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It’s mid-week at this point and I’m running at full speed.
I’m over here nourishing; a planter, I sew seeds

of good deeds and encouraging measures.
Those coming after us are tomorrows treasures.

Dare we lose sight?
Treat them wrong and they won’t return right.
Share with them your “good welfare” plight
and let them know you are a cheerleader in their life…

If they do not know.
Tomorrow wears a brave face – hoping their disparity will not show.

Open up your third eye, turn around and help those soul behind you.
You don’t have to be well versed in everything… for this one thing you can do.

Hop onto the “positivity train” and track that.

Pick up relativity and help to move them along.
Friends don’t let friends reside in a sad song.

Misery may love company and company you are.
Don’t let misery encroach on your character – remain the shining star.

People talk to you because you are wise. They feel free to approach you and dump.
Thank God that they turned to you for LIGHT – for this is great news to HUMP.

Jump on it. Don’t miss a positive seed sewing opportunity.
I know you have it within you – look how long you’ve been hanging with me. 😀

Humping positivity
is key and Qui is my name.
Happy Hump Day baby – make it a WINS DAY not a maybe, 
for anything else would be a waste and a shame.

News Peruse

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NEWS PERUSE_GossipTodays take-away department
has a couple of deaths in its compartment:

Sandra Bland was killed while in jail for not using her vehicles signal
and Bobbi Kristina exited life via coma after months of no wiggle.

Bobbi was only 22 and will be missed by her loved ones like no other
what a daunting way she went – the exact exit of her beloved mother.

God bless her father, Bobby Brown needs all the strength in the world,
God took one and gave him another – Bobby just birthed a new baby girl.

Bodhi is only days old — may loved ones open up, embrace and cheer!
Please believe big sis Bobbi K. played her part in getting Bodhi here.

Bobbi K is now free from judgment and I pray her feelings of being loved are plenty
She just wanted to be with the one that loved her most, her beloved mother Whitney.

Soul mates are soul mates. We don’t have to agree or like the way,
but Bobbi and her sole Mommy are surely together today.

divider blk_south

Sandra Bland was on her way to accept a new job in Texas
and now her death is the news headline that connects us.Sandra-Bland-Bobbi-Kristina-2015

It’s sad, very sad that Sandra lost her LIFE
over a traffic stop that should have yielded a cite.

BLACK LIVES MATTER! What other race has this issue —
Pulled over for a minor cite results in death and sorrow tissues?

Sandra called a friend while in lockup and did indeed confir
that she really needs to be bailed out, because ‘they are trying to kill her.’

‘They?’ Who is ‘they’ and why was she booked into jail anyway?
A traffic stop invoked arrest and Sandra is dead today.

Yes it’s blue and downer news but I did not make this up.
My News Peruse is best produced when recalling more moments of love.

Who are ‘they,’ and why would they want to take Sandra’s life?
Why is living black attached to so much involuntary strife?

She just wanted to go to Prarie View and start her new job soon.
Instead she was buried 4-days ago shortly after noon.


Donald-TrumpBut death isn’t all that is in the news, politics is still in progress.
Donald Trump is doing the rock and the bump;  party headlining at its best!

If campaign running is a test –  Donald is doing pretty good.
I must admit he tickles me pink when his name rises in my hood.

Yes, folk in this red state are digging him and my repub family members relate as well.
I reckon there are some things Donald must be saying that other folks fear being shot to hell.

Like IMMIGRATION – Donald says he’s not ashamed to speak out loud 
about what other Americans think but fear exile from the social crowd.

Hm. America, all the world is listening. They see the numbers of support piled on for Mr. Trump.
To say we are an all-inclusive country is to have other countries respond, “kiss my rump.”

Our “all inclusive love messages” do not resound true.
We can’t be inclusive lovers but “hate on others” – as our truth.

Trump is proof that many other Americans feel the way that he feels
and agrees that talking tough is an entertaining approach for candidacy appeal.

Hot air blows up hill and I am entertained too.
However, unlike my other brothers I don’t call Trumps voice my truth.


Bernie-SandersI like a good show and the Republicans are putting on a good one.
But don’t count Bernie Sanders, in any way – for being outdone.

Oh yes, the democrats have their own rising side show:
Bernies messages ring true to the youth and are good-to-go.

I’m listening yo! and I’d love for free college tuition to become a intranational truth.
So out in droves the children go – Bernie is talking  the future to our youth.

It’s a good idea and a great platform to stand on.
So many are singing the chorus to the seasoned band leaders song.

But will the rest of the voting public find shiny gold
in a 73-year old candidate or will they think that he’s too old?


Qui-entertainment-dinner-party-adolescents-2015I had dinner guests (with kids) over last week and MSNBC was on.
One of the adolescents saw old man Bernie and reacted in alarm.

He said, “That old man wants to be president? I won’t hate… he can try.”
Unsure of the pressures the adolescent questioned – if the stress would make Mr. Sanders die.

The adolescent is not 18, so he will not weigh in on the vote.
But his questions are valid. I was glad that he spoke.

My 18-year old was in the room and she’ll be voting in 2016.
My 18-year old is digging Bernie and currently supports his ideal scene.

Media coverage clips tells us that she is not alone.
Bernie is gaining support and is going for the end zone.

Me? I’m just Perusing the News. I’m just kicking this hump day with you,
I’m Qui
Happy to love, feel, keep it real and do what I do.

This is another NEWS PERUSE.