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Young writers Restless’ly believe in spirit…

In Communication, Griot, Networking, TV Shows on October 14, 2014 at 4:07 pm

Y&R Delia_ChloeLast year, on October 14th,
My little Y&R heart did sink.

It was the day the writers wrote off Delia’s role.
It was art –imitating-life, and it ripped my soul.

Today kept in stride with what we all know,
it’s the celebration of just 12-months ago.

That little Delia Abbott was quite the star.
Looks like the actress hasn’t gone to far.

Today she was cameo’ing; she came back to talk to her dad.
The writers are spirit believers, and the script isn’t too bad.

I love Y&R! It’s the entertainment that keeps on giving.
The shows writers have the stuff to keep a character living!


Last year on October 14th, hears what QE headlines read:
I’m Young and I’m Restless and Delia is dead.


Just 12-months later, the same storyline is in play,
Delia is just visiting – she’s not here to stay,

and Chloe is just visiting too. Look at the writers input of excite!
Chloe getting closure with Kevin is quite the viewers delight.

And so it was done today. Delia is visiting and Chloe’s a temp on the scene,
I’m Qui
Young and Restless, just doing my bestest. Y&R is the daytime queen!