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key-blk-history-subj-bernice-kingYes I love her daddy and his contributions to my civil rights avail,
but since he was assassinated and is gone – his children are going thru hell.

I’ve prayed that all will be well but what force is liable
for moving MLK’s sons to want to sell his legacy Bible?

Dr. Kings children are courting the law like rivals – God bless.
Surely it’s not a greedy spirit that is leading them to this mess.

Or is it?
Dr. King in a dream, should visit

his children at once and remind them of themselves.
Seems collectively that the sons may not be feeling well.

Bernice is the Dr.’s daughter and she’s also of the cltoh.
Bernice doesn’t believe her fathers Bible should be auctioned off at any cost.

Not too long ago and after a long battle in court
an MLK artifact was sold for a paupers score.

It amounted to nothing, nonsense, lint. Bernice said, “No More.
and mounted a non-compliant wedge under the “sell our legacy” door.

Could you imagine a generation of people holding on
to the glue that bound a race of people and their history so strong?

Like the Kennedy’s or the Einstein’s… I wish all collectors good luck
in trying to procure precious artifacts from any of their legacy stuff.

MLK wasn’t a pop star, he civilly changed the world
and fighting to keep his legacy intact is his last born baby girl.


Bernice King: Our hearts are with you, as are our prayers and energetic pull.
Seems your dad cleaned a lot of his purposeful plate and now your plate is full.

You’ve picked up the charge and you’re running. Girl look at you go!
Protecting your families legacy because its worth is more than gold.

For only $60K the letter from Pres. Johnson to Coretta S. King – was sold.
To the son’s of MLK: Where’s your vision and the root of your soul?

Your father was killed at the hands of the very crew
that you are looking to sell his personal artifacts to.

Why does Bernice really need to plead and cry? Be a DNA sport
and think about your fathers legacy, work it out and stay out of court.

THINK harder a little more and open up to historical counsel.
If you sell your inheritance off, the rest of Dad’s legacy is headed downhill.

This court battle stuff will
historically counter the civil rights legacy hill

yielding your great grandchildren to be forced to eat, recognize and see
what happens to a black family when their nobility is destroyed by greed.

Considering more discorse? Children, don’t do it.
Refrain from putting your familys legacy through it.

No one wants this to be the history for Dr. Kings seed – youngest daughter, please do stay strong,
I’m Qui
on the Subject of Black History and Bernice King, because she’s a warrior and her trials are long.
The feel of selling out on any level (to me)… just feels wrong.