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Trudging uphill w/Phil

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Todays run of Dr. PHIL Housewives was pretty good. I am honest in saying “I have not been diligent in watching the saga” – but each time I tune in, it’s feline relative.

A whole lot of cat fighting,
nail biting,
minus the scripted writing.

I dig it! So WHO are the WOMEN on the HOUSEWIVES panel? Meet:

So much fun!

Todays episode found Alana digging deep into Gloria’s britches
No foul name calling, just a whole lot of profane wishes.

Gloria said she didn’t give a F#CK and felt invoked to yell out: SHUT THE F#CK UP!
Alana then inserted her piece without any ‘grease’ and things got rough.

Alana felt Gloria was disrespecting the Dr. and the others with her sailor charms.
Tempers flared – no feelings pared, thank God it didn’t result in swinging arms.

Rachel was looking pretty innocent – but has bigger fish to fry of her own –
Unprotected sex has planted a seed and her gestation time has grown…

Rachel and her beaux are courting; she’s got some knowledge, but doesn’t have a job.
Rachel direly needs to get a grip on reality and Dr. Phil pointed out ‘the knob’.

He arranged a corporate score for Rachel- by way of a high potential job interview.
Rachel used the “like” and “you knowfiller lingo – the whole way through.

She pumped herself up and padded her political skilled truths,
but when asked about Arizona’s SB 1070Rachel didn’t knowwhat it do‘.

A job may be what her life duly thirsts,
But she will definitely need professional coaching first.

Jennifers husband just ain’t right – though as of late, he’s been softening up.
Jen says his current behaviour is repulsive and that she’s really had enough
of feeling sorry for herself, and living alone with a husband that constantly cheats.
Jennifer will be laying it all out on the table for “our closer scrutiny” on next week.

Kimm was pretty quiet today and Michelle did a slight show of ‘lay low’.
Michelles biggest comments came when ROBIN dropped in on the show.

Other than that Alana and Gloria hogged the spotlight indeed.
They did such a good job – I’ll be sure to tune in again next week.

I’m indeed a ‘feline she’ – who works and plays from home – best,
I’m Qui
Digging the “Camp Patsy She’s” for sharing the ‘truths of their heads’.

Post Oprah

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Wow! I thought Dr. Phil was good today [“A Predator Next Door“: Sexual Predators were discussed and some were PRESENT on stage]- but OPRAH was better. She hosted the tears of our 2006 Ms. USA (The one Donald Trump went “to bat” for) & Todd Bridges as he spoke candidly about “Killing Willis” (the name of his new book). He read page 68 from the book – aloud to the audience – at Oprah’s request…. Wow! Please tell me you saw (heard) it? GRAPHIC STUFF.

Tomorrow Oprah will broadcast the coveted interview she did with Rielle Hunter. Remember Rielle? She’s former Senator John Edwards illegitimate baby’s Moma. Sensationalism should be a sin — if it were, I’d just pray more. 🙂

Nope — I’m not a rank catholic. I don’t always get my way.
But I duly indulged & was educated during two talk show exhibits today.

Dr. Phil kept it real and went hard; Ms. USA telling Oprah EVERYTHING was also tight,
But Todd Bridges wore the crown for divvying “the most detailed & raw insight”.

What’s done in the dark always come to light; thus I’m feeling alot like Sameul L.
For the man who molested Todd Bridges when he was 11, “I pray he rots in hell”.

I kid you throughout this Griot piece – though both shows were very deep,
I’m Qui
Atop of Wednesdays Hump post Dr. Phil & Oprah‘s sufficient feeds.
Oooo Wee.
The contents were truly something to “take in” and “see”…