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A Healthier, Happier You

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WHY NOT YOU? There’s no good reason why you should not be at your best life at any age. I’m currently on a journey to discover as much every day. So far, I think it’s doing a good job of playing hide-and-seek with me. Good thing I’m persistent and determined.

I too, am a checkout line magazine reader though it was my monthly home subscription to EBONY Mag that proved to be most instrumental in ELEVATE’ing my mind to the necessary level of refocusing on a healthier and happier me. Dr. Oz was instrumental in Melissa Johnsons piece on page 75 of the April 2013 publication:

Fight HEALTH Threats

Hypertension. High Cholesterol. Diabetes. These medical conditions plague our people in record numbers — in fact, they are so common, we tend to think in terms of when we’ll be diagnosed, not if. “That might lead you to believe they’re inevitable, but nothing could be further from the truth, “says Mehmet Oz, M.D., host of The Dr. Oz Show and a vice-chair and surgery professor at Columbia University.

You’re never too old or too young — to benefit from a healthy makeover, but don’t panic: You don’t have to jump into a strict diet and exercise routine to reduce your risk factors or improve an existing condition. The following lifestyle changes can help you get it together in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

Reduce Hypertension NOTE


The major food factor for hypertension is salt, says Dr. Oz. “Where salt goes, water will follow. Think of your blood vessels as a hose: the more water in the hose, the greater the pressure.”

Replace all that salt with flavorful mixed herbs– oregano, peppers and Indian blends. Another salt-free substitute: Capsiacin [based sauces, which add a spicy kick and provide a bonus benefit: “Capsaicin reduces your appetite.” Capasaisin is found in chile peppers, the common ingredient in most hot sauces. Cut back on processed and take-out foods, opting instead for fresh food when possible.

“Ninety percent of the salt we eat comes from processed foods,” says Dr. Oz. And watch your intake of the “salty six,” common foods often loaded with extra salt: bread, cold cuts, pizza, poultry, such as chicken nuggets, soups and prepared sandwiches. Read the labels.

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40s_PotassiumFight the pressure-elevating effects of sodium with this essential mineral. “Potassium and sodium compete with one another in your body,” Dr. Oz explains, “and eating foods with lots of potassium reduces the amount of sodium.” Avocados, bananas, oranges, potatoes and tomatoes are a few of the potassium powerhouses he wants to see in your grocery cart.


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the letter Meditation is a proven stress reliever, no matter how many candles are on your birthday cake. And for older adults who don’t exercise as hard as they used to, the ancient practice can help improve overall mental health, improve focus and reduce essential hypertension, a type of high blood pressure that tends to develop over time and has no underlying cause. It may sound easy, but meditating effectively takes commitment and focus. “People have a hard time letting their minds be free,” says Dr. Oz, who practices meditation himself. “For me it’s harder than running a marathon. You can daydream when you’re running, but when you meditate, you have to let your brain be quiet.”

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Shaun T’s 5-Week Plan to Fix Your 5 Problem Areas

Shaun T, creator of the Insanity Workout, is back with a 5-week plan to tighten your most common problem areas. Flush the fat and revamp your butt, thighs, waist and more with his food tips and heart-pumping 15-minute workout!

Shaun T. is an all-around great guy. It appears that he can put the fitness twinkle back in anyones eye, abs or thighs.

Picture 11
Click here to WORKOUT with Shaun T. EVERYDAY for FREE via online video

Shaun T. is smoking hot and he likes to FITNESS mingle,
and for all who are interested, this cutie is not single.

I bought the INSANITY workout just 3 weeks ago
and I have dropped 4 solid pounds with many more to go.

I say 4 solid pounds because there wasn’t just water weight shedding.
Just Shaun T’s drill instructing and me in-motion and sweating.

I’m slowly evolving my eating habits and trimming up my plate.
I take vitamins and supplements and drink chocolate recovery shakes.

Transformation takes time; it is FITNESS that I am fond of.
Mentality over Reality – like the ever evolving Madonna.

No one does it better – ‘Staying young and looking good.
I don’t mind being Shaun T’s billboard in my neighborhood.

I’m in no rush to drop a few sizes or to even fit into a new dress.
I’m in a marathon for a quality-of-life that weighs 30 pounds less.

I don’t want to be on prescriptions and I don’t want to be cut on,
I’m Qui
working out with Shaun T.
 because I’m ON THAT that INSANITY jones




Mother-of-five who went from size 20 to a size 8 becomes a top body builder

capital letter Joanna Rainey, 45, went on a diet when a doctor bluntly told her she was obese. Until then she had been completely oblivious how heavy she had become.

‘I looked in the mirror I saw a thin woman. In my heart of hearts I knew I was overweight but thought I looked all right,’ she told MailOnline. Problem is, she ruptured two discs after her last son was born while bending over to pick him up.  Joanna says: ‘The doctor told me it was to do with my weight.’  Though she was highly offended, the surgery she needed to relieve the pain, could only be executed if Joanna lost weight…

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Jermaine Dupri Talks So So Def 20 Year Anniversary, His Music Legacy and More

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Producer and record label owner Jermaine Dupri brought southern Hip-Hop to worldwide audience 20 years before anyone realized the future of rap music was in the south. He then added select blends of the smoothest R&B sounds around with a platinum-adorned roster that featured Da BratKriss KrossXscape, Jagged Edge and Bow Wow.

Today the label features Fresco Kane and Anthony Hamilton as two of their most recognizable talents, as well as a stable of musicians who are just a hit away from being a household name.

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