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Good Humping starts

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Good Humping starts early and I started at 2:20am.
Awake and in love with quiet time – a total noise hem.

I took the opportunity to bend knees & meditate and then up to brew jo.
I lit a few candles and sat in the dark and sipped by the tv’s HD glow.

I love the mornings – yo! I truly value that alone time.
It’s a great way to start a day before engaging in any grind.

Nookie grind or corporate grind – it makes no difference.
Time for you is always due, please divvy diligence.

Yes! Be persistent. Get it in and then repeat.
I am happy on this morning. I love humping Day 3.

Sunday is holiday MOTHERS DAY and I am a mother,
I plan to spoil me all week – like I do no other.

Which is really cool, because I’m a spoiler of awesome folk,
and I hate to toot my own horn, but spoiling me could yield me broke.


Price: $850.00 by

But I won’t do. I will restrain and past test.
Really all that I’m shopping for a WELL MADE corset.

Have you seen them? Where are they? I’m looking to pay $250 or less.
Fredericks is good and waist trainers are cool, but I’m looking for the boning best.


I’ll take a full cover bodice that goes over breast.
I’d also like a full leather tie-up front corset vest.


I’m not looking for lingerie, I’m in search of flexible work gear.
When I’m wearing the proper corset, it screams “Business and Leisure: BEWARE.”

Yes honey! Yes. I am so into IT.
Mothers Day is the perfect day to be corset fit.

Please send me a shoppers prayer and a wish – it will be appreciated by me.
I’m Qui
and a Good Humping starts often times 40-minutes before 3.

I love the a.m. stillness, collecting my thoughts and sharing with thee.
Do hit me up if you’ve got the good corset 1-2-3.
Ooo wee.

Happy HUMP DAY baby!


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Yes, before Qui Entertainment, I was a writer, a living room poet who evolved into a live-and-on-stage socio-economic erotic portress. I toured the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex by demand religiously. In 2003, I was honored to open for B.B. KING in concert at Crystals in Arlington [Grand Prarie], Texas. Me on stage in formal floor length robe, corset, thigh highs and boots, talking about life and paralleling it to sex was indeed a comical, enticing and informing good time. This just a decade after the birth of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues and yet I knew not of them. I was inspired to produce the erotic poetry shows as a way to voice my views. In a sultry voice with titillating and witty parallels I would engage the audience on love, life and politics in story format and rhyme. I think I may have even sang a note or two. I commanded the floor. In 2006, Fab 5 Freddy found some of my work online and well, the rest is history to date. The latter part of December 2013 found me resisting the urge to write about life via the technique. Why? Perhaps it had to do with my pressing 2014 production scheduled. I have my hands in so many projects and so many irons are already on the fire, that I really didn’t want to lend my creative pen to tickle the outs and the ins of the format – at that time. However, with 2014 entering the scene, I’ve decided to continue to say exactly what I mean. Encompassing all, I’ll take to the pen and see what comes up. I, with writers block? Baby, that’s not my rut. corset divider

I’m a story teller who fancies sweetening the scene
with all of the tasty mundanes that lie in between.

With 2014 already in place
I think I’ll whip my wit into shape.

There’s nothing wrong with being versatile and no talents need die off.
Fashionably, I wear many hats: writer, producer and mom. I pay the cost.

Eve Ensler is inspiring. I own the book and agree with her Vagina Monologued view.
My name is Qui and it’s not all about ‘the cookie’ – but about life, me and you.

However, cookies are great and should be consumed in moderation.
Yep The Erotic Poetress is Key and she’s stirring up my writing relations.

2014 is going to be fun!
I’m going Full Qui
I’m barring none.

Dare you be Daring in 2014
Perhaps I’ll write a book…