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A Happy Beginning

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Let’s do it together…

No — I have not been to a massage parlor at the start of my day.
A Happy Beginning is me just waking to have my say.

Hello baby. How’s your morning starting?
It’s Saturday! Where are your skates? Rollers don’t do yawning.

ice skating-butt.gif

Put some HEART into it.

Let your skates be a metaphor for how you’re maneuvering through life.
Let Saturday be the day that you give your efforts a full hearted “try.”

Do so by committing.
As sure as I’m about this Griot spitting —
I am about giving my word and committing.


You be also.
Integrity is in that particular seed to sow.

Are you a sower?
If you are and of good seeds, then you’re also a grower

of relationships and partnerships.
You likely network well and pay for the sip.

Ah yes… I’m a social reader.
And I’m keen on recognizing and calling out a leader.

Good morning dear leader. Where whilst thou lead today?
I’m up early to chart my course; I’m up early to pray.

Shall you join me? I’d love to hear what you have to say.
This is A Happy Beginning for me, beside obvious “bed-romp play.”

You know what that is don’t you? I like bed-romping very much.
A Happy Beginning with long FX grinning – comes from human touch.

I’m a fan of it.
Communicating with you? I love it.

I’m always happy to do so,
I’m Qui
Interested in your morning glow.

Composing a script with you – is my favorite show.
The day is awake… you and I: let’s go!

ice skating-2.gif


Let’s Do It

In Communication, education, Griot, News, Self Improvement on October 4, 2019 at 4:45 am
the future-in-heels

That’s Our Future nudging You.

Let’s do it, go for it, do it big and the likes.
Let’s do it across the board – starting with bettering our lives.

What about the sky? It has no limits from your view.
What does the sky see when it looks upon the lands of me and you?

Let’s pick-it-up, people! That gum wrapper, that plastic bottle, and cigarette butt.
Let’s give the sky competition to which direction reflects God’s love.

What an awesome game to participate in; us competing to show how much we care.
I wish that was the case for real. Why not our reality? It’s only fair.

God has given us an awesome place to reside; Earth is “the giving place” that we call home.
Prove that you love E. and pick up a piece of trash or three, so that the babies can play and roam

Right now they are marching in the streets in sorrow.

They are hurt.
The ozone has been riddled with gas and appears to be murked.

Well the ozone isn’t completely lifeless; it has the ability to be revived.
So I beg of thee and on bended-knee, that to capacity you share all rides.

#RideShare is fair.

Let’s Do It before we really get into a weathered pickle.
Park your gas guzzler and get an electric vehicle.

Yep-yep. That’ll #Help.

I am in the market. I am duly looking.
In the meantime I’m grinding via Black Car crooking.

The transport concept isn’t any better,
but most of the drivers are hard core go-getters.

I wish them all electric vehicles and I wish it to be soon.
If you asked me what time of day we are in, I’d say noon.

If that were true — but we are late in the day on air quality and emissions.
I could go deep, but fear putting you to sleep – please adopt electric vehicle vision.

The kids are crying.  They say we screw it!
We all deserve a future on Earth, so Let’s Do It.

anyone here-anyone home.gifHello? Hello? Have you left the room?
Did you decide that I’m pandering at a high velocity; vroom-vroom?

Nah. I keep it real. I’m trying to breathe and keep the future fluid.
I’m in search of my own electric vehicle. I’m ‘gone do it.

How about you?
What is it that is restraining you?

If you say “a new car note isn’t in my future” – so you’ll pass,
I’ll meet you with, “What would you do if our reserves ran out gas?”

I think about that often. I’m a writer, it’s what I do.
I’m Qui
Encouraging you to do it. Commit to a cleaner groove.

Successful people always DO what others DON’T

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Success Planning

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position
that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”

Booker T Washington

There’s a fine line between success and failure. On one hand you have to have some serious faith and guts to step out of the box of comfort and do your own thing – win, lose or fail, this is apart of the success process. On the other hand you have – the fail of wisdom and rationality, the fail of caution and perfect timing should you step out on your own under-educated to the traps and pitfalls that are sure to meet you on your journey. So where are you on the line?

I was reading FORBES magazine yesterday and came upon an article titled: “12 Things All Successful People Do“, and think it’s the perfect insert to help you steady your successful course. The piece starts out by saying,

This is due to the fact that successful individuals aren’t just born — there’s a lot more that goes into the equation. Through my experience, I’ve found those who are highly successful have a lot more in common than we may think.

On the hunt for success? Here are some habits to take note of:

1. Boldly fail.
2. Set goals.
3. It’s not always about luck.
4. Carefully track your progress.
5. Don’t wait to act.
6. Connect the dots.
7. Harness your confidence.
8. Commit.
9. Be alert.
10. Persevere.
11. Communicate like a pro.
12. Display humility.

It’s an easy list. Right? I know what you must be saying, “Well thanks Qui, for expounding on each bullet point!” To that, I’d like to say, “You’re welcomed,” then I’d like to promptly share this link:

The link will explain it all, in far greater detail, so enjoy!


While you’re researching your course, I’d like to put this in your ear,
Success is for you. There’s nothing to fear.

My brother is an athletic Coach, and he’s always one to say,
You can not hit the ball – if you don’t step-up to the plate.”

You control your destiny and your fate. Go after it in full.
Start today. Get it out of the way; “Time is non-refundable.”

Coach Joe G said that too! Coach Joe G is my little brother.
We are linked to success by our choices and not our father and mother.

Blood is thicker than water, but knowledge rules the day.
If you are a go-getter in your field, adjust the 12 Things on your plate.

There’s a fine line between success and failure, as stated by Booker T. Washintgon,
I’m Qui 
Covering 4×3 on my own terms in success and fun! I bar none!!!