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Post that round trip flight…

In Communication, Self Improvement, Travel on January 25, 2017 at 7:35 am

life-is-a-box-crayonsIt’s good to be back! I’ve had fun – I have.
I flew out to Dallas and had a Fam blast!

I did fly coach but it felt like first class.
Solo: I handled my business and I busted my ass.

Once I got to the DFW my car rental and hotel were ready.
I with my laptop, a mop and creative energy was steady.

So much happened that all of my tools and skills were on deck.
I was pretty deep off in the woods though strong was my connect.

CLo came through – Mr. Logistics doesn’t play.
CLo is Carlos Ramierez of Choice Valet.

Stephanie came through and then the two of us #CameUp.
She’s my HS alumni living in the Dalworthington cut.

Joe G turned out and brought CJ with him.
CJ is that unbiased beacon when things get dim.

Joe G is my rock, my baby brother, my go-to guy.
The love in the DF-Dub always gets me high.

I’m elevated, I’m happy and it’s good to be home.
I learned so much in Dallas – increased the size of my dome.

From Arizona to Cali, to Dallas and New York:
I have a thing going on between my arrive and depart.

I was in town because Healthcare Workers could not deny
That my dads health is in the last stages (prostate cancer) & he may die.

I was encouraged and didn’t cry but took a flight out
I showed up in person to see what the “hoopla” was about.

Dads homestead was a wreck – there’s no room for any border.
My dear old dad’s square footaged pad was decorated by a hoarder.

Me? Besides a little OCD, I think cleaning is quite therapeutic.
So when I saw the periodical fuss and tinsels of dust – to clean up? I couldn’t refuse it.

It was a HGTV scene to be seen – how I transformed that place.
I hired a young male team, strong and lean – then we put a smile on Dads face.

I restored that place.

Suddenly dad sat up, smiled, and started thanking me a bit.
Then he reverted to his usual self and started talking cash -ish. πŸ˜€

It was good to have his spirit back. Helping him did a lot for me,
I’m Qui
That blush invoking she, that flight to Dallas did a world of good for me.
Ooo Wee.

Post that round trip flight…
Fam: I’m feeling alright.


In Griot, Music, News, Politics, Sports on November 17, 2010 at 9:57 am

Water Cooler BULL CORN

The water cooler social vice has been on ice every since mid term elections;
While we collectively pray “bi-partisanship” will yield productive political erections.

So as of the last two weeks, I’ve refused to delve in…
My remote control did not fall for the ‘okey doke’ on CNN.
Too much bloated news – should be a sin.

Ergo this weeks media hype isn’t pertinent, hypersensitive, nor hairy;
‘Tis The engagement of Prince Williamhe’s ready to be married.
He’s already loosing his hair, (He’s got his Dads “royal hair line” scene).
He proposed to a “cautious speaking” Katherine – giving her his Moms ring.

I saw Dick Cheney speak at George Bush’s ground break ceremony @ SMU,
He’s frail, he’s thin and had a cough that said – bear with me & pray me through.
His cane held him up but not long enough to finish his Obama cracking speech
He said he’ll finish it at the Bush Dedication ceremony – coming up in year 3.
Personally – I think we’re in the last throws of hearing from our ailing former VP.

The DIPLOMATS Sheek Louch has been in the news as of late,
Regarding his new CD cover showing him in half GORILLA face

JAY Z and Poppy Harlow recently sat down to do an insightful interview
Where Jay explains his position – where he’s from & how he made it through.
His new book may yeild us a bit of a ‘feel good story’ too. Ooo!
Nothing like a positive bind on some HIP HOP truths.

Brittany Griner continues to be diligent in working the basketball courts
But last night Maya Moore & the UCONN ladies BEAT BAYLOR: 65 to 64.

Next Saturday [11/27] the KSU Wildcats will be storming into town
Joe G will be towel rallying in DENTON — where the game is going down.
If you see me in the stands, ‘go ahead and give me a pound’.

Keri Hilson has been in the NEWS – though before today – I didn’t know WHAT FOR,
It seems she’s made a pretty cool video with a strong under toned historical score:

So it’s HUMP DAY already and good ol’ opportunity is knocking again,
I’m Qui
on a brief NEWS PERUSE – ’tis how I relate with my online kin…
Whilst our President stays busy charting a bi-partisanship win
between his multi political party friends…
Will the petty party discord ever end?

Gordon Jewels

In Griot, Sports on March 22, 2010 at 11:55 am

They’re not the kind you’d find in stock at any Gordon Jewelers warehouse, but you can find them on the GORDON SPORTS NEWSLETTER website. Do you know Joe Gordon?

Besides Coaching Sports at KSU he’s “The OFFICIAL TEAMMMATE of Todays STUDENT ATHLETE”. When walking down the aisle of positivity – it’s hard to pass this brother up. He’s coaching winners in the great game of life.

On his Gordon Sports Newsletter website is where we found Xavier & Isaiah — a couple of rare jewels by any standard. Anytime you have the youth quoting Dr. Cornel West, David Walker, James Baldwin and the likes — it’s definitely reason to get excited. The future is looking good via the YouTube hood::

Reciting Dr. Cornel West, James Baldwin, David Walker, and more
What an awesome & reflective positive role model score!

Gordon Sports isn’t the only future molder – RoLife and QuiFilms are ON IT too.
When it comes to shaping tomorrows leaders – we are The INVESTORS. Oooo! πŸ™‚

I’m Qui
and ‘The future‘ is looking BRIGHT.