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TMJ = Teeth Mouth Jive

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Scientifically if you grind and clench your teeth unconsciously as a way of relieving stress then you may be suffering the effects of TMJ. Symptoms include sore jaw bone area, headaches/migraines, ear aches, over developed trapezius muscles as well as taut neck and back muscles. The symptoms list goes on and on, but these are a few of the immediate symptoms that I’ve been experiencing. It seems I’ve been Teeth Mouth Jiving for a while now, so my tight muscles have extended to my mid and lower back.

I live in Phoenix in a valley that is surrounded by beautiful mountains. When traveling within the state, depending on the elevation of the route my head can feel like it’s in a vice grip. It was unbelievable. This new level of pain is new to me, so last week I laughed off the unusual feeling, though today I am told by medical professions this head squeezing will likely intensify in years to come if I don’t correct the issue. It’s time to get serious. I have got to stop Jiving around with my Teeth and Mouth. It’s what TMJ is all about. If gone untreated long enough, it’s enough to make you pout, get a root canal and/or pull all of your teeth out. I should know.

In September 2013 I was rear ended in an SUV that I was driving and suffered whiplash. Two months later I had a cavity filled and the drama began. There was a post pain like never before that had nothing to do with the cavity or the filling, but before i could figure that out (6 months or more) I had a root canal done. It was my pleasure to do if it would relieve me of the constant toothache pains I was experiencing almost daily. The root canal worked for a month or two and then the pains came back and were stronger than ever. Mostly paining me at the left jaw joint, in front of my ear. In fact, to this day, if I need to blow my nose, I have to place the first 2 fingers of my left hand in front of my left ear, or the popping and sensitivity will nearly un-glue me.

So what is this Teeth Mouth Jive all about and is there a cure? In short, it’s about how you express your stresses and no — there is no “cure,” persay, but there is a way to correct it. I am early in my journey of resolution, but like I mentioned a few days ago I have met an amazing man with an awesome team and they are quite knowledgeable on what to do, how to do it and effectively relieve, re-set and get me through this. It’s been 3 intense years that I have been researching help. I have an excellent PPO medical plan and a pretty cool Dental plan situation, but this type of issue isn’t covered under either.

Really? What medical board would know about this debilitating condition and not cover it? The answer in short: All of them. It’s just not something the insurance companies deem a necessary, however, the pain is so chronic that the medical system will allow you to receive all type of experimental prescriptions that have life stifling side effects. Surely you’ve heard the narrators of various RX commercials ramble through [FDA passed] side effects including, heart, liver and kidney failure, yada, yada, yada including loss of life — due to taking APPROVED by your doctor, prescription drugs.

Really? Over Teeth Mouth Jive symptoms? Well, prescriptions for TMJ come in the form of a valium and various injections that were offered to me by one particular professional. He referred to the valium as a “happy pill.” ? His philosophy was to inject me in my face and neck with a cocktail of different B vitamins and botox for 3-6 months while maintaining a soft food diet. The end game would be a healed TMJ joint (from not eating hard foods) and the shots would ideally help with the pain. Though I am sure my liver would be fighting a new battle of bi-product effects from all the prescribed valium I may have ingested. That did not resonate with me.

A maxillofacial surgeon told me that a mouth guard or opting for TMJ surgery (where your jaw is broken, possibly altering your smile and no guarantee that your TMJ pains won’t return or worsen) were my main options. The mouth guard was $1200 and surgery is $2500. Our insurance pays for the surgery but I am on my own if I opt to just use

the mouth guard. The insurance will not help in the meeting the cost. To be honest with you, the mouth guard sounds attractive compared to surgery and the unknowns it could render you.

Last week I found Dr. Eddie Siman and now I know about tens units (a more natural, RX-free way of relieving pain) and the necessity of a “happy bite.” Dr. Siman has a couple of ways to help me out long term. I’m excited. It’s not covered by our awesome PPO insurance, but then it’s not so expensive that it’s out of reach. It’s considered cosmetic surgery, so they offer quick application to associate DDS loan services and usually can have an answer of approval or otherwise for you before you leave the office. Me? I’m a cash kind of girl, so I’ll be hosting a bake sale soon… 😀

Hey! I need funding because my quality of life is at stake and I still want to eat steak in the face of TMJ.

I love applesauce – and I’ve been eating it a lot.
I can’t eat foods too cold, I can’t eat foods too hot.

I can’t sleep on my side, because it threatens the hinge of my jaw.
I can’t call the cops in this situation, it’s pretty much a “self assault.”

I can’t eat hard foods and crunchy foods are too rough on my gums.
TMJ can turn sour your eating hour – killing the savor of your favorite ‘yum-yum.

I thought I was alone in this dilemma and that no one could ever help me
But then I met Dr. Eddie Siman and good information has definitely blessed me.

He can help me and he can likely help you too, if you’re in this predicament.
The price is $$$ in terms of affordability – less than 6-months rent.

What’s your quality of LIFE worth? I require fine quality in my life!
I’m Qui
Done with TMJ disorder and all of this Teeth Mouth Jive. 😀

Now down to business: Should I bake chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies?

Fee Fi Fo Fen — I had a GIANT TOE in my weekend

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tanner-quo-on-the-greenGood morning good folk, my beloved WordPress kin,
the weekend has come and gone out again.

I did the most – I always chart for a win
But there were many challenges…. oh where to begin?

For the last so-many-months I have had intense pains in my face
real close to my ear, neck and jaw; acute symptoms of TMJ.

The pains were intense and did not play
I was desperate for a skilled professionals say,

but my writing schedule had me set for Beverly Hills
I had networkers to schmooze with about upcoming reels;

however these TMJ symptoms were unreal and painfully vibrant
so I researched and called up Doc to the stars: EDDIE SIMAN.

They agreed to see once I was in town.
So I packed up Tanner, the SUV and we bounced.

Do you remember Tanner? Tanner is my 3lb road dog.
Talk about a wingman going hard in his stance? Tanner was a stoic log.

We communicated without words and conquered many highs and lows
so when he heard I was facing a road trip – he was down to go!

We hit I-10 and his lethargy begin.

I made it to Cali – accomodations were suite
whether work or personal business, Cali is always good to me.

I rallied with brightest minds and we talked about script scores
I literally had a productive time from the moment I walked into the door

Re-writes don’t stop and I’m all over my own.
Yet the real drama was waiting for me, back at the Cali townhome.

Tanner was there
and not feeling fair.

When I returned I nursed him up
whilst my TMJD was kicking my butt.

The next day up I was in to see the Doc.
Alas, good Lord, he and his staff knew a lot.

I am in good hands and there is a light at the end — I can see!!
Then I receive a text: Get back to the townhome! There’s trouble with T!!

Oh my word. It’s Tanner my man and he’s in for a fight.
Tanner is 10, aged  within and in a fight for his life.

While on a high for my own happy score
it seems Tanner my man was facing deaths door.

So I networked a little while longer and then we hit the road
on the way back to AZ during Junes temperature scold.

The deserts we crossed between Cali and the AZ
were stated with mountains and head crushing to me:


Tanner my man, road shot gun on the floor at my feet
and it was clear to me, he was battling under the heat.

The A/C was on, but the sun was on its job.
I prayed over Tanner and then looked to God

to not take Tanner away from me in my car.
Didn’t know if I could take it. What of my heart?

God was good to me and Tanner did survive.
We pulled up at my home with him barely alive.


I brought my little guy in and made him comfortable in his favorite covers.
Tanner girggled and coughed a little – then duly gave up and crossed over.

My little 3lb soldier. He would have been 10 years old in September.
So for all of the GOOD I came up on last week – this heart break I will remember.

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fen, this definitely put a GIANT TOE in my weekend.

I didn’t mourn long, for I still pocketed two wins:
My re-write spins and my knowledge of a “happy bite” grin.

A happy bite is something I need to stop my pm teeth grinding.
A happy bite is what Dr. Eddie Siman is a genius at finding.

He found mine and we are on the road to a happier chew!
I’m Qui
Glad to be kicking it with thee. Life is a doozy without you.

Life and The write…
I live for it.

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Tanner “Ankle Killa” Wilson
September 7, 2006 – June 3, 2016

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dont-count-aliMuhammed Ali rang the bell Friday night
He closed his eyes and put out the light.

I sat in my living room, feeling like I’d been hit twice.
Then I realized how blessed I am to have witnessed such life.

I’m a sports fan in general, mostly football — I am Dallas Cowboys proud.
Beyond blue and silver decor in my home – a framed photo of Ali standing over Liston hangs solo and loud.

I lie to you not.

It’s a statement piece.

To memories & moments – we hold on strong. To lives we release.
I’m Qui
Living through it gratefully, gracefully and in peace.


My take away from all of this, since we’re letting go of stuff
is that I release TMJ from my life for some “happy bite” love.

Yesss honey! Let live that will live and let die whatever must.
I’m Qui
It’s a new day, I’m well on my way and in God I do trust.

Fee Fi Fo Fen I had a GIANT TOE in my weekend
Monday made it better.
Good morning.