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VIRGO Seasoning

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Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash

Good morning, good folk, I’m up at the crack of dawn –
because I’ve much to do before the rise of the sun. 

At this very moment I am up to exercise –
searching beyond Music Video’s to accessorize my jo’ vibe 

and I found something that captivated me for a 6-minute spell —
it was a recollected story about DAVE CHAPPELL.

Who, by the way, in case you’re like me and didn’t know,
is a cerebellum, intellectual, wheat-packing Virgo.

Dave’s birthday was literally yesterday, yo,
and I had not one clue to hip me to  “the know.”
So, was finding this video on his birthday a coincidence? I don’t think so.
I think the universe addressed it to me and my finding it was goal. 

The universe nudged me to research Mr. Chappell, once again
— to remind me that he remains beloved, elevated kin.

Look beyond the cover photo and peep the video below.
Therein the comic spins precious 411 like silk; community gold:

Good stuff. Right? I duly had to share.
You know that I have a thing for humanity and for those who care. 

Good morning goodness. Today is Hump Day and wouldn’t you know —
it is also day three in the month and season of Virgo.

Get your wheat about you, and share an enlightening meal with someone else,
I’m Qui
Enjoying the Virgo’s wheat. Intellectual nourishment can lead to global health

Protected: Jamie’s Dad, Fred

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Monday Morning Goodness

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Goodness always rises – so rise, kinfolk, rise!
Thank God for the day as you open your eyes.

Pull the curtains back and look into the sky,
then hit the home gym, because you’re high on life.

You don’t have a home gym? You’re just not living that large?
Who are you kidding? You have the living room and a big ol’ garage.

Those spaces are good enough! You just need a little room.
Resort to exercise and reading more to forgo “outing dooms.”

It is not safe to mingle and relax social distancing rules; take it slow.
Going out is for essential workers, city managers and confused folk?

I love us all, but we have got to be real.
You may be bored indoors, but COVID19 has the field.

Please don’t feel invincible now;
don’t say “frack it” and go out anyhow.

I really don’t understand…
Why don’t we act more cautious across the land?

For the sake of capitalism?
Hmph. I raise you 1 wisdom:


Don’t ride with the clowns.

Don’t join that clown-cramped parade.
The country opening up “regardless” – is a charade.
Science says: “It just isn’t safe.”

Monday Morning Goodness, please be good to us on a whole.
Help us to resist walking and running into a big ol’ hole.

We can do this.
Common sense and compassion will pull us through this.

Don’t huff & puff or hiss — because you have to keep your distance today,
I’m Qui
Excited about we, Mondays and Goodness.  Our united legacy is in play.


Stay with it.