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Film Festival Courting

In Griot, Movies, Networking, News on November 12, 2010 at 5:02 pm

Productive Weekend

It’s the weekend baby and I’ve already got my mind on hitting the streets, setting up location and getting reel with the talent. That’s right! We’ve got a few short film scripts that we’re going to bring to fruition for the sake of the 2011 Film Festivals. I’ve spent the last 2 years working on collab projects and have learned alot in return. However Qui Films is ready to step out on their own submissions. Will you stand with us? Your support is more crucial now – than ever. Speaking of support, we appreciate all of the talent from Texas, NY, and California that put in time on our short film spins. Regardless of future critic ratings: because we went through the proper process and did it – we still win. Producing a low budget- no budget film in Texas is just not as easy as one would think. 🙂

First thing’s first – we’ll place an early festival bet
By submitting a short film production to the TBFF.

And while I have one film in the barrel I seek to load more
So this weekend will find me shooting another short film score.

I’m giddy about withoutabox and sites like createspace.
I’m the “get reel student”, who’s looking to industry tag: my face.

Next, I plan to get in on the WOMEN OF AFRICAN DESCENT Film Festival scene –
“If I don’t step up to the plate – how can increase my home run swing?”

See— I got that little quote from my 9 year old success aspiring nephew
when he was trying to hit on a girl who’s 18th birthday is almost due.
It’s true.
I absolutely found inspiration in his go getter hue.

There are so many opportunities ( festivals) on my charted list —
But if I don’t get off of here and onto the reel – my dreams will be a mist.

Kiss Kiss
I’m Qui
The REEL weekend Ms.

Timelining my Vision – I’m on a FILM FESTIVAL mission.