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Benecio & Anthony have Bite!

In Movies on February 15, 2010 at 9:12 pm

The WOLFMAN legend is no new tale, so I wasn’t expecting a new story to emerge on the screen. I went to see Benecio Del Toro & Anthony Hopkins in The Wolfman because I was interested in seeing where Joe Johnston [Director] was going with the special effects & cast line up as well as where Andrew Kevin Walker [Writer] and David Self [writer] were going to go with the script.

I liked it on all fronts. It had bite. The special effects weren’t new, especially if you’ve seen An American Werewolf in London or The Howling. The Wolfman [2009] yielded more of a polished parallel to the same canining process we’d seen in the ’80s.

I won’t give away any details, but I will say this isn’t the first time Anthony Hopkins has left me in my cinematic chair mumbling “arse circumference” under my breath — he naturally plays his patriarch role to a “t”. Benecio didn’t let me down – either. He plowed and howled through each act and got his just due in the end as Lawrence, the heired son to Anthony Hopkins character. An interesting ingredient wormed its way into the virtual format when Mr. Abberline ‘the werewolf [bounty] hunter’ showed up with his distinctive voice in tow. It was actor HUGO WEAVING who is also known as “Agent Smith” from The Matrix. I solely identified him by his voice and slowly but surely the well trimmed beard he wore on his face in Wolfman started to fit around his jaw bone and transcend him into a new character I’d just met. By the close of the show Agent Smith appeared to have quite a future in The legend of Wolfman. ‘Tis 13 days until the next full moon [Feb. 28, 2010]…