But it’s got to be passionate, factual, and hard hitting”.

Gary Tuckman [CNN Correspondent] further explained how O’Donnell has spent some of the money from her 2008 campaign donations and how she may have violated election laws. She spent a lot of money on personal affects. Gary points out an immediate double standard from the mouth of Christine in DE yesterday, when she said to supporters, “America can not spend its way to recovery“, but that’s exactly what she’s doing. Christine has recently written checks from her campaign donations checking account for such petty items like $457.20 for Mileage Reimbursement 3 months after the campaign, (and didn’t own a car at time), $157 for a personal Verizon phone bill, $28 for gas in the town where she lives, $600 for her utility bill, $19.00 at Pipe Lanes (that’s pays for about 8 Games of Bowling), and $6.00 for a meal at Rudy Tuesdays Restaurant and on and on and on. The truth is Christine has no steady income of her own, ( job), but that’s no reason to spend campaign money to pay your personal debts…especially your house note, (which she also did).

Christine can not spend her way to recovery. Perhaps gainful employment will help, but should she be employed in the Senate if this is how she handles money? Isn’t LESS government spending one of her biggest selling points?

In Keeping Them Honest Anderson Cooper tackles the nuts and bolts of political dollars and SENSE. Are you paying attention? Elections are in November.

I dig good information – it’s insightfully right for my head,
I’m Qui
Digging what Anderson, Gary Tucker and even Karl Rove said.

New Hosts

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Steve Harvey is the New Host of FAMILY FUED starting Fall 2010.

His comedic skills on this conservative show – is a real chancer.
He’s so raw, that when I heard the news, I clapped & yelled: “Good Answer”.

Jasiri X is the New Host of Intelligent Hip Hop. Based on this brothers delivery I’m becoming more convinced that his HIP (in Hip Hop) stands for “High Intellect Person”.

Enlightening, Educational lyrics backed by eXemplary beats and eXceptionally insightful videos.
If you didn’t know Jasiri X – Peep the “REAL GANGSTERS” video; hence YE SHALL KNOW:

Have you noticed that Don Lemon is getting more show Hosting time these days on CNN? Awesome. He’s informative, intelligent, and easy on the eyes. lol! God bless CNN. 🙂 Don tackles topics that are far less appealing but so necessary and revealing. He has my full support and viewership. His main gigs seem to broadcast on the weekend, but last week he sat in for Rick Sanchez and I was all too giddy to see him during my weekday grind.Ow! This rising host invokes a sweet pucker out of me. Muah!

TJ Holmes CNN career is casting a positive new light too,
though I don’t understand what ‘the hold up is’ on his extended view.[?]

But I won’t complain….How could I?
CNN is of late quite pleasing on the eye.

Let me stop now, as there are a host of HOSTS that I like:
Oprah, Tyra, and Kiran Chetry put a tasteful spin on ‘the mic’.

Soledad, Tony Harris and Whoopi Goldberg definitely diversify ‘the view’.
I’m just glad television is extending the gamut of African American hues.

Show Hosting is soooo a cool thing to do,
I’m Qui
and I like it so much, I’m online ‘Hosting’ you.

**PLEASE KNOW: I apprecaite you for continuously rolling through.***

Juicing the LEMON

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CNN on the weekends can be informative & fun
when facing COLORFUL FACTS with Don Lemon.

Have you been watching Don? He’s a CNN Anchor who works the weekend shift and usually covers controversial topics of enlightening proportions. Remember in the month of February he covered Confederate Month (in the South) and introduced us to H.K. Edgerton. The subject wasn’t pretty and neither were Mr. Edgertons comments, but Don Lemon pulled us all through it.

Recent news has Don squeezing the truth out of anyone willing to speak about the NAACP, Bret Breitbart, Shirley Sherrod, Anthony Hill (30 year old Black Man – Shot & Dragged in SC) or any of the racial situations plaguing America today. Last weekends CNN broadcasts were awesome. It takes a pretty strong person to tackle race. I mean, Obama is strong, but not even he has dawned the mic like Don has.

I can’t blame the President for not interjecting or putting RACE on the forfront of topics up until now. Our country is currently engaged in wars abroad, (Iraq & Afghanistan) as well as on the homefront, (our borders), so race relations were pending in their prospective places waiting for an entrance. I think Bret Breithbart has invoked an entrance for improved race relations the size of a pregnant elephant and well…sooner or later we’re going to have to face our racial issues as a country in order for us to all move forward “successfully” on “one accord”.

Division is a by product of ignorance – let’s open up the door;
Let’s not let ignorance divide us in our own country anymore.

We need each other more than we think; We need our brothers unconditional hand.
Why should we jump on the bandwagon with other countries who hate AMERICANS?
Come on man…

We can do better than that. At some point we need to give FEAR completely up
and stop pointing the finger @ who hates who & look in the mirror.

We’re hating ourselfs and blaming it on color,
I’m Qui
Digging Don for approaching controversy like no other.

He is one insightful brother…

Are you watching Don Lemon on the weekends?
It’s time for Racial Divisions to end.

South African Lingo

In Communication, Griot, News, Sports, Travel on June 19, 2010 at 5:46 am

Here are a few WORDS to keep you in step and hip during the FIFA WORLD CUP SOCCER events. I’ve long boasted about communicating in GRIOT which is a W. African Linguistic (including passing down stories & world news in rhyme), but during FIFA “JOL” will take you a long way.

Josh Levs of CNN and Nadia Belchek (CNN S. African Anchor & Producer) introduces us to “the hip talk”:

JOLSo we go on a Jol. That means we go to a party. You can either use the word as a verb or a noun. You and I can go JOLLING tonight”; which means partying.

ZHOOSH –means sharp as in a compliment to ones dress style. You look so ZHOOSH tonight.

GATVOL — means fed up. For example, I can be GATVOL of a situation or a person when enough is enough.

BABBELAS— means hang over. I have a BABBELAS…likely from last nights JOL. 🙂

Straight from the mouths of Nadia and Josh Levs – I have duly heard,
I’m Qui
saying “Happy June Teenth” ; always learn something new. WORD!