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Let’s Talk About

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LET’S TALK ABOUT You, Me and Lil Ol’ AOC!
Don’t be fooled by her height – for she is a beast!

Be warmed by her youthful Pelosi-like heat:


Yes-Yes! She’s doing her thing; for the people she slays!
70% of Americans are all ears at what she has to say…

LET’S TALK ABOUT coffee; regardless of where you take it – in your mouth or in your butt
I’d like to know your thoughts on the 2020 Presidential run-flirt by Starbucks Schultz?

The NY Times isn’t feeling him; he’s running as an Independent candidate.
Why do that and not run as a Democrat, asked Bloomberg of Schultz’s race.


LET’S TALK ABOUT what you think? Exactly how full is your cup?
Are you interested in another billionaire benefiting at the 1% share
divvying your constitutional cut?

Aha! Don’t get your feet in another rut. Do think about tomorrow.
Please don’t vote on a whim; from that, we have this current sorrow.

Tomorrow is coming. A new dawn will crack.
I don’t know where you are now, but we can talk about that.

LET’S TALK ABOUT staying in good shape. Has your gym membership been handy?
Chile, I utilize the home gym 4 times a week tho daily I’m eating chocolate candy.

dancing-chocolate-candybarLawd help me. I am without restraint and head over heels for sweets.
It’s just that unlike fruit it’s easy to chew and soft on my teeth.

To wear braces is not a cool breeze.
Still, for my good, I’ll put away the sweets.

I intend to live mindfully; I’m truly ’bout it, ’bout it.
I love keeping it real with you – I’m glad we talked about it.

Alas, the weekend is upon us and I want to go out tonight.
Like you – I’ve got bills too, still, I insist on living life.

Dancing is a must. LET’S TALK ABOUT it, shall we?
You don’t like crowds, we can dance at my house –
It’s a get together if we have more than 3.

Let’s do it! It’s Friday morn and we have plenty of time to invite,
I’m Qui
Ready to take on the day, do my homework and play before I kick it with you tonight.



JuJu on Da Beat

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Sometimes you have to:

“JuJu on the beat
JuJu on that beat
JuJu on that, JuJu on that, JuJu on that beat
Now slide, drop
Hit dem folks, don’t stop
Don’t stop, aye
Don’t stop, aye!”


I find myself JuJu’ing quite a bit these days. You should see me sliding down the self-checkout lane.  In the event that you don’t see me and you yearn to want to cop these moves for yourself, peep the ZAY’s and HUMP their dance!

Believe it or not, even though I keep a well-oiled blog –
when I’m not on the keyboard I fancy the dance than more the talk.

It’s as easy for me to accomplish as getting up to walk.
All I need is a beat and enough room for a squat.

I’m not all over the place when I bust a JuJu,
because I wouldn’t want to land an accidental 1-2.

In the dance choreography when they say “Hit them folks, don’t stop, ” —
Well, I’ve been working out and would hate to lay my lil’ guns on ‘ya.

So when I JuJu on the da beat, I adequately block my space,
I’m Qui
Humping the Zay’s and offering you plenty of floor space.

Let’s dance and let our hair down like nobody’s looking.
Make that #GetIT face — to let me know that you’re crooking.

Oh and…


Get EXCITED, already!

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Life is good. Life is fine.
Memories mature and get better like wine.

But then again there are those times
when EXCITEMENT come in and takes over your mind.

During these times one might not contemplate.
I mean, when you know you wanna’ DO IT — WHY would you WAIT?


I’d have done the same thing. I just know it.
When I’m excited I can’t refrain the ‘SHOW IT!’

Which is good, because it’s energy, it’s positive and I pray contagious.
To not have an opportunity to express this feeling would be outrageous.

What are you excited about today? Express yourself already!
Dance like no one’s looking, be happy, like Hoppy & Betty:

Today is new and yesterday is gone, o’ sister and brother.
I suggest taking-it to the floor with a musical score
and dancing-it-out like you’re Usher.

Do that Michael Jackson move and then shake your fandangle.
And if you feel a little Zimbabwean spirit – bust out the old Bo’ Jangles.

Heck! I’d do it! In fact, I’m up on my feet and doing a little something-something right now,
I’m Qui
and Good Morning to thee, Get Excited, already – and express the HOW.

Searching for your #Purpose on this Monday?
Perhaps you could benefit from a little SOUL SUNDAY:



Day of the week photographed with vintage letterpress characters.


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No matter what others are doing, be it wise or fool
maintain your integrity. Maintain your COOL.

Just BE:

Happy Friday Baby,
I’m Qui
That BE COOL lady.


Move that body!

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Today [9/13], send your questions about school meals to Sam Kass on PTA Back to School Night, with live stream and Twitter Q&A here.

On August 31, the President signed a proclamation regarding National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, which is being observed this September. The President stressed that childhood obesity is a serious public health issue, and in making this proclamation, encouraged our country to commit ourselves to addressing this problem and to engage in healthy lifestyles. Check out all the ways you can play a role this September!


The President “crashed” the Kids’ State Dinner last month, when 54 young chefs gathered for a formal luncheon in the East Room hosted by the First Lady. Don’t miss this great gallery of photos from the Kids’ State Dinner.


You don’t need fancy equipment to be active or work out! Go outside for a walk or run and use public spaces and buildings—like playgrounds or stairs outside a building—to be active. Use stairs for step-ups or lunges. You’ll be amazed at how many things you can do if you think creatively!


Make preparing dinner a family activity. Kids may be more likely to eat healthier foods like fruits and vegetables if they help you prepare them. Reinvent healthy versions of your family’s favorite meals- like a healthy pizza. Buy or make whole wheat pizza crust and add lots of different vegetables for toppings. Invite your family to help assemble the pizza and add the vegetables to let them join in on the fun.


Grant Hill Advocates for Healthy Living
Grant Hill, professional basketball player for the LA Clippers, thanks the First Lady for her work regarding Let’s Move! and talks about his experience joining the First Lady in an event before the 2012 London Olympics to get kids exercising.

First Lady Michelle Obama watches the swimming finals and medal ceremonies at the Olympic Park Aquatics Center during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England, July 28, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Sonya N. Hebert)

Girl Scout Earns Highest Achievement, Inspired by Let’s Move!
Be inspired by sixteen year old Joslyn Simmons, who created a project called Sports 4 Life as part of her membership in Girl Scout Troup 143 in Jacksonville, Florida. She and her friends started MyPlate workshops, and set up recreational activities for elementary kids to show that playing sports and living a healthy lifestyle can be fun.

Supermarket Shopping 101: Read this Before You Hit the Grocery Store
Grocery shopping can be stressful. Use our tips to help your grocery shopping and make the most of your time. From the best times to shop to reading ingredient labels, our tips will make grocery shopping easier and quicker. We also give you a five-night meal plan formula to make eating healthy on a budget easy and delicious.

How about a little Afternoon NOOKIE

When was the last time you played footsies?

Yes, I like a little nookie, as much as the next.
Burning calories is great via the pelvis connect.

I took to google to find out how much of a burn,
sex will yield
those who eagerly yearn:

68 calories can be zapped from the art of kissing
and 80 calories for a massage – if you’re the one that’s giving.

Serving your lover oral will more than flatter he or she,
and will yield you an awesome burn of 100 calories.
Oooo wee!

Here are a couple of sites that will teach you much, much more,
I’m Qui
Into physical exercise and tracking my calorie burning score.

Pick up the fruit and put down the cookie –
It’ll burn much better during Afternoon NOOKIE.


Denise never gets old

Do it with Denise.

This morning, ’round 7, I received a phone call
that put my leisure dreams on a precise pause.

The call wasn’t important, but I was wide awake.
The opportunity to exercise was mine for the take.

I didn’t want to go for a run, I didn’t look so cute,
so I popped in Denise Austin to do what she do.

It’s a 12 minute workout – appropriately called ‘the dozens’.
Do them twice a day and you’ll never say
‘you don’t get stares from your husband.’

In fact I’m almost certain if you make it a habit to continue to do,
You’ll have to overcome the stares of others husbands too. Ooo!

Check out the way
Denise does 12 play:

This is the exact routine I did before I hit the Bowlflex,
I’m Qui
hoping to pass endorphins
admist our online connect.
Now let’s sweat!

A Body In Motion

Zumba gets RESULTS! Andrea C. took Zumba classes lost 100lbs: – Click the pic to visit Marcela.

Sunday mornings are a great time to shake it up! You can do it before you go to church, after you get home from church, or suppose you’re not going to church today — then this is still a great day to shake things up. A body in motion stays in motion. Get to moving!

I am actually on my way out to church as I type, but I thought it would be selfish of me to not share with you what has me feeling alive and on point: EXERCISE.  I’m no guru, just a grown kid resisting the temptation to become stationary and old. Move with me.

The following movement piece is a spicy yet down-to-earth Zumba class I found online. I’ve done Zumba classes in real life, (not at the studio on the video), and the objectives are the same – KEEP MOVING.

Good morning blogging fam – let’s move those eggs and ham!
You’ve got to get up if you want to get down:

Stay Young!

Me? I know it’s fun! Me? I’ve already made the connect.
Me?  I didn’t do it this morning – I did aerobics and Bowflex.
Move that body!