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Getting Serious. Are we?

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Vin Diesel_Thandie Newtgon.gifAre we finally getting serious about what’s before us, o’ kinfolk?
Are we willing to look at ourselves and what was exactly behind our vote?

Was it the will of the American people or another actor with a self-serving sub storyline?
It doesn’t matter, the Constitution is our fundamental batter and it shan’t be tainted with old wine.

In my heart, I believe in Congress and pray that our union will be fine.
America is the kid with the best -ish. what’s with the old wine?

Ain’t nobody too drunk to read a report or a book with more than 400 pages.
Careful not to move too quick, there are checks, constitutional balances, and stages.

Chairman Nadler said we are in a Constitutional crisis and no one was surprised.
We are a people by the people and by our votes, we can set things right.

I’m not loyal to any party on the left or to the right – I am a lover of you.
I believe that our collective unity will be the strength that gets us through.

Love is the super glue.

I want our tomorrow to be okay.
I want our children to live like we did; full of vibrancy and play.

We can do this if we choose to stay the founding fathers’ course.
We can walk and chew gum – let’s heal the Earth and cool her core.

Let’s evolve to being a more compassionate sport. I know what you must be thinking,
that I’m a little high in my spirits because “the dumb train” is sinking.

No. I’m really not. But to say that I don’t feel the excitement in the air —
is to be lying to you. I feel a feeling of “We’re almost there…”

Broaching the climatic point where we find out many truths
that just may pan out to look like the discourse wasn’t started by me or you.

When provoked – our first nature to push back.
A third party injected hostility and the country’s unity showed a crack.
I’m not too concerned with that. We’ve been divided before  — we’ll get it back.

Congress will do its job before citizens, by and large, grow delirious.
I’m just glad that we can all agree, it is indeed time to get serious.

Good morning sweetheart and how do you do?
I’m Qui
it’s Thursday morning and I’m still into you.

Are you ready?

Let’s DO IT.

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What to do if you’re caught in a MASS SHOOT…

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I found this informative write-up online
and thought that it was a good topic find.

I have no idea on exactly WHAT TO DO
if I were caught up in any kind of MASS SHOOT .

I, recently, went through the shock of shell truths
that did ring out and harm 4 young lives at NAU.

1 died.
I’ve cried.

And so today we move on 1 Lumber Jack shy,
no word of clear reason. There’s no reasonable “why.”

So on this morn I’d like to share with you
a read I found on ol’ Yahoo: REBLOG

Knowing what to do if shooting starts – still hazy at colleges

Eight years after the Virginia Tech massacre led to tighter security at colleges across the U.S., some schools make “active shooter” training mandatory for incoming students, while others offer little more than brief online guidance on what to do if there’s a gunman on the loose, a review by The Associated Press finds.

The AP looked at public colleges and universities in more than 40 states after yet another shooting rampage, the killing of nine people at an Oregon community college Oct. 1. On Friday, there was more bloodshed, with one person killed and three wounded at an Arizona university.

At some institutions, such as the Colorado School of Mines and Arkansas State University, training on how to respond to an armed intruder has become as much a part of fall orientation as lessons on alcohol abuse. Students hear presentations covering their options, such as running, hiding or fighting back.

Other schools have purely voluntary training. Or they put information on what to do in an emergency on websites, where it can easily be overlooked by students and staff members. Many public college and university systems leave it up to their individual campuses to draw up emergency plans and decide what level of training, if any, to give employees and students.

In the wake of the recent violence, some professors, students and administrators are asking whether schools need to do more to deliver potentially life-saving messages to those on campus.

The challenges are particularly acute at two-year community colleges, which often do not have their own police forces to conduct training exercises for staff and students. They also tend to have lots of older, working students who can be hard to reach.

“That it’s actually happened recently with the frequency and danger it has, I think everyone is frightened and asking a lot of questions about how well-prepared we would be as a campus,” said David Morse, an English instructor who is president of the Academic Senate for California’s 113 community colleges.

The 2007 slaughter of 32 people by a student at Virginia Tech prompted Congress to require colleges and universities to adopt procedures for notifying the campus of an immediate threat. Under the law, schools also must publicize their emergency response plans “in a manner designed to reach students and staff.”

NAU-shooting-2015-bThe AP review found that most schools have set up sophisticated alert systems that use text messages, social media or technology that can remotely take over computers tied to campus servers. Many also have added armed officers, conducted drills with law enforcement authorities and created threat-assessment teams that try to determine whether an overheard remark or violence-tinged essay is a genuine danger sign.

Some of these measures are credited with saving lives. When a gunman shot students at a Florida State University library a year ago, campus police responded within minutes of the first 911 call and fired a barrage of bullets that killed him. Less than two weeks before, the police had participated in active shooter training that included a scenario with a gunman at the library.

Umpqua Community College, site of the Oregon mass shooting, also did many things right to prepare, and experts said its efforts may well have saved lives.

A small, rural school, Umpqua didn’t have its own police force, but administrators brought in local officers so they would be familiar with the layout. Professors and staff regularly discussed how they should respond if someone started shooting, and where in their buildings would be the safest place to hunker down. The school also had emergency notification and lockdown procedures in place.

But in general, educating students and employees about what to do in the event of an attack has proved something of a stumbling block. While most schools have created posters, brochures and online guides, some of them have yet to figure out how to get people to read, much less absorb, the material.

Richard Turton, chairman of West Virginia University’s Faculty Senate, said he wasn’t familiar with his school’s active shooter plan until a reporter’s question prompted him to do some digging. He found a PowerPoint presentation and videos on the university’s website.

“I would suspect many faculty who are very busy would tend to not look at those things unless they’re sort of prompted several times,” Turton said.

NAU-shooting-2015-cMatt Barnes, 30, a civil engineering student who just transferred to the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus, received a booklet during orientation that outlined the school’s emergency notification procedures. He realized it didn’t mention anything about an active shooter situation.

Barnes said he gets emails any time there is a crime on campus with details about the incident. But he said he’s not sure what he’s supposed to do if something happens in a building where he happens to be.

University spokesman Steve Henneberry confirmed the booklet doesn’t specifically mention active shooter situations and said it was written from an “all-hazards planning point of view.”

On some campuses, some of the advice itself isn’t detailed or even particularly helpful.

The website of 20,000-student Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, advises students that in the event of a shooter or sniper, “listen for instructions from authorities such as whether to remain inside or to evacuate.” Campus security director Melissa Jensen said more specific training videos also are available.

The instructions can vary from campus to campus. Many schools have adopted the run, hide or fight-back training developed by the city of Houston and promoted by the FBI. Others have embraced the procedures developed by the I Love U Guys Foundation, which urges students to lock themselves in classrooms if it all possible.

At Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, the active shooter training that is mandatory for new students is voluntary for the faculty.

How many faculty have availed themselves of these trainings? Unfortunately, the answer is not many,” said Greg Phillips, chairman of the Faculty Senate, which will take up the issue during the coming week.

Ron Hackenberg, a security consultant and former police chief at California State University-San Marcos, said the slayings in Oregon should spur more schools to go beyond voluntary training.

“In real life, unless you are a combat veteran, most people will freeze if they are not prepared,” he said.

In California, community college campuses historically have been given wide latitude in drawing up emergency preparations. Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law in July that calls on the system to add active shooter training to the emergency planning it recommends for campuses.


Leff reported from San Francisco, and Foley from Iowa City, Iowa. Associated Press writers Amy Forliti in Minneapolis; Gene Johnson in Seattle; Claudia Lauer in Little Rock, Arkansas; and John Raby in Charleston, West Virginia, contributed to this story.

divider blk_south

When things go awry and nothing seems fair
friends and fam that’s when your girl Qui turns to good ol’ prayer.

I know PRAYER IS NOT ENOUGH – I understood when President O said it.
GUN REFORMATION is past due. Why won’t our dear Congress LET IT?

Colin Brough lost his life during a fist fight
because he didn’t know his classmate was PACKING HEAT that night.

This is not a black-on-black crime, my children in this scene are white.
I’m Qui
and I’m hurt in my heart that Congress WONT hear the pains of our plight.

VOTE to make it Right.


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She is “land of the free” and lover of drama;
“home of the braves” lead by President Obama.

Home of ‘brotherly love’ (it’s what we strive to be).
Home of The Dallas Cowboys (they’re Americas team).

America marches to her own beat…
We ponied up to bailed out Wall Street.

God shed His grace for thee
But left no bailout for Main Street…
America, have you forgotten me?

Mm-Mm-Mm I do love my country
apart from it’s racial & common sense funky.

Big bang theories & evolution monkeys.
I do, I do love this dysfunctional country.

The dream of her is still in play:
Folks are migrating to the U.S. everyday.

Folks are working without Visa’s & undermining Labor Laws.
Consequences should be yielded to the H.R. hiring boss.

Shipping plant jobs overseas is to our detriment & to our loss.
A quick buck saved in the name of corporate breaks- is the root of our countrys fall.

Right hands wash the left hands & Congress is still being paid.
Lobbyist lobby for the rich – while “off of work” the middle class is laid.

Americas ground is shifty from recent gas drilling.
Home foundations will need repair –
The homeowner will pay a killing!

America: I Love You and I see what you’re doing…
The rich rape the poor, (an unauthorized screwing).

Corporations are getting tax breaks & coming up on “the take”,
The people are getting less pay & eating price hikes everyday.

America, America… who named you America?
And don’t tell me you’re a child of the latino Ferrera’s. lol!

America, America – I love you will all of my heart
And prayed that 2009 (for us) was a new start.

America, America only you can send you to hell.
Wise up or lay down. The choice is yours in 2012.

To black folks that voted 3 1/2 years ago,
And are impatient with change — “GET OVER IT – yo!”

Change takes time — surpassing many administrative cheers & jeers.
Case in point: G.W. Bush ran the country down in 8 long years. 😉

America, you’re so funny –> such a short attention span.
I’m Qui
A resident of she: AMERICA is my homeland.

Surely WE can do better.

H A P P Y with LIFE

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

H A P P Y with LIFE! I am just so.
What provoked this feeling?
–I really don’t know.

It’s not the state of the economy or congress at all.
Still LIFE and I are having a ball.

I feel like a teenager at the mall
with my daddy’s black card in tow.
I feel like DaDa on front street — I’m putting on a show.
Making shiny 10’s look like 20’s.
lol! You know? 🙂

I’m so H A P P Y with LIFE — and CNN does not fit into the picture this time.
In fact one could say (in an honest way) that “the lack of” is behind my shine.

I gave up on the news. I’ve given up on the political pundit sayers.
I’ve given up on bureaucracy and all of it’s colorful players.

I’ve freed my hair of any oily and slimy residue
regarding “the country’s bail out that almost didn’t go through“.

I let it go. I didn’t need another woah and life is only what you make it.
I’ll have no man rearrange my plan – then I step up and take it
with a melancholy smile – trying to bear and fake it.

Instead, I awake daily to make tiny additions to my big picture dream,
Authoring each move that I make and always clear in what I mean.

It’s working y’all.
I’m having a ball.

I’m happy, I’m happy. I’m dancing a jig.
Kind of like the one that COOL JOE once did.
I’m dancing a jig.

The weekend is here – I’m absolutely in full swing
and I’m definitely on a HIGH… if you know what I mean.

I’m happy. I’m happy y’all. I’m H A P P Y with LIFE,
I’m Qui
Life is short
and there’s little time for strife.

Dance with me. Let us be happy together.
Let’s celebrate LIFE and forget this hell’ish weather. lol!
It’s 36 days of triple digit heat in Texas right now.
I’m happy! I’m happy! I’m going to dance it out anyhow.
Kisses and Ciao!

The Common Sense Chew

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Raising the debt ceiling and throwing this country into debt for G.W.Bush’s tasks,
then refusing to raise it for the good of the country NOW — is unintelligent trash.

Here’s a look at the debt ceiling history, based on White House and congressional data.

February 2010 – $14.294 trillion
December 2009 – $12.394 trillion
February 2009 – $12.104 trillion
October 2008 – $11.315 trillion
July 2008 – $10.615 trillion
September 2007 – $9.815 trillion
March 2006 – $8.965 trillion
November 2004 – $8.184
May 2003 – $7.384 trillion
June 2002 – $6.4 trillion

August 1997 – $5.95 trillion
March 1996 – $5.5 trillion
August 1993 – $4.9 trillion
April 1993 – $4.37 trillion
November 1990 – $4.145 trillion
October 1990 – $3.23 trillion
November 1989 – $3.1227 trillion
August 1989 – $2.87 trillion
September 1987 – $2.8 trillion
August 1987 – $2.352 trillion
July 1987 – $2.32 trillion
October 1986 – $2.3 trillion
August 1986 – $2.111 trillion

The more foul play revealed surrounding Rupert Murdoch
makes me wonder more about the ethics of the News station: FOX.

Nancy Grace and HLN News thrive on being racy
and totally missed the juries call as it pertained to Casey.
Having produced all of that fire breathing defamation for ratings.

However, not all common sense slackers are yielding nonsense to get their ratings up.
Some people just lack the good sense God gave them like the obsolete SLIM THUG.

As much as I like to render good words and unbias hugs —
I’m most turned off by what’s under Slim Thugga’s rug.

His rug being his hair, and his mind residing under.
Slim Thug has given us nothing substantial, just a whole lot of foul thunder.

To FART is not an ART:

Read his blunderous thick on CHOCOLATE CHICK
Check out the exposure of his raggedy look on FACEBOOK.

Common Sense is not always applied – though my God we could all use it.
Common sense tells me that a lot of black folk won’t be buying Slim Thugga’s music.

Common sense yields me very little to stand on; to state that Justice is blind is hardly fair.
I can only hope the gauntlet for privacy hacking swings low for Rupert Murdoch the billionaire.

Common sense tells me Nancy Grace knows nothing while yelling and dispelling on HLN.
Common Sense would also be great in CONGRESS to support the U.S.’s economical win.

Common sense these days is looking a lot like a coveted sin,
I’m Qui
Happy Sunday to you, I’m doing The Common Sense Chew; I’m hopeful @ our new weeks begin.

TEAM USA needs a Common Sense WIN!!!

Political Incivility

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What’s up with Congress?

Every since the House passed the Health Care bill, there’s been alot of incivil activity on the rise.
The conveyance of law is a Democrats GOOD and ‘a counter party‘ is chafely in despise.

After the President signed The Bill – Democratic officials have been targeted and sought out
Offices vandilized — it’s no surprise, but what’s Representative Cantors “bullet hole issues” about?

Representative Anthony Weiner is also making victimized news
as his office has recieved a threatening letter of powdery hues.

Things are getting grossely out of hand – yet it’s a bit of an inside joke
things always go ary when the republican party loses and goes for broke.

“Get it together”, said Gabrielle Union to Vivica Fox in TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME
I’m extending a hug to my fellow Democrats & Repubs to follow suit and to do the same.
Incivil outbursts are often seen as no less than insane.

Don’t fall apart in the game. That’s not a “united strengthkind of view
I’m Qui
saying relax and be easy about the new Legislation – it’s a good look for both: Me & You.