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Stop to admire.

Sometimes I have to stop. Do you ever do that? If for no other reason than to just look back…


to see how far you have come. Sometimes, I need to stop and stand in the sun. The rays shine through my torso and into my lungs. 


I, in hiking shoes, climb towards the fun; a mountainous sum.


Heights that resemble life… I keep going. Reflections and thoughts of new love… I keep sowing.


Self-Preservation… sometimes I have to do it. A remote find, relax & unwind; it’s the best way to work through it.


Looking to change things up? Get to it! — Fast forward, rewind; find opportunity, and pursue it.


The hillside? I ran all through it. I ran into a Javelina – who was “self-preservation” fluid.

Photo by: GatewayToSedona

He was feeding on a bush on my resort patio. I was just about to go out and stargaze, but thought, “Nope.”

Because I’m not used to collared peccary on my patio. So, I stayed inside and played a game of roll-o.

Yes. I brought a mate along with me, yo. We forwent stargazing to make the percale glow.

And it did. Percale glowing is something parents forbid… good thing I’m not a kid.

I love life. I love you. I love nature. I love sharing the view.


This resort finds me preparing to retreat. Life is a party, but I don’t live on the beach. 


I am the beach. It’s not a Freudian slip. Without preservation, one could become the bitch.


Sometimes we all have to stop. When faced with a mountain — go on and climb atop.

I will see you there. In love and self-preservation – all is fair.


Forget about composing war. Stargaze and/or make your own stars.


A successful life is often lived in the fast lane. I challenge your comprehension of that frame.

Slow down. Look around. Meditate & pray; keep your mind sound.

You deserve more. Please don’t run yourself raggedyto relax is a verb.

I’m Qui 

Sometimes it’s not all about me. But when it is, self-preservation is word.

Leave the fast running to a story that you heard: