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A WISE SAY: Yesterday, The other day and Today

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These 3 Guys have something to say…

Charlie Chaplin was (for the most part) such a quiet guy:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was a dreamer, sure, yet he conveyed quite the awakening say  in only 55 seconds:

Tyrese Gibson is known for being fast and furious, however, as of late he’s been fast to  share his more intellectual and intimate moments — replacing fury with passion:


Charlie Chaplin didn’t talk much, and my God, I don’t know why,
but that little scripted part about not being emperor, surely mad me cry.

I found the clip on Facebook, thespian sis Liz Mikel put it up.
Then my biological sis posted THIS of Dr. MLK in the cut.

While nursing my broken heart, trying to drown out the words, “I CAN’T BREATHE,”
I found a little more comfort in #MyBrothersKeeper, the extraordinary Mr. Tyrese.

With These 3 guys on the microphone, I really don’t have much more to say,
I’m Qui
I love you
, live out loud and have a fantastic communication-heavy day!



Qui said:

“Be yourself. Speak your mind. They need to know…”

Why he’s still important

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream –> a dream that he shared with us;
then life for him grew increasingly dim, and became much more difficult.

As if it weren’t enough that he was born non-white
He was given the daunting task of heading up The CIVIL RIGHTS.
A task that duly cost him his life…

But let’s just say, he hadn’t been born
and racism ruled with no civil alarms
and you and I shared no equality charms
and the word “unity” was still riddled with thorns.

The world would be different.

If Martin Luther King had not taken a firm stance
and declared equality for each and every man…

If he had not been progressively charting on that – his last day,
I don’t think we’d have to much to rally around and celebrate.

The world would be filled with even more unbridled hate.
I thank God for Dr. King’s bravery towards his life and his fate.

And that is why without deny we calendar acknowledge MLK.
He’ll always be important – as long as there’s more than one race.

His larger than life bust is a welcoming face.
I see Washington, DC went big with his memorial space.
I’ve got to get out and visit that place….
Race issues still need a lot of space.

A lot has changed since the year of 1968.
Our Commander In Chief has a charming brown face.

Possibility was born when that preacher had a dream.
That Civil Rights Preacher was Dr. Martin Luther King.

If you’re enjoying the betterment of race relations that forego ignorances sorrow:
Then let me see you waving your hands at any of the scheduled parades tomorrow.

I’m sure to be filming and enjoying the day,
I’m Qui
Glad to be in unity as we celebrate MLK.

Click HERE.


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He’s been on my mind lately, so I thought I’d “call him up”…well not exactly on the telephone, but rather I’d “call him out” online. Mr. Sidney Poitier is undoubtedly “the man” when it comes to outstanding talent, effective skill and longevity in the film industries will. Is he not the best? He made the black in black & white films POP when he starred opposite of Jamie Lee Curtis’ dad in “THE DEFIANT ONES“. Remember that?

When thinking about the contributions that Mr. Poitier has given of himself, his talent and his time, I can’t help but to sum it up to: “The measure of a man: A spiritual autobiography” by Sidney Poitier. Surely you heard about this book a few years ago (at best). It was a headliner in OPRAHS BOOK CLUB and drew a boatload of outstanding reviews. Here’s an excerpt from the book that I found immediately relative to my own jouney:

Writers of a spiritual or metaphysical persuasion often convey their message through storytelling. They illustrate their points with parables drawn from great teachers of the past, whether it be Jesus of Nazareth, or Buddha, or the latest Arabic sage or Sufi mystic—the more exotic the better. Some take this natural tendency to great lengths, writing whole books devoted to finding the deep wisdom embedded in ancient folk tales, psychologically complex stories drawn from Africa, Scandinavia, East Asia, Latin America, and many other far-flung countries. They do this, it seems, to get as far away as possible from our contemporary mindset so that we can see modern, digitized, postindustrial life as if through new eyes (or, perhaps, through very ancient, very grounded eyes).”

About Sidney Poirtier

I remember seeing old movies of him and Bill Cosby – they ran the seventies.
You couldn’t tell me back then those two weren’t the thickest of thieves.
Need a refresher? Peep these:
Comedies w/Sid P. & Bill C.

Mr. P. has always been good looking to me,
so I did a little research on his roots/biography.

Born in Miami, while his parents vacationed from the Bahamas.
He’s been an American sensation every since – headlining in the heaviest dramas.

February 20th is his upcoming birthdate
born in 1927 makes him 84 all in yo’ face.
[by 2011 calculate]

He’s got six kids and has been married twice;
still married to the second Mrs. & their offspring is nice.

Perhaps you’ve heard of their eldest daughter Anika?
If not perhaps you’ve seen the baby of the family: Ms. Tamiia?

Either way the offspring have sprung and are making names of their own
I’m Qui
Still raving about their father because I’ve got a ‘black intellect’ jones. 🙂

No – I kid you – I bring him up because the weight of his life will always be relevant.
Sidney Poitier may be born of the Bahamas but his kids are of historical icon descent.
He’s ranked right up there with Dr. Martin Luther King & ‘nem.

F.Y.I.: The Defiant Ones will be on TURNER CLASSIC MOVIE Channel [TCM] TODAY – 1.17.11 11:15a/ 12:15p [noon] CST