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Got a question for the Doc? Tweet @RealDoctorMike…

The last few days have been filled with many lines
of reading material. #KnowledgeBinge time.

So I’m reading and jotting and flipping pages to and fro
when I come-up on an interesting feed of a read by DOPE.

Montel Williams is the subject of which they wrote,
he had quite a bit to say and in my recall, I quote:

“I am a big research nut – so when I first started using cannabis, I read everything I could about it – the medical effects, the science and the legal landscape. Back then, you had cancer patients being wheeled out of their homes by the police for using Cannabis. Having experience its medicinal effects firsthand, I decided that law enforcement has no business interfering between doctors and their patients; and it became my mission to stand up for patients.”

That was Montel’s answer to
the letter Q:  Is there a moment you can point to when you knew you didn’t want to be just a medical marijuana patient anymore?montel-williams-cannabis-advocate

He had much to say… and the magazine that interviewed & wrote
is an awesome and enlightening winter publication produced by the people at DOPE.

The story is out this month and Montel Williams is on the cover,
here’s another excerpt from the interview, of which I am a lover:

the letter Q: What do you see as your biggest challenge in 2017?

MONTEL: The single biggest challenge is always making this movement appeal to folks in the states that aren’t online yet, most of which are conservatives and don’t have a lot of frame of reference on this issue.

Ain’t that the truth brother! I feel your pains,
My fathers PROSTATE CANCER diagnosis is driving us insane.

The inflammation of his internal organs are tired and swell;
my father is in need of medical marijuana as well.

But in the state of Texas no medical law is on the books.
My Dad did a little MMJ research, but his docs won’t consider ‘a look.’

No Law allowing it? Then no research will come to the table
that takes those with great disabilities and renders a feel of “able.”

Montel Williams is not alone in his research, I am strain scouting to find a score.
My dad’s life is on the line with this PROSTATE CANCER at STAGE 4.

Who care’s about what “conservatives say, when death is knocking at your door?
Montel and I used to…. but I reckon we don’t care anymore.

While reading WOMAN’S WORLD  I happened upon a cool article in play —
titled, “HELP! My DOCTOR told me I have to lose weight!”

This perioyoung-woman-holding-a-scaledical find was on page 44
an “Ask America’s Ultimate Experts” — score.

I bit the title and I read it through,
it seemed pretty practical, so I’m sharing it with you.

I prefer to type excerpts and let you click on links to read more,
But WOMAN’S WORLD isn’t about that “FREE ONLINE” access ‘plore.
So once again, I am typing more….. [and I quote]


“But how? Our medical and nutritional experts reveal easy
strategies that’ll help you shed pounds and become healthier,
stronger and more confident than ever.

Pick up a pen!
“Just because the doctor said so isn’t enough to keep you motivated,” notes weight-loss expert Michael Dansinger, M.D. “So write down a list of all the reasons– logical and emotional– to lose weight. If you have high cholesterol, for example, a logical reason to lose weight might be because you don’t want to take a pill. That’s important, but probably not as powerful as your emotional reasons like maybe there’s a favorite dress you want to wear again. Once you write out all of your reasons it’ll be easier to take the first step.” Also, make a list of reasons not to lose weight, urges nutritionist Jill Weisenberger. “One might be, ‘My kids love Friday pizza night, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to share that with them.’ Then find solutions for your ‘not’ list–for example, why not keep pizza night but supplement it with a big salad? We’re always going to have reasons not to lose weight– anticipating them helps us surmount them!”

Set Goals!
“People who set out to lose weight for a specific event — like a wedding — are not nearly as successful over the long-term as those who focus on health benefits,” Weisenberger notes. “You’re not in control of how fast you’ll lose weight, but you are 100% in charge of your behavior. So instead of setting an overly strict goal– like losing three and a half pounds by X date– focus on what you can control: Can you pack a healthy lunch? Can you eat three servings of veggies? Focus on the behavior and weight loss will follow.

Show Off Your Log!
Sure, a food journal makes eating healthy foods easier, but did you know that simply “showing off” your log doubles your odds of success? “R e s e a r c h shows that people tend to stop journaling after a few weeks unless someone else is looking at the log,” reveals Dr. Dansinger. “Showing your log to someone whose opinion matters to you once a week makes a world of difference.” One way to find your “audience”: The free and apps makke it easy to share your log with friends or community members.


2. Make Lasting Changes!
Add rather than subtract!
One of the biggest mistakes dieters often make when their doctor tells them to lose weight? They focus just on what to cut out of their diet rather than what they should add,” says Weisenberger. “For example, if they need to lose weight to help control high blood pressure, they’ll cut back on sodium but forget about adding something like beans, which are low in sodium and super healthy. If, for example you have Type 2 diabetes and decide to cut out carbs entirely, you’ll be missing out on things like quinoa, a food people with diabetes need to help protect their heart.

Spice It Up!
Spices help you slim down over the long-term by making your food more satisfying so you’ll effortlessly eat less, promises womens health expert Pamela Peeke, M.D. “I love spicing things up to help kill cravings,” she says. “Ginhger, for example has thermogenic properties that help boost metabolism, while black pepper is also a nice thing to add to foods because it helps curb fat storage. Cinnamon is another great weight-loss spice because it regulates blood sugar– sprinkle it on my morning oatmeal. It’s easy gto add delicious spices that’ll help you feel fuller longer

—Kristina Mastrocola


FALL is not far behind us and Christmas is directly at hand
if you’re a bit of a fashionista, perhaps shopping: SALE is your brand.

Good deal, I know the feel, I am a mundane attitude and clothing bouncer!
I often find myself with the CupCakeChique – at an H&M checkout counter.

You don’t have to be about #HighDollarLables to state your fashion truths,
The CupCakeChique, ShivaShane and Deidra are #NoLabelStandOUTS too:


The CupCakeChique shows off a sweet ensemble from H&M and Goodwill

In the piece to the left CupCakeChique is wearing a nautical lined tunic dress.
She’s layered it with a Perry Ellis jacket purchased at Goodwill in the Southwest.


Deidra blocks the stairwell with her style while the CupCakeChiques blocks the door with Lemonade and Stripes…

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look your best.
Give us more of YOU and label-LESS!

I’m a real easy going gal, I don’t make a lot of shopping fuss
I don’t require a lot of labels but LINGERIE is a must!

And when it comes to men that are to catch my eye,
I prefer he with style — that did not try.

Just throw it on, anything out of your unique collection.
Looking chill and got it from Goodwill — thanks for the ressurection!

Fall is in its last throws and its seasonal fashion still plagues the globe.
Global warming’s progressive “UH-OH!” gives a broad pass to be #FLY, yo!

Just wake, unflake and dress the best incredible you,
I’m Qui
I Fall for style and what feels good. I fall for YOU.


The CupCakeChique in polka dots continues to do her thang’ – while mane and neutral colors style high in the ranks with ShivaShane.

Fashion Happens

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Photo by Suede Williams


Fashion Happens everyday –  if you let it! Don’t fight it.
Take a mundane-look and #RightIt!

HEAD-TO-TOE SHARPNESS starts at the crown.

How’s your crown sitting when you first wake up? Tilt your crown properly by checking in with Curly Nikki. Your mane should always be tops! After all it is the first thing we see aTOP when we see you, therefore, it has got to set the tone going forward towards your forehead and those beautiful eyebrows of yours that will voice your expressions all day long – even if you never say a word.

GIVING FACE without a make-up trace IS KEY.
Now put those eyeborows on #fleek:



Lips are KEY. I love my lips.
They are just as curvacious as my hips:


Lips are Qui

Lips are important. You use your mouth to communicate and convey information, may as well polish up the device. I use MAC products but there are many more out there that will do the job. All you have to do is to remember how to apply and it never forget how crucial it is to do so.

There’s a lot of conversation going on in the world, make yours appear interesting before you ever hit the punchline by pouting color before you open your mouth. Bob won’t likely try to compete with you in this area and if he does, ladies – my money is on you!




I’ve not ever been afraid to lip up some color.
And YES! I’m the kind of chic that leaves kiss marks on my lover.

It’s MY personal ART.


Adorning YOUR BODY with STYLE.

This part is easiest. You don’t really have to be a fashionista but it would help if you’ve picked up a fashion magazine or two in the last few days. If you haven’t the grocery store checkout is your friend. Fashion magazines should be referred to only as guidance and not law. Your style is your law. Beyonce may look good in a yellow-lemonade dress, but they may not highlight your melanin tone, so you may want to try on a pastel yellow or linen white dress to do the trick. Play around with colors, textures and fabrics — they can each make a huge difference in making an outfit pop!


Folake Kuye Huntoon

Have you met Folake Kuye Huntoon? Her fashionista heater stays on high. She’s hot! Drop in on her #FashionBlog @ STYLE After scrolling through her pantry of style, I must admit the first thing I noticed is that Beyonce’s melanin tone isn’t the only one that will knock dead the color yellow. Folake has no limits! Be inspired to be fashionably ‘on fire.’ Summer is almost over, the upgrade seasonal fire will come in handy. TURN HEADS at all times!


Christina S. Brown is LovelyBrownSugar



Kicking it with Christina S. Brown isn’t a bad move if you’re trying to find your personal style groove. Her #FashionBlog @ LovelyBrownSuga is laced with unique loveliness. She moves from professional, to casual, to evening with ease. It’s evident that she’s not only sharing good style with her offspring but with family, friends and anyone else that has a hankering for looking good from head-to-toe. Christina is a full figured beauty, so follow her lead if you’re among those of us who have More GOOD To GIVE.

A good way to keep up with fashion, the who’s the what’s, the wear’s and where to get the look is to acclimate a barage of helpful bookmars, like those on this page and among those please do not miss the fashionable ladies’ @ Glamazons.  They will keep you in the loop of fashion via the fashion mecca NY by providing crazy link connections to this weekends NY FASHION WEEK Live Streaming. Per their awesome and informative site, here are 9/9/16 FASHION WEEK LIVE STREAM Links:


The Glamazons: Jessica and Andrea

This is just a few of the resources that the GLAMAZON ladies share with their readers. It’s apparent to me that nothing means more to them than to influence a more well-dressed and maintained America. Appreciate their efforts and up your style game by dropping in on these two ladies today!  Then practice how you look saying “Thank you” in the mirror, because your friends and family are bound to notice your new found knowledge. Obtain #Freedom through #Fashion. REMEMBER:  Retail Therapy is real, after you’ve paid all of your bills!

For My Brothers – Those Dapper FASHION lovers.

blk-man-lg-coatKehinde Wiley has some of  what you’re looking for on his blog but only if you intend to make a statement when arrive on scene. God help me, I’m just a woman and yes sir – I notice your handsome attire approaching and exiting. Ow! Yes men, we are (and have been) watching you.

blk-man-street-etiquetteWith your coat on and clean shoes gliding the sidewalk, it’s only befitting you drop in on those brothers over at StreetEtiquette.  Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are the fashion cut brothers responsible for outfitting the StreetEtiquette blog. I was captivated at each unveil. I would love to prospect my eyes upon any male adorning himself in stand-out attire.


I notice every time.
And for a clean pair of shoes I’ll stop on a dime.

My daddy must be a lephrachaun —
a man in clean shoes is closer to geting some. lol! 😀

Male fashion can be exquisite when in good taste.
He must be aware by the looks on his counterparts face.

I’m quick with a compliment to him and my sister.
My sisters blush quick though the cutest is that of the Mr.

Men seem to be caught off guard when I compliment them on such.
I can’t see not highlighting his absolute winning touch.
I do appreciate the view very much.

I feel the same about my sisters
who leave the house on fleek – because GOOD STYLE has kissed her.

I admire them all, and then I adorn myself.
I wear relative clothes not up for breaking wealth.

Still, I peruse the blogs and magazines at checkout stands because,
I’m Qui
and while individual style is a OUI, I’m not above a high fashion fuss.

I always dress how I feel.
I’m usually complimented on my appeal.
#LabelRepellent Photo by Suede Williams
Photo by Suede Williams



Represent your style.

Bullied by the HIGH price of Bad Fashion

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bullied-by-overpriced-ticketsYou know that Qui Entertainment Network is all about #SUPPORT,
so imagine my seeing a FASHION Show Against Bullies — I was a sport.

The tickets were $15/each to the SKYLINE Prep HS event and I bought two of
to convey to the shows organization that I was coming in with MAD LOVE.

I gave the two tickets to one of my staff writers as a treat,
she was to cover the event – her name is CupCakeChique.

And she did cover the event and her review reads like Ether.
The CupCakeChique is known for her sweets blogs of teen life and being a fashionista.

She wrote::