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Protected: I GOT IT

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5-4-3-2-1, Action!

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whats-up-scary-movie-spoofWhat’s up, what’s up, what’s up?
Does this evening have you feeling like LOVE?

Mine does. It is beautiful and chilly in this place where I sit.
I’m near a window, it’s perfect to compose a Griot spit.

So I am.
Last week did you eat enough turkey, beef or ham?
Are you working it off today? I surely am.

2018 has been good to me so far,
minus the political petty and food in my belly
the Science of Cinematography is the star.

I love filmmaking! We just wrapped at 5,
and kinfolk I’m here to tell you that I feel all-the-way-live.

I think I’ll mingle with good company tonight,
grab a couple of drinks and maybe a bite.

But I didn’t want to do any of the such
without stopping by and sharing some of this LOVE!

Ain’t nothing like enjoying life to-the-fullest and hugging your passions,
I’m Qui
Good evening to thee. 5-4-3-2-1, carry-on and let’s make some more ACTION!

Let’s start at Pappadeaux’s!


In the business of other peoples business

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dmx-flips-outNetworking exposes others to others, thus reblogging is not ever a crutch.
I wouldn’t be properly communicating if I didn’t share this piece from Clutch.

DMX breaksdown on an OWN broadcast of Iyanla.
Clutch’s Demetria L. Lucas reflects the highlights all on ya:

…In case his ongoing erratic behavior over the years didn’t clue you in that something is wrong with X, his appearance on the latter two shows, and specifically on Sunday’s Iyanla, Fix My Life should have. He was twitchy, nervous, switching seamlessly between shucking responsibility, martyrdom, rage, guilt tripping and rambling so much that Iyanla finally just asked DMX what everyone watching at home was thinking, “Are you high?”

He said, “no.” In a post-show interview with Jet magazine, X insisted again that he was sober. In a separate interview, his son, Xavier was asked if his dad was high and said, “I don’t know.” That Vanzant, or anybody else, even had to ask said enough. There was a collective agreement—on Black Twitter, at least— that he was lying anyway.

I don’t know exactly what is wrong with ol’ Earl “DMX” Simmons or what he needs. That’s over my head. But I know what he doesn’t need is cameras trained on him for viewers to sit at home and gawk at him, feel pity for him, or worse, laugh at his disease.

Whatever was going on during Sunday night’s show, whether X was, high and/or otherwise unwell, either from unresolved trauma or an undiagnosed disorder, he shouldn’t have been allowed on TV in that state of mind. Yes, I know X asked to participate, but someone with a level head should have turned him down to appear on camera, arranged a private consultation or at least delayed his appearance until he was clearly sober and tested to be sure…” [click here to continue]


Demetria makes a good case. I do indeed understand.
Good show-making shouldn’t be at the expense of a frustrated man.

But lets be real, DMX consented to being on the show.
So a man has problems. I say let him blow.

He may have a little money, but the struggle is oh so real.
Sometimes folk have to see themselves on video, before considering to heal.

It’s okay to air-it-out, if it’s a part of X’s journey to ‘fix it.’
If for the sole sake of reality play – the idea should have been in pile: nix it.

Iyanla Vanzant isn’t Oprah – there is no debating.
Oprah’s station OWN is the business of reaping good ratings.

So I’m sure
Iyanla wishes DMX a cure.

She’s in the business of other peoples business.
And we’ve become fond of watching her shindig.

So for now
DMX’s interview was an episode cash cow.

And they all win!
May the reality of all (with all parties) set in.

Exploiting is a strong word and choices are always true,
I’m Qui
Kicking it with thee because I’m curious of your point of view.