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rip-prince-april21-2016Prince took the elevator out. He crossed over on April 21 from his Paisely Estate in MN. We all know so much of why we loved him but in the end I realize that I actually know so little about the man. I was a fan. I’m still a fan of the moves he made in the music industries face that said loud and proud, “I am not your property.” He lent us his talents – no one owned them. That’s sexy and he will be missed.


He produced music and movies at will –
solely out of passion and thrill.

Nothing could be better.
He made the men look confident and the girls get wetter.

Sheila E. knew him better and she loved him the most.
Let us raise our lighters and glasses for a Raining Prince toast.
In such brief time he did the most.

Oh and as far as internet rumors go –
Haywood Nelson is not his brother, yo.

Many have been researching relative information on the late Prince, Mr.
Take heart, he had quite a few half siblings and left us one full blooded sister:

Meet Tyka Nelson…


musical divider

Sipping LEMONADE in the shade

then theres…


Laugh a little.
It will tighten your middle. 😀


What’s happening Today

Well, Politics ain’t new and the Donald is still running
he’s got nothing on Hillary but his campaign is cunning

and I can imagine in the general election, nasty hands will be played.
I am confident in the end that Donald Trump will get slayed.

politics-2016-hill-bern-trumpHill will be executing her Beyonce side,
she’s planning to rack up the votes and white house ride.

Bill Clinton’s long-time bride… but this is no easy sack.
Trump’s got a strong stump and a mouth full of smack.

I like that. I like a challenge presented via convenient friends.
Post The Bern love fest – Hill’s political knowledge wins.

What’s Happening Today is surely the same as yesterdays logged sorrows
but if we utilize intellect and make the VOTE-connect, we can better influence tomorrow.

Stay focused on you and your truths.
Vote in November. You are counting on you…


Getting High can be

getting-high-keyA blessings and a curse.
It depends on which song and which verse.

If you’re doing drugs by mouth or vein –
You’re missing out. I’m HIGH off BRAIN.

I’m a fan of glue, but do take a closer look —
I’m fan of the bind it yields the pages of a book.

I’m a fan of the drink – it is so very true.
My preference is H2o and little Jesus juice.

I don’t mind sharing my truths, I’m not into “the lie.”
I’m all about making historical strides. I’m HIGH on LIFE.

Not a Miller High Life thang – though that was my grand daddy’s drink.
The former spokesperson was my HS alumni and delivers me to think

about him, he has passed, not much more than a year ago,
just as I was getting used to the commercials of the Miller High Life show.

Windell was an alright dude and while he was drug free he loved a good meal.
Comfort food is good (best when found in the hood) but can take you down. For real.

Don’t use food as a drug.

Getting High can be awesome, but it need not come with an added burn.
I’m Qui
Getting High everyday from the things I read and rehashing the lessons I’ve learned.

Lift your mind and your behind will do amazing things.

Pass The Dutchie to Jeb

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Yes, I did my best to catch the GOP Debates
but truth be told i really had a lot on my plate.

Besides me being on the commute (for work) in and out of state,
I thought this would be a good time to residence relocate. 😀

Oh yes. I like a FULL DAY so I’m going to pause now to kick it with you
on an early-before-dawn morning to touch on a headline or two.

Let’s start at 2:30am Arizona time
when MSNBC’s WAY TOO EARLY was all the way live.

This airs before MORNING JOE’s shucking and jive.
Please don’t get me wrong – I love MJoe’s headline dives.

WAY TO EARLY opened with a comedy clip from “The Nightly show with Larry Wilmore”
as he highlighted a GOP debate picture clip we’d never seen before.

Remember how the Reagan airplane was the debates backdrop?
Well Bobby Jindal appears to be in a window seat – an obvious pic crop.

Hilarious all the same.
That Larry Wilomre is insane.

He also cracked on Trumps ‘smug’ resting face
claiming you could do multiple freeze frames, where topics have changed –
but the smug remains.
To that I say, Trump is comfortable in his lane.

But then Larry went hard and paralleled the Trump weenie
(by video clip and facial expressions) to the dictator Mussolini.

The audience majority laughed in the shadows, a few moaned and then Larry wanted to make clear
that “If you think I’m comparing Trump to Mussolinithat’s exactly what I’m doing here.”

msnbc-amy-holmes-way-too-earlyTodays WAY TO EARLY host was Republican pundit, Amy Holmes (@TheBlazeHotList).
She’s a fair mocha skinned, curly haired kin, eye candy-smiling Ms.

Amy opens the broadcast with TRUMP on the campaign stump –
when a New Hampshire supporter took an ‘Muslim terrorist cell’ dump.

His question started out stating ‘Obama is a Muslim‘ and then flew
into “Muslims want to kill us.. what are we going to do?

Trump did not hit on the ‘Obama’s a muslim‘ part, but he did say this
when it comes to those types of (terroristic) issues – “We’re going to look into it.”

The hate in this country can not be ignored and with urgency needs to be addressed.
People can not continue to simmer in fear and hate; for our country – it is not best.

Since Vladimir Putin’s name surfaced beyond Sarah’s Palins view & beyond Wednesday nights debate –
it looks like soon the GOP front runner and the Russian leader may be meeting face to face.

Michael Cohen [Attorney for Donald Trump] said yesterday,

“He’s a dealmaker and everything today is about a deal. Our dealings with foreign countries, Mexico, China, Japan, right, um, Africa, it makes no difference, Russia. I mean, There’s a better than likely chance Trump may even meet with Putin when he comes here for the United Nations.”

Amy concluded, “However Trumps camp said that Cohen works in the business side of Trumps operation and that they don’t know anything about a meeting yet.”

She moved on to Scott Walkers dropping poll numbers.
History shows those who sweat like lunch meat, in debate — their appeal slumbers.

It’s true. I was sweating just watching them. It wasn’t fair.
Were their suitcoats lined with fur, or was there no air?

Why torture folk on the debate stage? Drop the temp to 68.
I tried to keep watch, but they made me feel hot and the hour was getting late.

Anyway, Amy has my back, she covered quite a lot more,
here’s the short end of the WAY TO EARLY score:


Trump: 18:47 Cruz: 10:45
Bush: 15:48 — Paul: 10:28
Fiorina: 13:30 — Kasich: 9:44
Carson: 12:56 — Huckabee: 9:20
Christie: 12:36 — Walker: 8:29
Rubio: 11:21

Amy also dropped this –> Scott Walker did a radio interview on the Glenn Beck Radio Program yesterday, and the Wisconsin Republican claimed the media had always chosen a debate winner before the debate even began. Scott was quoted as saying,

“Going in, we knew the narrative no matter what was going to happen was that they were going to say Carly had a big night, no matter what, and obviously they said that.”

carly-fiorinaCarly Fiorina talked about the Planned Parenthood video of ‘a fetus, alive and kicking on the table,
with abortion techs standing by to harvest the brain and whichever organs, they are able.’

After Amy showed the clip of Fiorina saying this
she added the Wall Street Journal said this is a FACT: MISS.

The Wall Street Journal reports there is no such scene in the abortion videos in which she spake.
Carly Fiorina had my attention. I was on the “concern for life” take.

I am still very much concerned, but I wish Carly wouldn’t exaggerate.
Planned Parenthood helps many women without being on the financial gouge take.

That’s a quality of life plus when very little money, one may make.
Everyone that uses Planned Parenthood’s services isn’t on a “system take.”

DRAFT BIDEN PAC Official: ‘I am 100% that Joe is in.
That’s a periodical headline from the National Review Online bin.

I like VP Joe Biden. He’s got a big heart that’s boisterous in heal,
If Joe B throws his hat in the ring – it’s going to be a “Big Funking Deal.” 😉

Last but certainly not least, in fact, this piece of news was best,
There was talk of the old days, the dutchie and old Jeb.

Jeb admitted on the debate stage that he once smoked a joint.
Getting high was in his past but admitting to truths was his point.

I don’t have a problem with baby boy Jeb – he’s just trying to be his own man.
I just hope he can survive the GOP’s puppeteer hand.
The GOP leaders use talking points to lead the band.
Jeb Bush is a bit of bore, but he is his own man.

Or so that speech is the plan. I surely hope that it works out.
If not, somebody’ll need to Pass The Dutchie to Jeb, so he can blow it out.

The week has been stout and full of informative and missed headlines,
I’m Qui
Happy weekend to thee. I’m up WAY TOO EARLY on this networking vine.

In a couple more hours, the Arizona sun is gonna shine…


News Peruse

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NEWS PERUSE_GossipTodays take-away department
has a couple of deaths in its compartment:

Sandra Bland was killed while in jail for not using her vehicles signal
and Bobbi Kristina exited life via coma after months of no wiggle.

Bobbi was only 22 and will be missed by her loved ones like no other
what a daunting way she went – the exact exit of her beloved mother.

God bless her father, Bobby Brown needs all the strength in the world,
God took one and gave him another – Bobby just birthed a new baby girl.

Bodhi is only days old — may loved ones open up, embrace and cheer!
Please believe big sis Bobbi K. played her part in getting Bodhi here.

Bobbi K is now free from judgment and I pray her feelings of being loved are plenty
She just wanted to be with the one that loved her most, her beloved mother Whitney.

Soul mates are soul mates. We don’t have to agree or like the way,
but Bobbi and her sole Mommy are surely together today.

divider blk_south

Sandra Bland was on her way to accept a new job in Texas
and now her death is the news headline that connects us.Sandra-Bland-Bobbi-Kristina-2015

It’s sad, very sad that Sandra lost her LIFE
over a traffic stop that should have yielded a cite.

BLACK LIVES MATTER! What other race has this issue —
Pulled over for a minor cite results in death and sorrow tissues?

Sandra called a friend while in lockup and did indeed confir
that she really needs to be bailed out, because ‘they are trying to kill her.’

‘They?’ Who is ‘they’ and why was she booked into jail anyway?
A traffic stop invoked arrest and Sandra is dead today.

Yes it’s blue and downer news but I did not make this up.
My News Peruse is best produced when recalling more moments of love.

Who are ‘they,’ and why would they want to take Sandra’s life?
Why is living black attached to so much involuntary strife?

She just wanted to go to Prarie View and start her new job soon.
Instead she was buried 4-days ago shortly after noon.


Donald-TrumpBut death isn’t all that is in the news, politics is still in progress.
Donald Trump is doing the rock and the bump;  party headlining at its best!

If campaign running is a test –  Donald is doing pretty good.
I must admit he tickles me pink when his name rises in my hood.

Yes, folk in this red state are digging him and my repub family members relate as well.
I reckon there are some things Donald must be saying that other folks fear being shot to hell.

Like IMMIGRATION – Donald says he’s not ashamed to speak out loud 
about what other Americans think but fear exile from the social crowd.

Hm. America, all the world is listening. They see the numbers of support piled on for Mr. Trump.
To say we are an all-inclusive country is to have other countries respond, “kiss my rump.”

Our “all inclusive love messages” do not resound true.
We can’t be inclusive lovers but “hate on others” – as our truth.

Trump is proof that many other Americans feel the way that he feels
and agrees that talking tough is an entertaining approach for candidacy appeal.

Hot air blows up hill and I am entertained too.
However, unlike my other brothers I don’t call Trumps voice my truth.


Bernie-SandersI like a good show and the Republicans are putting on a good one.
But don’t count Bernie Sanders, in any way – for being outdone.

Oh yes, the democrats have their own rising side show:
Bernies messages ring true to the youth and are good-to-go.

I’m listening yo! and I’d love for free college tuition to become a intranational truth.
So out in droves the children go – Bernie is talking  the future to our youth.

It’s a good idea and a great platform to stand on.
So many are singing the chorus to the seasoned band leaders song.

But will the rest of the voting public find shiny gold
in a 73-year old candidate or will they think that he’s too old?


Qui-entertainment-dinner-party-adolescents-2015I had dinner guests (with kids) over last week and MSNBC was on.
One of the adolescents saw old man Bernie and reacted in alarm.

He said, “That old man wants to be president? I won’t hate… he can try.”
Unsure of the pressures the adolescent questioned – if the stress would make Mr. Sanders die.

The adolescent is not 18, so he will not weigh in on the vote.
But his questions are valid. I was glad that he spoke.

My 18-year old was in the room and she’ll be voting in 2016.
My 18-year old is digging Bernie and currently supports his ideal scene.

Media coverage clips tells us that she is not alone.
Bernie is gaining support and is going for the end zone.

Me? I’m just Perusing the News. I’m just kicking this hump day with you,
I’m Qui
Happy to love, feel, keep it real and do what I do.

This is another NEWS PERUSE.